101 Days Of The Journey of the heart - Positive affirmations - #1 - Dale Darley
101 Days Of The Journey of the heart - Positive affirmations - #1 (1)

101 Days Of The Journey of the heart – Positive affirmations – #1

When I recorded this it was 101 days to my birthday. 101 is an important number to me.

When I came to Spain I spent 101 days talking into my phone about how I felt. This was my personal growth program.

Eventually, I deleted them all – just as I burn journals – I needed to let the energy go.

Then I created 101 days of being me which is an email course and the quotes and affirmations went into a little book of positive affirmations to get you through the day. 2020 has been an odd year, in case you hadn’t noticed.

So, I’m making a promise to me that the next 101 days count.

The 101 days process is…

  • Watch and get an affirmation
  • Reflect on the affirmation
  • Use it during the day
  • Turn it into a question
  • Answer the question
  • Look for insights
  • Start the gratitude journaling process
  • Say what you are grateful for
  • Look for the challenge and lessons
  • Look for the gift
  • Say what you appreciate about this learning
  • Look for insights

Who is with me?

You can follow my daily random affirmations or sign up to 101 days and get a daily email.

Let’s make the next 101 days count and then have a big online party…

101 days of being me

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Dale Darley

Personal Brand Strategist and Author. I want to inspire people to get connected to their hearts, know and do what they love. For those people to become an inspiration and show others what is possible in the world. Mum to three dogs and a family of swallows. Life without cake is a life unlived.

  • Cindy Fox says:

    Hi Dale, I’m so thankful your starting 101 Days of Being Me Quotes:Affirmations and Prompts.
    I entered my email to sign up again and didn’t get a return email so tried with a different email.
    I am still watching the videos and what your sharing on the sign up page and starting with them.

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