101 Days Of Being Me

Discover the Path to mastering the art of confident living with 101 Days of Being Me

This is your invitation to change your life in 101 days... Practical, immersive, soulful, experiential and fun 101 days is a chance to let go and trust in your heart's wisdom and guidance.

The 101 days journey is an opportunity to delve into the essence of self-love, self-worth, confidence and finding inner peace. This journey offers you a safe and sacred space to tap into your courage, claim your personal power, and embrace the person you want to become and what you want.

Are You...

Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or lost? Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life? Do you want to love and value yourself more but don't know where to start?

If so, you're in the right place.

Are you tired of putting others' needs before your own, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? Do you crave a deeper connection with yourself, a greater sense of self-worth and confidence, and the ability to love yourself and be in a place of inner peace? If so, 101 Days of Being Me is for you.

By mastering the art of confident living, you'll become the CEO of your life - with less stress, overwhelm, and self-judgment and more enjoyment of the present moment. You'll build confidence, self-worth, and resilience, and you'll become an inspiration to others.

Dale Darley  Life Strategist

101 Days Is Built On Four Main Pillars:

The 101 Days program is designed to help you master the art of confident living, so you can become the CEO of your life and embrace the four pillars.

Be who you love
Do what you love
Be the love
Inspire others to lead with love

How It Works

Over the course of 15 weeks, you'll dive into a range of subjects delivered through video lessons (in the online course), worksheets, and workbooks, attend a monthly masterclass, and receive support from a community of like-minded women in our Facebook group.

Whether you prefer to work at your own pace or work with others, we've got you covered. The Facebook group and masterclasses/networking sessions give you extra opportunities to share your experiences. An the great news is that you can jump into the course whenever you want.

You'll learn to be more conscious of the four pillars, who you are, what you desire, and how to set stronger boundaries, say no to things that don't serve you, and say yes to things that bring you joy. You'll discover your passions, values, and strengths and learn how to use them to create a life of purpose that aligns with your true self. The one that knows how to rock life!

The Outcome

By the end of the course, you can expect to feel less stressed and overwhelmed, enjoy being in the present moment, and have the tools and techniques to lead with love in all areas of your life. You'll have more confidence and self-worth and be able to let go of toxic relationships and limiting beliefs. You'll know how to love, value yourself, and find meaning and purpose.

But Most Importantly

But most importantly, you'll find inner peace - the kind of peace that comes from within and that allows you to enjoy life in the present moment. You'll learn how to lead with love, show kindness and compassion to yourself and others, and inspire others to do the same.

Is Anything Holding You Back?

I understand that you may have some objections or barriers to joining the course/program, such as a lack of time, money, or readiness to take control. But I invite you to consider this question: if not now, when?

This course/program is a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your well-being and to discover the power of self-love and inner peace. I am here to support you every step of the way.

Don't let self-doubt, fear, or limiting beliefs hold you back from the life you deserve. Join 101 Days of Being Me today and discover the path to inner peace and self-love.

Dale Darley  Life Strategist

Are You Ready For 101 Days Of Being Me?

  • Are you ready to cultivate a deep and lasting love for yourself, free from external validation or judgment?
  • Would you like to learn how to acknowledge your worthiness, embrace your strengths, and accept your flaws and imperfections?
  • Do you want to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and learn to set healthy boundaries, prioritise your needs and desires, and say "no" when necessary?
  • Are you ready to build confidence and become more self-assured, better equipped to navigate life's challenges?
  • Would you like to learn how to embrace a growth mindset and see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow?
  • Are you ready to find a deep inner peace that stays with you even in the face of life's uncertainties, allowing you to approach life with positivity and resilience, even in the toughest of times?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then this journey is for you.

having it all

You can enrol anytime. Details of the masterclasses/networking will be available via email.

Here’s what you will walk away with

A life out that is meant for you

The life that you are meant to be living is dependent on the internal stuff — your unique strengths — and once you find it, you won't want to give it up, because you will feel fulfilled and dare I say happy to be you.

It's often a shock to wake up to the reality that you’ve been living someone else’s life - following a career, being in relationships or another aspect of your life - because you thought you SHOULD.

Let's end that now.

The Backstory To 101 Days

Dale Darley

Nine years ago, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I had just left an unhealthy relationship and was struggling to put the pieces of my life back together. 

I packed up my motorhome, my two beloved dogs, and headed to a run-down house I owned in Spain. It was there, in the midst of my heartache and confusion, that I created the concept of the first 101 days.

I had always found solace in journaling, but this time, I needed more. I decided to focus on my first 101 days, as I knew they would be critical in shaping the future I wanted for myself. I made daily videos, capturing the raw and vulnerable moments of my journey. It was difficult, but it helped me to heal.

Life took unexpected turns, and my journey was not always easy. In 2018, I suffered a spinal fracture that took 18 months to heal. And in 2019, I was diagnosed with MGUS. But through it all, I clung to my commitment to live my best life and to make the most of every day.

The pandemic of 2020 was just another challenge to navigate, but I kept moving forward. And now, as I look back on the last few years, I see the toll they have taken on me. But I also see the strength and resilience I have gained.

And so, I turn to the 101 days program once again, to help me regain my footing and continue on my journey towards living my best life.

The Live Program

Whether you prefer to work at your own pace or participate in a live program, we've got you covered. The live program runs three times a year, and at all other times, you can jump into the course whenever you want. Details of the live program are coming soon. This is limited to 8 women.

The Portal

All of the content will be available in your portal so that you can access it 24/7.

On Monday, there will be a video in our group to welcome the week and talk through what's coming up. I'll be back later live for a Q&A.

The LIVE program:

3 masterminds and networking on a Thursday - 7pm CET / 6pm UK

We'll connect on Zoom for connection and collaboration.

There will be weekly workbooks, reminders, actionable tasks, opportunities to share and ask questions in your sacred space


See the most asked questions

How does the live program work?

See above for the details of the live program. I run the live program several times a year. It is limited to 8 women. You will be a part of a supportive group, and access live masterminds and networking. It also means that we are all there to hold you gently accountable.

How does the self-directed course work?

For those people who like to work on their own, the course is available for them to follow in a way that suits them. There will be monthly masterminds/networking and you can be a part of a Facebook Group, if you want to.

Who is the program suitable for?

You are female, over 40, spiritual, conscious, have a big heart, kind, caring, compassionate, love a bit of fun, curious and open to the possibilities and wonders of life.

Do you offer any 121 support?

Yes, you can purchase a Power Hour or 101 Days 121 coaching.

How much time does the course/program require?

I would suggest a commitment of approximately 15-30 minutes per day, depending on your pace and level of engagement.

See above for the live program. As you would expect there will be more interaction and time spent together.

How long does the LIve program last?

The live program lasts for 101 days, with each week focusing on a different theme or aspect of self-discovery.

If you are working alone, it's up to you, but I would encourage you to work through it in 101 days.

We are not meant to do this alone. Join me on this journey with your heart.

Grab Your Journal And Explore

  • Are you feeling stuck in your current life and ready for a change?
  • Are you tired of living with unfulfilled dreams and goals?
  • Do you feel like you've lost your sense of purpose and direction?
  • Are you ready to embrace your strength and resilience?
  • Are you looking for a program that will help you recalibrate, rebirth, and reboot your life?
  • Are you ready to take control of your life and create the future you desire?
  • Are you tired of feeling alone and ready to connect with a community of supportive women?
  • Are you ready to learn the tools and strategies to achieve your personal and professional goals?
  • Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what truly matters to you?
  • Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and create a life that brings you joy and fulfilment?

What Clients Say About Previous Programs

I’ve just completed Dales 12 week Course ‘ Journey to the heart’ and it was fantastic. Great content, great live weekly sessions, dedicated Facebook group and so much more.

Dale is so talented, knowledgeable and adapts to the needs of the group.

Exceeded my expectations. Thanks Dale

Natalie Freeman - Healer and Coach

I joined the Journey to the Heart course and am so glad I did! It reinforced for me that I am responsible for me, but that everyday life shows me daily what issues I still need to work with, giving me tools to help with this, but also knowing that I can work at my own pace and return to it at any time.

Dale has given us such a wealth of information, journaling prompts, a private Facebook page and weekly live sessions, where we are able to share ideas and support each other, but also return to it as we want to.

I have gained clarity about where I am now and what I want to manifest for the future.

Anna Tyrell - Retired

Loved it... I learned so much about me.

I fully embraced the learning and went off to do a few things that I had been meaning to do and this opened up so much for me.

Amanda Cook - Osteopath