April 21

101 Positive Affirmations – The Present Moment


Being in the present moment

There’s a lot to learn from the past, but that doesn’t mean you should dwell on it. Yes, we should all learn from the past. You can look at your mistakes and learn from them.

The most successful people make an incredible number of mistakes— many of them costly. But, typically, they don’t dwell on those mistakes. They don’t allow those mistakes to hold them back; they only allow them to push them forward. They, in essence, see mistakes as feedback that helps them to grow.

So while it’s important to learn from your mistakes, it’s more important to enjoy the present and look toward the future. Allow yourself to be happy with what you have in the moment.

We only get one life, so we may as well enjoy it.

Take a look at everything you have going for you right now. Chances are that you have a roof over your head, a business or a career that you enjoy. friends and family to chat with, and if you are like me beautiful furry ones to spend time with. You can choose the direction of your life from this point on. That’s a powerful and uplifting feeling.

You’ll be able to accomplish a lot more if you’re happy and if you allow yourself to enjoy life. Focus on things that are going well and celebrate where you are on your current path.

The past is in the past. There’s nothing you can change about it. You can only learn from it and move on. Enjoy your present and look forward to your future. This is part of taking the time to focus on the present moment.

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #3

There is only ever the present moment

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day (3)

Today I am

Today I am focusing on the now

Journal prompts

  • What does it mean to you to “be present”?
  • What parts of your life are most distracting? Why?
  • When do you have a hard time letting go and focusing on the now? What are you doing to distract yourself? (e.g. check Facebook and email too much, etc.)
  • What’s my at the moment story? Is it a struggle, growth, love, failure, happiness, transition, fear, hope…
  • What am I most grateful for today that allows me to enjoy this moment?

The 101 days process is…

  • Watch and get an affirmation
  • Reflect on the affirmation
  • Use it during the day
  • Turn it into a question
  • Answer the question
  • Look for insights
  • Start the gratitude journaling process
  • Say what you are grateful for
  • Look for the challenge and lessons
  • Look for the gift
  • Say what you appreciate about this learning
  • Look for insights

Who is with me?

Get more affirmations to see you through the day

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Let’s make the next 101 days count and then celebrate.


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