May 18

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #5


It’s day five of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

My day five quote reminds me that being prepared does create opportunity. Though this morning I’m feeling very unprepared as I normally work on Sundays and yesterday I declared Sunday’s to be writing days.

I spent the whole day, apart from doggie walks editing my book Manifesting Magic and I was brutal… The truth is I was already prepared to take lots out and make it more concise and add more stories. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I awoke this morning feeling a bit panic struck, I am not prepared I said to myself. Hold your horses replied my higher and much wiser self, of course you are, you are doing your preparing on Monday’s now… Thank goodness someone knows what they are doing.

The blackboard is empty and waiting for the first chalky strokes.

  • Email to my community
  • Course intro/outro videos
  • Read a clients chapter
  • Get the writing lounge ready (it launches 1st July)
  • Self-love journal for the journaling Club
  • Sort out times and dates for a monthly Q&A and mastermind for The Soul Writers Academy
  • Start recording the video marketing course

It seems to me that I already know what I have to prepare… Well of course I do, most of it is in my planner – doh!!!

So that’s me sorted then.

Preparation creates luck and opportunity

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

There is another saying, isn’t there about the more prepared I am, the luckier I get. I start each month reviewing where I am and what I have achieved. I prepare what needs to be done and do what I can. When I go to the doctors, I check my files and prepare what I want to review so that it is easier to formulate a plan. When I visit the town hall, I prepare everything so that they do not have to fuss with things like photocopying. When I go for a doggie walk, I fill my pockets with poo bags and treats. You get the idea.

This morning I found a magical glass of water with lemon, prepared last night. My breakfast seeds and nuts are soaking ready for a post walk breakfast.

It seems to me I am ready for Monday.

And before you think I am over prepared, I have left gaps for walks and cogitating, breaks for tea and cake and tickles with the dogs. It is in these moments that other ideas and clarity comes to me. These are my special moments.

Today I am

Today I am prepared for what is ahead.

  • What things do you have on the horizon and how prepared are you for them?
  • What can you do today so that tomorrow feels like a luckier day?
  • What about the things that you are not prepared for?
  • Make a note of what comes up and consider what needs to be done to get the stuck energy around them moving.

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  • Hi Dale
    I’m inspired by this post. I confess I’m terrible at preparation and often become unstuck because of it. I’m getting better, because despite the lockdown, I’ve so much to do: blog writing, decorating and completing an interior design course. I’ve found that even a little bit of preparation the night before makes a huge different to the next day.
    I’m intrigued by what you do and want to know more.

  • Thanks for this affirmation, Dale! I am so inspired and in awe of how you plan and prepare ahead. This is a perfect affirmation for me too. I planned for today well and accomplished what I needed in spite of computer issues. As I lay my head down I have a sense of accomplishment! I’m looking at things coming up, planning for them as much as I can and making note of things I can do to not get bogged down.

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