Have you ever wondered where your inner childs playground is?

In the body we have many energy centres and the second is your inner child’s playground, a place of creativity, magic and wonder. It is also home to your sensuality and emotions.

One of the best ways to support these is to play. We can play in so many ways. I love to play with my dogs,  I love to write and colour in mandalas.

You could lose yourself at the movies, ride your bike, rollerblade, go walking, play air guitar at concerts, go to a play and hang out with children. And you can just be silly with friends. Playing is also indulging in arts and crafts, singing, dancing, playing an instrument and sharing laughs with friends. It also includes your sensual and intimate moments with yourself or a partner.

I love to start explorations in my journal with my child because this eases me into a place of curiosity and wonder.

I have had a lot of sexual abuse from early childhood, but I do not see a traumatised inner child; instead, I see a naughty little minx – a wild child who was suppressed, but now wants to play.

I write because it has helped and helps my inner child to release the ‘demons’, which do sometimes crawl out of the ground.

If for any reason you find yourself transported back to unpleasant things, you can make a choice to explore through writing and/or you can find a counsellor trained to support you through this while you journal.

Does this work still make me cry? Of course, it does, but I am grateful that she wants to be with me on my life’s adventure.

It’s as easy as closing your eyes and allowing yourself to be guided to parts of your life that feel or have felt magical. Become that child that sees the world through the lens of wonder and curiosity before you pick up your pen.

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Your creative inner child lives and plays in the freedom of the moment

Just this weekend I was listening to the two young children playing in the street. Giggling and doing goodness only knows what… When I went to walk the dogs, the children were gone, and the street was littered with toys. Parked outside my house was a scooter. Simply abandoned. It made me smile to remember that freedom of just being and enjoying the present moment.

Today I am

Today I am playful and free.

  • How can you tap into that childlike innocence and just be?
  • Where can you find play in your life?
  • How can you bring more play and that feeling of freedom into your life?
  • Find 3 things that are playful that you can do today

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