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Full Moon In Gemini – Who Do You Need To Let Go Of?

It’s curious how things synchronistically come to remind you of what needs to be dealt with. On Friday a lovely friend was talking about not feeling good enough, which reminded me of an affirmation –

I am enough, I have always been enough, and I will always be enough and a journaling prompt – I deserve.

On Saturday night I did a wonderful full moon releasing ceremony with Yasmin Boland (Moonology fame). But strangely on Sunday although I felt ok-ish something was not right. I was soon to be triggered back into that feeling of not feeling good enough. Although I didn’t realise this until this morning.

I was doing a meditation sending love and good feelings to a loved one. This was to be followed by sending the same goodwill to myself. It was then it struck me that I still held feelings of not being good enough. It was palpable. And so enlightening.

Then it struck me that what I needed to do for this full moon in Gemini was to let go of parts of me that no longer served me. As a highly visual person, I was presented with a series of images of my younger self.

There was the girl who won the esteemed packet of felt pens for coming first in a small competition. I remember I was on the last question, I found the book with the answer and raced to claim first place. But it was a hollow victory, it seemed to me that not one of my fellow students was happy for me. Standing on the stage was horrible.

It was the same school who didn’t pick me for the choir… Well, I don’t blame them, I couldn’t sing. But my dreams of being a rock star were smashed against the rocks that day.

Later there was the man who walked up to me in my Paradise Garage leopard print dress to tell me nice body, shame about the face. What he didn’t know was I had abandoned my normal jeans and baggy top to take my courage in my hands to go out like this. Yes, he certainly helped my self-esteem.

leopard print dress

These are, of course, just a few examples. You, like me, will have had a lifetime of stuff coming up despite years of personal growth work. I confess my recovery time from a snide comment is pretty quick. And of course, my journal and energy work sort me out.

The full moon in Gemini a time for more self-love

What I love about this coming up on a full moon in Gemini is that it reminds me of our duality. How our inner world is often hidden from our outer world, but that it is always being reflected and does change the way we see things. It’s like constantly trying to balance our humanness with just being rather than always doing.

Gemini is an air sign, which rules the mind and in the chakra system belongs to the heart chakra. How perfect is that? A reminder to get out of your head and be kind and compassionate when we are feeling not enough and to start to do more self-love activities.

A wonderful self-love activity is love me notes. Write yourself a note on a post-it before going to bed. Pop it on the kettle or fridge. The following morning you will be greeted by a wonderful note from yourself.

Bring in mighty Sagitarrius

We are also in the sun sign of Sagittarius, which is fire, and in the chakra system, this is represented by the solar plexus. The solar plexus is personal power, confidence, being assertive and our identity.

This then leads me to ask – who am I? Or more importantly – who am I when I am my best self?

Another ta-da!

Who do you need to let go of?

Which brings me nicely to the point. Who do you need to let go of? Not what, but who (or is that whom???).

There will be many parts of you hidden from view which your twin now wants you to reveal and observe. Yes, it can be painful bringing up memories, but these are simply pages in the book of your life. Read the page and ask what you can learn from this? What are the gifts?

I want to let go of the girl who feels not good enough. I admit it’s not a major problem, but its come up and that means it needs dealing with.

My way of dealing with this is to write in my journal – who do I want to let go of? Followed by the affirmation that I started with

I am enough, I have always been enough, and I will always be enough and a journaling prompt – I deserve…

Who or what am I giving my power away to?

When you step into not good enough, you are essentially giving away your power. Try these questions:

  • In what ways do I give my power away?
  • What part of my story is this connected to?
  • Where are you telling yourself that you “should” or “must” or “have to” do something?
  • How could I set clearer boundaries?
  • In what ways could I hold more assertive conversations?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What will I gain from it?
  • What won’t I gain?
  • What can I do differently?

Who do I want to be?

What I have come to believe is who I want to be is about qualities and values. I want to be kind, loving, lovable, nonjudgmental, funny, perspicacious, discerning and extraordinary in an ordinary way. I just want to be the kind of person that others trust and respect. That others know that they can rely on when they need some love or a doggy lick (from the girls, not me).

As ever there will be more that I want to become as I learn and traverse this life. I am like you a work in progress and the never-finished article, and I guess I will only know what the finished article is when I go home to the soul place.

What I know is that the me that I desire to be now, will not be the who I want to be later in my life and I like that. I like the idea that I am forever evolving and becoming, and this is what I believe to be part of the magic of life and being human and just being.

This full moon in Gemini – heart chakra is a call for more self-love and compassion and combined with Sun in Sagitarrius – solar plexus chakra says check-in with your identity, call in your confident self and be all that you can, by letting go of who you don’t want to be.

If this resonates and you want to work with an intuitive coach who will help you to traverse the heady world of being human through the chakras and journaling, please book a call.

The Sun Moves Into Sagittarius. Time To Light The Fire In Your Belly

It’s the final stretch of 2020 as the sun moves into Sagittarius – my sign. It’s been a long and tiring year for many, and I guess one which we all wish had been a little different.

Journaling and walking the furry ones have kept me sane. While I love my own company, I now have cabin fever big time and need to get out more. My moon in Cancer likes to keep me in my shell – but no more! My Sagittarius sun, which loves freedom and change, pulled me out of my comfort zone and dragged me off to Sunday lunch with friends which was not only delicious but food for the soul.

A time to let go

I felt that it was time to let go of being isolated up in the hills. Sun in Sagittarius is a great time to let go of what is not serving you – that might be people or things – only you will know.

I believe that we can use letting go to create change, which means if we can get rid of the toxins in our life, it can help us to heal, improve communications and find that all-important inner peace. Letting go also creates space for something more beautiful to enter your life.

There is so much that we can let go of to create space. What about letting go of the rubbish that your body doesn’t need, that will certainly help you with better sleep and less stress?

What about decluttering your home? If you were to look around your house, what stuff could you give to charity? Or what stuff could you sell on eBay?

What about who is in your life that are not good people for you? I know it’s difficult to get rid of people from your life but think about how you can spend more time with the people that nourish you. I talk about reason season, lifetime people. Who is in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? Who are those people that you want to hold on to, and the people that you don’t want because they’re toxic?

Letting go doesn’t mean just dumping stuff or washing your hands of something or someone, it means forgiving and letting go of your attachment to something or someone so that you can release them, and heal yourself.

What’s on your decluttering and letting go agenda? Visualise what you want that will bring you more joy, inner peace and contentment.

Ignite the fire in your belly with Sagittarius and the solar plexus

When you have let go of what you don’t want, you have more space to create and invite in the things that you do.

Sagittarius links with the solar plexus in the chakra system, which is also associated with Jupiter the planet of opportunities and expansion. This is a wonderful time to consider who you want to become and expanding into your best self.

Think about igniting the fire in your belly, or setting fire to your desires. What images does the idea of fire conjure up for you? Fire has the power of transforming quickly. However, it can be destructive. But rather than look at this in a negative way consider how you can use it to clear away the ashes and debris at the root chakra, and deal with the suppressed emotions and creativity at the sacral. Then you can set light to your desires.

What can you do to prepare yourself for the sacred fire of awakening to what you want and who you want to become? This is where visualisation is so powerful. You could write about your perfect day and hearts desires and then imagine them being set fire to at the solar plexus and the flames licking your heart and awakening the burning desire you so badly want. Just the simple act of seeing what you want in a new light will increase the fire of enthusiasm for life, what you want and the joy of living.

Get back in touch with your vision

When you have lit the fire, take time to look ahead to your future goals, reevaluate your mission and purpose, and get back in touch with your vision. This is all about getting ready for the last month of the year and wondering about the opportunities available to you in the new year.

I’m just rearranging my mini vision board for what I want from today on… Three things are on my mind:

  • Writing my first novel – it starts in earnest on January 1st
  • My health – As the weather changes it’s easy to eat comfort food and hibernate, so I am focused on continuing to eat well and get out with the furry ones and friends
  • Love to journal books – I’ve just edited the Root Chakra book and waiting eagerly for that to go live – this is perfect for kick-starting 2021 as we move into earthly Capricorn. Look out for the course and live group coaching

When I have these, I will use my journal to explore more and practice visualising them as if they have already happened.

Do you have a mini vision board and if you do – what would go on your mini vision board?

Practice visualisation

I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realised, than lord among those without dreams and desires. Khalil Gibran

There is a funny thing you may not know about your subconscious. Whether it is real or not, if you create a mental picture of something, your brain believes it to be true.

When you plant new ideas into your mind using visualisation techniques and repeatedly show these images, your subconscious believes these to be your reality. It will then work hard to continue to create the conditions to make this reality stay constant. This is why visualisation works so well.

You can plant new realities into your mind, and when you continue to practice the technique, it will start to influence your emotions, thoughts, and actions over time.

Create a mental picture, not just of what you want, but also of the person you will be when you achieve it. How will you feel? What will be different about you and your life? The more you visualise this, the more likely it is to become a reality.

Astronaut John Grunsfeld said this: “I was not really scared on my spacewalks. We practice so much and need to stay so focused that it has a calming effect on me. I do a kind of visualisation and meditation in the airlock prior to going outside, to guide my first activities once I get out in space.”

Do you use visualisation to help you to get what you want? What if you had a go, how do you think visualisation could help you focus on your vision or help you to light the fire in your belly? Perhaps the vision of what you desire has several outcomes, what about playing with each outcome and seeing how that feels? What might you learn about what you really want?

The roadmap to your magical future

A fun way to work with your vision is to draw it out. You do this by creating a visual roadmap. I use a roll of brown wrapping paper and coloured pens.

Start by drawing the road that you want to travel. At one end, write now and at the other one word that represents what you want to manifest. Design your journey to your magical destination and put whatever you want on your road in the order that feels right. Have fun!

Next, connect to your muse and go on the same journey in your mind. If you find it hard to visualise, know that you can use other senses to bring it alive, you do not need to be able to see; you could think, feel or sense for example.

  • Find somewhere comfortable to sit
  • Take 3 big deep breaths and exhale loudly
  • Close your eyes and start relaxing each part of your body. This is quite easy to do. Just imagine you are screwing up or tensing each part of your body starting at your toes and then letting them go
  • Keeping your eyes closed, imagine a road in front of you. You may see this road, or you may think it into place. (remember, it doesn’t matter if you can’t visualise in the sense of seeing something, as long as you can think it or feel it into place)
  • See yourself standing at the end of the road, with what you want to manifest in front of you.
  • Stand and look back towards the very beginning of your road. Now think, imagine, feel every step you have taken
  • Walk to the beginning of your road. Consider the significant steps that you have in front of you. You have already walked these
  • Remind yourself by going through the motions of doing each of those significant steps. We are not looking for minute detail we are merely looking for the significant steps
  • As you do each step walk towards what you desire. Step into each of the activities that enabled you to reach your destination
  • As you step into each of these, see what you see, feel what you feel and hear what you hear
  • When you get to the end of the road, breath in the magic and know that it is done
  • When you are ready, open your eyes and allow your life to flow

Get clear

Without a clear outcome, manifesting your vision will feel like a lot of wasted effort. You need to know precisely what it is you want. Including what that outcome will do to benefit your life once it is achieved

The Universe is listening… It wants to support you in achieving your dreams. It responds to clarity, and when there is clarity, it will deliver the things that you want, with greater ease. Because you will have a crystal-clear vision of what you’re calling in.

Take a moment now to reevaluate the things you want – do they really light you up? If they don’t, you will never be able to light the flames of desire or ignite the fire in your belly. Make use of the transition into Sagittarius to consider what opportunities you want to take advantage of going forward. Grab your journal and ask how you will feel when you get what you want? The start focusing on what you want and who you will be when you get it.

If you are feeling stuck, sticky or in treacle, not sure about what you really want, connect with me and let’s chat about how we can get you off the mad cosmic roundabout and back on track.

Do you have a living vision for your business? No? Yes? Maybe?

Before I left for Spain a few years ago, I had a vision. It wasn’t anything to do with my business. It was a book, a novel no less that was going to be turned into a film and the rest as they say would be history.

As I drove from Wales to my mums in Spain, I played fantasy revenge novel plot lining while thinking about the less than nice husband I’d left. This was to be my novel. As there was no radio and two bored doggies in the back of the motorhome, I was left with nothing but my vivid imagination. And it was fun.

I’d packed what I could, but there wasn’t much room for my things. One thing I kept was my vision board. If nothing else I wanted to be reminded of my yearning to write novels, funny ones with an underlying message. I still do have this vision.

The trouble is, as yet I haven’t taken much action. I have written a first draft of the above story through the eyes of a puppy that I rescued once I got here. It was incredibly cathartic, but that was all. It may resurface, who knows?

The reason that creating a vision was at the front of my mind was that last week I repurposed a planner. I’d designed it for a course and a personal branding book that I haven’t touched since leaving the shores of the UK. I was clearly a very different person as the planner is no longer recognisable.

Repurposing it was, however, a great opportunity to think about how I now like to plan. Asking what works for me and inviting a living vision into my life.

I realised that having a vision which I regularly review is important to me and I wanted this vision to live in me. I wanted a living vision. Having a vision statement feels felt stagnant and inflexible now.

Using my planner in this way and testing it so that I would actually get things done has meant that my vision has come alive. It flows and it feels like it is living.

Visions work when they are living

How does a living vision work?

At the start of every month, you take the time to write about your perfect day. I like the perfect day exercise as it allows me to play with my imagination. You may choose to write it in another way and it is important that it works for you.

I sit for a while and tap into my writing muse and allow him or her to share their thoughts around what perhaps a perfect day might look like. Then I start to write without censure.

What I wonder would be in your perfect day?

Would you be head banging to Nirvana while swigging a cheeky vino, a designer beer or perhaps a real ale at the end of your Thursday. Because of course you’d only work three days a week.

Maybe you are spending a few hours walking around your estate with your dogs and partner as you plan your next product launch. Perhaps you are discussing some other investment or early retirement and driving around Europe?

Is there a beach, a mountain, a city or maybe all three in your vision?

What about how you work and your business?

You could have only the right kind of clients who always pay on time, who love working with you. and telling all their influential friends that you are awesome.

There could be reinvention, diversification and innovation. All you have to do is let your imagination free.

I get that there could be flights of fantasy. Like the novel, I haven’t written, but the truth is just by focusing on it has meant that I am starting it on January 1st 2021.

What I found with my living vision was that with each iteration it felt more real. And I found myself being able to be realistic with priorities, timeframes and what I could and wanted to achieve.

Living visions require us to use our imagination, but also to consider how this makes us feel and what has to happen to inspire action. I have found myself far more productive and I can see products, courses and books coming alive far more than at the beginning of the year.

Stuff is getting done.

You may have a book that you want to write and it could feel like it is a long way away. You may consider that you don’t have the resources or the time. You may even be unclear what the book is really about.

A living vision will help you to envision this book, which will get you questioning if it aligns with your brand and business. The more you play and ponder the closer you will get.

A perfect day could be that you find a way to write your book while you build your brand. That might mean creating an outline and blogging your book. In your envisioning you see yourself getting fabulous feedback which allows you to refine your outline and as your ideal customer gets a feel for you, more work comes in. The perfect day is your eureka day and you have the right idea and content.

A perfect day might be further away and it’s the day a publisher says yes and later you are a bestseller.

I started a project in 2020 around the chakras. I now have a program called The Journey Of The Heart, 7 chakra journaling books (one down 6 to go) and 7 courses to go with the books (still in development).

All of these were on my living vision board that I create from my perfect day exercise.

My invitation is…

My invitation to you is to allow your imagination to feed your monthly, weekly and daily planning. Write often about your perfect day and allow yourself to dream. As you create more of a living vision the more you will live your vision.

Remember to take action appropriate action, consider your priorities and if your priorities change then one would hope that’s a move in the right direction.

If you find yourself procrastinating it may well be that this vision and subsequent action plan are not aligned.

The living vision is working for me and I hope that it does for you. I wonder what I’ll think in a years time when I look back on my first perfect day exercise.

When you have stuff on your mind please book in for a Power Hour session and let’s see if we can get you closer to what you want.

Heart Chakra – Love and the right to love and be loved

What are chakras?


The chakras are energy points or centres in our bodies in and out of which energy flows. In Sanskrit chakra means wheel so you could imagine them to be spinning wheels or vortexes of energy. Just as you have memories stored in your brain, your chakras are mini data centres where everything that has happened to you is stored. Each centre houses specific experiences. How cool is that to have your own mini you library stored in areas of your body? I also believe that they hold keys to our future selves too.

Just as we have a physical body, chakras can be likened to our spiritual body. Each one acts like a window to the soul and will feed information back to you about the state of your health and life. The health and energetic vibration of each chakra is influenced by the energies that surround you and the energy you project from your thoughts and feelings. This shows up in how you feel and experience life.

The heart chakra

Heart chakra

This chakra is located behind the breastbone in front and on the spine between the shoulder blades in back. This is about your right to love and be loved.

Colours green or pink. Element – air. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air element signs. Planet – Venus. The right to love and be loved. Emotion – grief. Endocrine gland – Thymus. Spine – T4 to T2. Age 22-28.


This chakra is about love, self-love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, generosity, empathy, kindness and connections to other’s hearts. This is the centre of love and is connected to your relationships with family, lovers, friends, and animals. This is where the physical and spiritual chakras meet and is the gateway between them. As you work to heal and balance the chakras below, this enables the hurts held here to also be healed. By learning to let go of the pain and grief, you will be able to open your heart to new experiences and love.


When this chakra is balanced, you feel open, kind, receptive, giving, forgiving, accepting, and connected in a loving way to both yourself and other people. You feel sincere gratitude and appreciation for your life. You feel the love flowing through your life, you will think about how you give and receive love. And when you feel on the same wavelength with someone, it is because you have a heart connection.


In terms of manifesting what you want, the gratitude and appreciation you feel here will support you to get more of what you want.

Heart chakra – Grief

The heart chakra is blocked by grief and closes down our right to love and be loved. Releasing grief creates a balanced heart, that means we can offer acceptance and compassion to others and ourselves. It is the place that allows for vulnerability and welcomes in love. Ask what you are sad about? What are your losses? Dealing with loss is a hard thing to do indeed. Consider this, love is energy, and that lost love is reborn in the form of new love. Ask yourself what the deepest, most painful loss you ever experienced is? A loss of a job/career/business? A loss of health? A loss of a friend or a loved one? The loss of love? How did you ever get over it? Are you maybe still holding on to it? Our hearts feel and experience the pain of grief and loss physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. It is the gateway to unconditional love within us and to others around us.


Connect with your heart chakra by bringing to mind someone you love, let these feelings surge through your body. Now bring to mind something that you love about you and feel your heart expand with self-love. Connect your roots to Mother Earth and breathe into your heart before you write.

Inner peace

Sit quietly before you write and connect with everything that you love about you and your life. Open your heart, breath love in and out. Feel yourself connecting with a pot of loving-kindness.

Journaling prompts

  • What are ten things you love about being you?
  • In what ways do you hold back from embracing self-love, and what is one thing that you could do to love yourself today?
  • In what ways can you be kinder to yourself and others today?
  • What things have you not grieved and let go of? Think of ways to do this and when you are ready, start the letting go process.
  • When you think about forgiveness, how does it make you feel? Where do you need to forgive yourself or others? Perhaps you would like to apologise to a part of you that needs to hear these words today?
  • How can you let more love into your life?


I love, and I am love

Grab your copy of a Chakra Journaling Book here

It’s Never Too Late To Manifest Your Hearts Desires

Lockdown and what has come to pass has changed me – has it changed you? It has made me reflect me and do a massive declutter. But most importantly it got me thinking about a life of purpose and meaning and I started to think of my dreams and hearts desires.

Did you know that I want to write a novel? Maybe or maybe not. When I was in my last relationship everything felt that it was being destroyed. But the dream never left me.

When I started to design Journey Of The Heart I went back to basics. I travelled through my energy centres (chakras) and worked with them to get to the heart of what I wanted. This is why I called it Journey Of The Heart.

I deeply connected with this desire to write fiction and I used my own process to work through my blocks (what more blocks…) and beliefs and there is now a book cover mockup proudly sitting on my vision board.

What I have noticed is that so many people still dream of creating a life of purpose and meaning, where they listen to their hearts and manifest magic but think they can’t for some reason. I get it…

It’s like they are frozen at the crossroads of their life wondering how to jump out of their comfort zone and into the field of possibilities.

They believe it’s too late, that they are too old for that specific dream or they don’t have the skills to reach for what they want.

But the truth is it’s never too late to follow your dreams and claim your hearts desires.

My mum is an amazing example of someone who thought she couldn’t write and who has now written 7 books. She amazes me.

Want to manifest your heart’s desire?

Here are 7 points for you to mull over – let me know what resonates. Grab your journal and explore…

  • Your identity is not set in stone. Many of the things you believe about who you are and want to become have quite possibly come from others’ opinions that have been projected onto you. Is it time to stop living the life that other people think is right for you? What if you decided to stand in your power and speak your truth?
  • Some dreams and hearts desires simply seem too big to achieve. If that is the reason you think it’s too late, try breaking the dream down into small steps or stages. I’m laughing at myself on this one. Who me, write a novel…? List the steps and keep it simple.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.

Henry David Thoreau
  • There are many people of all ages going after their hearts desires. Many have faced decades of disappointment and unfulfilled lives. They discovered later in life that they have the resilience, experience, and self-knowledge to pursue their purpose. Think Louise Hay or JK Rowling… Age is not a barrier. Start today and go after what you want.
  • Let go of regrets. As you get older, you don’t want to be filled with regret because you didn’t try to do the things you loved or attempt to obtain what you longed to do in life. Remember Bronnie Ware and the regrets of the dying? It’s powerful stuff. I for one don’t want to leave without a) writing that first novel and b) inspiring you to find purpose and meaning in your life. Look at your book of regrets and pick one thing that you want to let go of. Then start your next adventure today.
  • Being remembered well. Following your dreams and hearts desires influence the mark you leave on the world and how you will be remembered. We cannot force legacy on others, but how we live our lives will shape how we are remembered. How do you want to be remembered?
  • Just take one step. Any aligned step you take towards your dream and heart’s desire gets you closer to success. Many believe it’s too late to follow their dreams because they would be taking a step backwards. In reality, the past is a place of reference and right now is the best time to become and be. What is your next aligned step to being able to manifest your heart’s desire?
  • Ask for support. Other people will help and encourage you on your journey if you let them know that this is your way forward. Look out for those people who will support you as you become the best version of yourself. And I am sure you will make new friends along the way. I’ve just met an amazing new friend called Lisa and I feel so blessed. Who is on your A-team?

All you need to remember is that you are never too old to go towards your hearts desires and to manifest the magic you deserve and desire. All you have to do is decide what you want and take action to go after it.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

Join the Journey Of The Heart Waiting list and discover what you want and who you want to become.

New Moon In Scorpio 2020. Letting go of old emotions and letting in new perspectives

This new moon in Scorpio is a water moon and is connected with the sacral chakra – the chakra of emotions.

This is a time when old emotions may come and bite you on the bum. Like they did me this morning as I ventured out and there was a hunter in the rambla close to the village.

Marley was freaked, which naturally upset me.

However, we walked a different way and lo and behold the path that I thought would be awful had been cleaned up and we had a beautiful sunny walk.

Old emotions and new perspectives all in a mornings walk…

Open up your journal and write out the old stagnant emotions that you are holding onto and want to let go of. Review, reframe and let in some new perspectives on life. New moons are for new starts.

  • What do you want to create for this new moon?
  • Who will you be if you looked at life differently?
  • How will you feel?
  • What new perspectives are you inviting into your life?

Put your hand on your journal – draw around your hand and create your new moon intentions.

Watch this video for more information.

To work with me check out my coaching page. Perhaps you are at a crossroads and need a different perspective on life?

Journaling Prompts For Nourishing November

Nourishing November has arrived and it’s hard to believe that the year has whizzed by so quickly. And what a year!

A year that no one was expecting. And one which has caused so much upset for many.

My heart has cried so many times at the stories I have heard and read, I’m not quite sure how 2020 will be presented in the history books. I guess we will just have to wait and see…

What I have done is what I always do and that is to look at how I can support myself – mind, body and soul.

I nourish myself through what I eat and the supplements I take. My journey with this began in earnest when my spine fractured. What this showed me was that nourishment wasn’t just food, that I also needed to live a nourishing life and to that end self-care is certainly at the top of my agenda.

Being outside with the dogs and walking four times a day is great for my mental health, helping me to stay grounded and of course the deliciousness of fresh air.

What do we know about November?

So many things happen in November starting with All Souls or All Saints day on the first. Where I live it is a national holiday and when the departed are honoured. It is a day of prayer and remembrance.

What else happens in November? Bonfire Night on the 5th. World kindness day on the 13th. Black Friday is on the 24th. Thanksgiving on the 26th.

There are two awareness weeks – one for alcohol and one for sugar. It’s not my place to say what you can drink and eat, but two things that are not so great when abused and certainly not very nourishing. Though I confess I do quite like healthy cake and a tot of Baileys in my hot chocolate.

November brings in

November is the eleventh month, and a month for me that signals that my birthday is not too far away in December. I’m saddened that I will be unable to travel and be with friends as planned, but I shall find a way to celebrate. I am sure my two dogs will have something planned for me… Yeah, right!

The star sign for November is Scorpio. It is said that Scorpio people are passionate, sensual and assertive with a sting in their tale. I have Scorpio rising and have often been told to read the astrology for Scorpio rather than Sagittarius. Apparently, we are not to be trifled with.

November is a month for nourishing your inner warrior

Your November mission is to bring more nourishment to your life. You can do that by:

  • Getting outside and getting some fresh air
  • Take some time to be with yourself
  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Laugh with friends
  • Journal
  • Declutter
  • Sing and dance

Journaling prompts for November

  • Describe what nourishment means to you?
  • How do you know when you feeling nourished?
  • What can you do to nurture the relationships in your life?
  • Spell out NOURISH and make each letter form a random word. Then write a short reflective piece including these words
  • Write a letter to your body. What do you want to tell your body about how you will nourish him/her?
  • Write a letter from your body to yourself. What does your body have to tell you?
  • Write a list of things that you appreciate about yourself – this will certainly nourish your heart and soul
  • How will I feel at the end of November when I have achieved all I desire for this month?

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