In the previous article on writer’s block, we looked at four other excuses for writer’s block. In this one, we will tackle some more.

My role, I believe, is to inspire and encourage you to open your heart to writing. This can be in a journal, blog or book. Words are powerful and in the expression of them, you learn so much about yourself.

When you are stuck you also learn a lot about yourself.

Time to explore. Grab a journal and take each one and use this time to understand what might stand in your way, not just for writing but in other areas of life.

5. I don’t believe I can do this

  • I am not a writer
  • Fear of rejection – people might judge me
  • Fear of success – what if my book is a huge success
  • Fear of failure – what if no one buys my book

Fear is such a small word and stops so many people from doing what they are here to share. Take the word fear and make it mean something else.

Explore your resistance. What lies beneath these fear words?

6. I can’t see where my writing fits with what I am doing

  • I’ve got a story, but it doesn’t seem to fit with my business
  • I’ve started writing, and there’s no link to what I’m doing, what’s the point
  • I’m not sure who would read this book

There is always an angle. Think about where you want to go with your business or your life. What is the core message of your business? What is the core message of your book? How will your book help your reader? What is the result that you want your reader to get from reading your book?

Create a vision. Where do you want to be a year from now? See it, feel it, hear it and know it.

7. My writing is not good enough, and it’s not flowing

  • I need this book to be perfect, and I am not a writer
  • I am trying to write, but I just feel blocked
  • I keep trying, and when I read it back, it just seems rubbish
  • I find writing hard

Often the writer forgets that first drafts are rubbish and that the magic comes from editing. They also didn’t create an outline and chapter framework. It’s the wrong book, and maybe you are aiming for perfectionism instead of done.

The other thing that I feel about this is how people describe themselves. Oh, I’m not a writer. I can’t call myself an author if I am self-published.

Own the title of writer. If you are writing, you are a writer. Writing is a practice, it will get better, so write.

8. The right words are not coming

  • I am just stuck
  • I start and the wrong stuff comes out
  • I start and then when I come back it does not make sense

The right words will come when your writing and stories are connected to your purpose and your inspirational message. Unless you have the big why and know in your heart that this is the right book, it is unlikely that you will be able to write.

Writing the right book is what will help you to get flow.

Explore these writer’s block excuses

When you read these what comes up for you? It is exploring why you feel resistance. The key is in the why not.

For example, when I am trying to write something that I think I should write and it doesn’t flow I know that there is a) a rebel child digging in her heels and b) it’s not the right thing to write at this point in time.

I will complete the article with bullet points at a later date. The reason I do this is because later when I pick it up I have something to work from and this makes writing it easier.

Planning and writing a book with a proven system also helps. Ready to make an impact?  Book in a call and let’s explore how you can create an impact with your book (or blog).

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.