5 Day Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart

Getting connected to your muse and exploring what your heart and soul wants to share is a beautiful experience. This five day adventure into your heart will help you to create a deeper heart connection.

Our Facebook group opens on October 25th and we start on October 26th at 1pm CET/12 UK

The heart chakra is about connection

  • To you
  • The world
  • Your spiritual self
  • Your physical self

Over this five days we are going to explore you and the connection with your heart. Join me if you know that your heart is ready to reveal it's inner wisdom so that you can heal, love yourself and feel centred in who you are.

Right now ask yourself 'what is my hearts desire?' When you come to the adventure you will step closer to hearing the answer to your question.

Over five days we will...

Spend 20-30 minutes together to explore the heart. On day 3 (Wednesday) we will spend an hour together in circle (in the evening) and at the end we will wrap up with a final Q&A session

Day 1

Introduction to The Venus Gateway

The power of meditation

Musing on your meditation

Setting your hearts desire

Thank you

Day 2

Connecting to your self-love

Gratitude for opening the heart

Journaling prompt for the day

Day 4

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yin yang circle

Day 3 - Writing Circle (evening)

Come to circle where we will:

  • Meditate and muse
  • Write together around the theme and use this as a pathway to our healing
  • Come together in breakout groups you will share and learn from each other
  • Start trusting the words and stories that arise to be set free
  • Witness, honour and respect your writing
hand mandala

Day 4

Mandalas for creating connection

Journaling prompt for the day

Day 5

Affirmations and saying yes

Journaling prompt for the day

Where are you with your hearts desire?

When your heart speaks, take good notes."
Judith Campbell

Dale pointing right

Daily Live Masterclasses

Join me live every day at 12 noon UK/1pm CET for a masterclass. Leave inspired with a small task to do that day designed to create and deepen your heart connection.


Come to the fire

On day 3 we will meet in circle when you will come to a safe space where you can find and free your writing voice. These fun and contemplative gatherings are a source of creativity, imagination, inspiration and healing.

This meeting is an opportunity to use writing to provide your heart the opportunity to speak, be heard and witnessed.

This will be 7pm UK/8pm CET

Meditation | Musing | Mandalas


Daily heart based meditations that will guide you to insights and inspiration


Muse on the daily journaling prompt and be amazed at what your inner wisdom reveals to you


Get your coloured pencils ready and be prepared to witness what your heart wants to share in this gorgeous mindful practice

Stuff you need to know

Once you sign up you will receive an email with everything you need to know, which will direct you to our private pop up Facebook group and access to your Journaling Through The Chakras E-book.

Our Facebook group opens on October 15th and we start on October 16th at 1pm CET/12 UK


Hi, I'm Dale and delighted to meet you. This 5 day adventure was created because of some BIG things that started to come up as I was writing my book Writing To Heal Your Soul. 

Healing my heart has been such a big part of my journey, if certain horrible things hadn't happened I would not have gone such an amazing healing adventure.

It hasn't been easy. I fell apart and fractured, but out of the wreckage I was able to find me. As hard as it was, it was a gift. When my spine actually fractured which left me hardly able to walk, I was grateful for the work I had done because at that point I knew that I loved myself enough to do whatever I needed to do to heal.

The body never lies and in meeting dis-ease I have discovered the power of love and a strong heart connection.

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