September 24


Summer is over, autumn has arrived I and I am still writing a book called  – Healing Osteoporosis Naturally. It seems that I am always writing a book or wanting to write a book about something that crops up in my life. I’ve told myself that this is the last non-fiction book and then it’s onto my first novel. The osteoporosis book seems so important and needed in this world of confusion and fear, it has to take priority.

I’ve taken time out from writing and I have been building the brand around the book. Today now that I have done that I will go back to my master template and book plan and check that each chapter does what I need it to do. I love the tear it apart and putting back together phase almost as much as the writing part.

And my novel – mmm erm mmm… I am going to write you, I promise…

When I work with people who want to write a book I know what goes on in their heads and hearts because I live it too. They inspire me to be the best that I can be, because if it is possible for me it is possible for them, which means that it is possible for you.

These questions are designed for you to be able to check in with yourself so that you can be 100% sure that you want to write a book. Writing a book is a big undertaking and there could be more effective uses of your time. Time along with self-doubt are two of the things that restricts a lot of potential writers. Writer’s block is always about what lies beneath.

It is a lot to ask of yourself, but it is extremely rewarding. Writing a book and sharing your words is a beautiful way to touch the hearts, minds and souls of others. If it is possible for you to evolve, it is possible for them. We live in a world where we need to know that there is hope. Your words, actions, and courage will inspire others.

We need to keep moving, to keep growing and to keep showing others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you with me? Do you want to change someone’s world with your book?


Then ask these questions and more, reflect and consider – what do I want to do next?

About you and your book

  1. What is your businesses core message?
  2. What is the core message of your book?
  3. How do the two connect?
  4. How do you want your book to work for you?
  5. What will it do for your business?
  6. What will it do for you?
  7. What makes you an expert in this area?
  8. What makes your book stand out from its competitors?
  9. What else could you use your book for? Don’t know – book in for a strategy session.
  10. Why do you want to share your story, knowledge or divine inner wisdom?

Your book and the chapters

  1. What is the title of your book – no thinking – just write?
  2. How do you know that this is the right book?
  3. If you could visualise your book on the bookshelves, which other books would it nestle alongside?
  4. Thinking about the flow of your book, list each of the chapters?
  5. Now you have the chapter list, what will each chapter cover (be brief)?
  6. What questions does each chapter answer?

Your book and your story

  1. Which part of your personal story or stories will you add?
  2. Why those stories?
  3. What is the key message of your story?
  4. How will sharing your story change your life and that of your readers?

Your book and ideal reader

  1. What will your ideal reader get as a result of reading this book?
  2. How will your ideal reader feel when they read your words?
  3. What do you want your ideal reader to do as a result of reading your book?
  4. What is the emotional connection you want your reader to make to you and what you have to say?
  5. Who is your ideal reader?
  6. Who might buy this book for your ideal reader?

What stands in the way of writing a book?

  1. What stands in the way of you starting this book?
  2. What are your perceived biggest obstacles to getting this done?
  3. What if there weren’t any obstacles would you still write this book?
  4. What barriers have you encountered in the past around writing a book?
  5. If you wrote this book and it did not succeed what are the implications?
  6. What could you do that you aren’t doing right now, that could make this happen?

Writing a book and your time

  1. Why have you never found the time to write your book?
  2. How will you determine that this is a good use of your time and resources?
  3. What if you could find/make/create/have the time? (Get up an hour earlier and write – I do)

Your thoughts about writing a book

  1. Will you do all of the writing?
  2. How do you feel about writing your book?
  3. What is in your editing plan?
  4. How do you feel about sharing your words?

Publishing your book

  1. What publishing route will you follow and why?
  2. If your first choice is not available, what is plan B?
  3. What is the publishing deadline? What might get in the way of you making that date?
  4. Is there anything that would prevent this book from being a success?

Success and writing a book

  1. What will this mean to you when you succeed and become a published author?
  2. What are your successful habits and how can you use them on this project?
  3. Which successful author do you identify with and why?
  4. Would you feel your book was a success even if it wasn’t a bestseller? (hint: the answer is yes, writing is hard work and being one of 5% of people who do means you rock!)

Marketing your book

  1. You’ve decided to use your book to promote your business, how will this book help?
  2. What is your marketing strategy for this book?  What is the cost? Who will do the marketing?
  3. What is on your product roadmap that extends the message of your book?

Think of all of the other questions you wished that I had asked you about writing a book and answer them from the heart. What does this tell you?

Take each section at a time. Start with the section that you feel the most resistance with and explore.

Whatever germ of an idea is surfacing for you, please do connect, together we can explore your stories, how you can use your knowledge and divine inner wisdom to shake up your world.


writing a book

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