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9 Ways to invigorate your learning & knowledge management

9 Ways to invigorate your learning & knowledge management

Technology and IT systems make it easy to get information flowing, often getting us to a point where we are so swamped by information and finding the time to share knowledge effectively is overlooked.  Knowledge management in organisations  is usually implemented and managed by IT or project management or business services, when it should really be a collaboration of  HR and IT and other relevant stakeholders.  If part of HR’s role to change the culture, then they need to find people who are willing to share knowledge and who are keen to create engaging knowledge.

Here’s just a few ideas you can implement to invigorate the learning and knowledge sharing.

  1. Using your internal forum or blog, pick a video from YouTube, TED or an interesting site and send out an invitation to your teams to watch and then discuss. Remembering to add some stimulating and thought provoking questions.
  2. Create Pecha Kucha events, where people are invited to prepare and deliver short presentations of 20 slides, with only 20 seconds per slide (that’s 6 minutes per speaker).  Have a theme with prizes.  Video the events.  Blog about them later.
  3. Use storytelling circles to develop the stories about what you do around here.  What is the most effective way to record these stories – case studies, blogs, books, videos?
  4. Start a book club and encourage teams to collaborate on developing business books which demonstrate your expertise.  Build your own business library.
  5. Video interviews and training sessions, turn them into blogs and relate the information back to key business activities. Build a video library.
  6. Encourage journalling so that people can record and reflect on their working life.  Encourage them to post blogs about findings and encourage discussions.
  7. Have a corporate internal blog for management communications and ask for feedback.
  8. Implement social networking tools such as Wiki’s (e.g http://pbworks.com/), Yammer (www.yammer.com) (Twitter for corporates)
  9. Write a book. Gather together at least 9 of your team and write a brand busting thought leadership book.

When people feel connected to the company, knowledge and sharing will flow.

I am sure you can think of more than 8 great ways to engage your teams.

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