March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020

Life can sometimes feel like you are spinning a wheel of fortune. Throw in a dice and hope for the best. Where it lands, no one knows.

When I first started my coaching training, I was presented with a wheel of life and instructed to fill it in. It seemed rather flaky and there were no clear instructions about what to do next. Yes, I had to focus on the areas which had low numbers, set some SMART goals and take action. It all felt so impersonal and didn’t address my heart and soul, and so I chucked it in the bin and choose instead to use my own random navigation system that took me all over the place, around a few cosmic roundabouts and into some pretty fine scrapes.

When I came back to it many years later, I saw it instead as the wheel of fortune. Not fortune in the sense of winning a lottery, which is a bit random, but more creating winning circumstances in what often felt like the lottery of life. Which it isn’t really, it just feels like it.

Change yourself and change your fortune

When you think of the wheel of fortune, you may bring to mind a gambling game, the way that fate deals you a hand, perhaps a Tarot card or maybe destiny out of control.

Imagine looking at your wheel of fortune, giving it a spin and going with what comes up, just out of pure luck. Now imagine looking at your wheel of fortune and you deciding on your destiny and the path you want to take towards your good fortune.

Working with the wheel of fortune

Working with the wheel of fortune is quite straightforward. There is a wheel divided up into life areas:

  • You
  • Career and business
  • Financial
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Fun and creative
  • Spiritual
  • Family and community
  • Relationships
  • Personal growth

Before you fill it in ask – what do I want?

Look at the wheel and score yourself from 1-10 within each of these areas, remembering this is a snapshot of where you are in your life at this point in time

The Wheel Of Fortune
The Manifesting Magic Wheel Of Fortune
  • 1 is an area where you are unfulfilled
  • 10 is an area where you feel fulfilled

When you have done this, it’s time to reflect

  • Next, you are asking, what do you see?
  • Is the wheel balanced? Balance is the priority, but can often be a tough nut to crack
  • Can you spot a priority area?
  • Do you need to work on a particular area first? Different areas of your life will require different strategies and attention at different times. Here you will decide what your priorities are and how much attention you want to devote to each

For example, you may have said that what you want is more money in your life, but when you have done this exercise, you can see that your health has scored quite low. On reflection that creates a realisation that unless you have the energy to chase/make money, it will never happen. You understand that the way of your fortune is to look at your health first.

Before we leave this I want to ask you again, what do you really want? Then ask yourself if you are not getting these things because you are blocking them. And finally how are you or how can you open up your heart to making this possible?

Wheel of fortune example

Let’s move away from health for a moment and let’s imagine that you want to write a book. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it about?
  • Why do you want to?
  • What magic will it bring into your life?
  • What is the impact on your business (brand/life)?

You know I am going to ask a deeper set of questions, so… What do you really want?

  • To feel valued?
  • To have more self-worth?
  • To make an impact?
  • To build your brand and to be more visible?
  • To make money and feel secure/successful/joyful?

The point of the wheel of fortune is to ask you to ignite the process of getting what you want started and for you to take a snapshot of where you are. This means that when you get further along in getting what you want, you will have woken up some important ideas and potentially some issues that need addressing.

A balanced life or wheel of fortune does not mean getting ten in each life area. You might balance one area with another. Some areas need more attention and focus than others at a particular time. Inevitably you will need to make choices and compromises, as your time and energy are not in unlimited supply.

When fortune calls, offer her cake

When you look at the gaps or areas that strike you as needing attention is there something that you can do right now to clear the decks to make way for what may come up as the thing that you most want to manifest. Remember we are just tickling your mental buds at the moment, and there is more to come.

Action it: Explore in your journal about what you want and where you find yourself. The ask – what next?

Join me for 8 weeks of Manifesting Magic – it’s a course, a program, a circle and most of all it’s a safe space to explore who you want to become on the way to getting what you want. And you will be inspired to be your best self.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.