December 6, 2018
December 6, 2018

Having a blog is a wonderful way to build your brand, show off your knowledge, skills and experience and write a book. But before you jump in pen first let’s think about a few ways to be prepared.

You have an idea that one-day you’d like to write a book. You have heard that blogging is a cool way to share your content and find out what your readers really want and you will get feedback from the comments made.

So far, so good.

I’ve talked about doing a knowledge audit to find out what you have, where to find it and where the gaps may be.

But what if after doing that you find that the book you want to write is not covered sufficiently well from your existing blogs? Well, that’s ok, create a plan and think about some of these points. In fact think about these even if you think you have the ‘right’ content.

Focus on what you want to be known for

Now is the time to review who you are and what you want to be known for so that the book you write or blog is focused on that. It takes time to be seen as an expert. So this is the perfect time to get clear before you write or repurpose 1000’s of words.

Focus on the content that you want to share

When you have an outline and chapter framework you will be able to make a list of potential blogs that you want to write or may already have. Next, consider how you want to make the blogs flow – in order of the chapters or more randomly but within a framework so that no one guesses that you are blogging your book. Consider other things you want to link to or events that perhaps you want to speak at. Always blog with a purpose.

For example, when I blogged Healing Osteoporosis Naturally, I did the 30 day blogging challenge. My purpose was to get lots of content out for the book and to test so that it made sense to me and my ideal reader. I also did it in what was the order of the chapters. However, during the editing stage, lots has changed, which is great because I now have other content to blog when I approach launch.

Making blogging and writing a habit

One way to do this is to kick it off is with a blogging challenge. You can join me using this link and coupon code MG2018BBC – you’ll save £1. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only one pound. The content you get is brilliant and worth much more in terms of supporting your blogging habit.

Once you have done 30 straight days, you’ll have approx. 30,000 words. That’s a lot of content ready for you to edit. Plus you will be used to writing each day, which is vital if you are going to get this book published. Later you can consider blogging perhaps three times a week.

Write don’t edit

Focus and write, get your blogs out and consider the feedback that you will get, it will help you to shape the final outline and content.

Blogging your book is a fast way to lots of content while building your brand, but the magic is always in the editing.

As Sarah, who has blogged many books says “the blog is the perfect place to create first and second drafts, but the final draft is what becomes the book and that’s not what’s on the blog”

Work out what your writing process is

After I have outlined my book, I start by mapping out what I think I want to write about using a ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what if’ framework (more on that in another blog). I look at keywords, key messages and concepts, calls to action and I consider how it fits together and flows. Then its write, write, write! Followed by periods of editing and more writing. Followed by remapping and reflecting.

I am not linear in the way that I work and I have to force myself to keep coming back to my plan and refocusing. I am extremely good at writing too much and equally good at being brutal in the editing stage.

I very much like fresh new and exciting and have to find ways to bring that into my writing process, otherwise I will go off-piste and not focus on what I want to achieve.

Look at your process: –

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?
  • What can be adapted?
  • In a perfect world, how would you write or blog your book?
  • What is your process?
  • How can you make your writing process work for you?

Deliver value

If the book you are writing comes with worksheets, then by all means give them away with your blogs in return for a share on social media, or ask your reader to sign up to get them.  

Better still create a small e-book or quiz that helps your reader to get an idea of what it would be like to work with you. I always create an e-book as it helps me with the book flow – sort of like a book synopsis. (You will find an ebook at the bottom of this blog and a 7 day plan your book challenge at the top)

Answer questions, share how-tos and engage at every opportunity.

In case you are worried about giving things away, remember that you are not giving your IP away you are delivering extra value and your readers will love getting to know you through these. You can see how well these work for your ideal reader. Plus you will get much needed clarity.

One of the reasons people who read your blog will buy your book is because they want your wisdom and content neatly packaged in a way that they can easily consume – that is valuable.

Share you content widely so that people are prepared for your book

Marketing your book can never start too soon. Make sure you share your content and ask others to comment and share, so that you start to build a reputation, as you are blogging. Also worth pointing out is making it easy for others to share. There are lots of tools, try them and see what works for you.

Writing a book or even blogging a book is about being prepared, have a plan, create the outline, chapter framework, write, share, edit and edit some more. Make sure you think about what you want to be known for and start marketing straight away.

Be prepared to enjoy blogging your book

This is an important part. Enjoy the process. When I do 30 straight days I usually grab my computer first thing in the morning, connect to my muse and write. After walking the doggies I come back to edit, add in videos or worksheets. Then I switch to posting and sharing across different platforms. Plus I love reading other bloggers work who are taking part in the challenge.

Being a part of a team all committing to a blog a day is very fulfilling.

Fancy blogging your book? 

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