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Love To Journal: Gratitude : Roots and Foundations

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  • Love To Journal - Creativity and your inner child
  • Love To Journal - This is me
  • Love To Journal - Communicating who I am
  • Love to Journal - Intuition
  • Love To Journal - Connection and consciousness

Love To Journal - Journaling Prompts

Letting Go | Flow | Balance | Harmony


Simplicity | Smiling | Friendship | Kindness

Abundance | Prosperity | Confidence | Impact


Meet the artists - Deb Burrows

Deb Burrows

I feel truly blessed to know Deb. She is an incredible artist and has gifted me the use of her paintings for my journaling books above. When you buy a book to share your heart in, you also now own a piece of Debs heART.

"Each of my paintings start with a basic sketch and plan. As the creative process develops I allow the piece to show itself and breathe its own life. Being so connected with the subject of the painting aids the evolution of the spirit and mood of each artwork I produce.

The whole process of making art for me is like the natural growth and rhythm of the landscapes I portray – it starts with a seed and flourishes at its own pace, giving rise to depth, vibrancy and texture.  

It is my desire that each painting will evoke a positive emotion and calm energy for the viewer, so that they may also benefit from the peace, tranquility and joy I experienced which inspired me to paint."

You can find Deb here. Be sure to connect with her and ask how you can own one of her paintings.