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101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #6

It’s day six of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

My day six quote made me smile this morning because it’s day two of self-injecting B12.

On Friday evening I received my blood test results and there was a lot to take in as we are monitoring a few things. Nothing serious or at least not to me. I believe that the body can heal if given the right ingredients.

So far I have healed a number of things naturally and continue to believe that this is the way to go. This does not mean that I would refuse other treatment, more that I want to go with natural first. For me, this means bringing harmony and balance to my body and life.

On Saturday before I dared to inject, I sobbed my heart out. I had my results, but no answers and only chaos.

Normally I love a bit of chaos because it means that clarity will soon follow. Yet here I was believing that nothing was going in the right direction.

I’d asked questions in various forums and was left wishing that someone had comforted me and pointed me in the right direction instead of their ego belittling me. Or at least it felt that way.

After a walk, I womaned up and stuck the needle in, chanting my body lovingly accepts this B12, it is nourishing me at a cellular level. I then sat with the dogs waiting… Waiting for what I do not know, but I was waiting.

When we do not dare, it is not because it is difficult, it’s because we do not believe that we can

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

I am reminded of all of the things we don’t do because we do not dare to believe that it is possible.

My big one is that novel… You know the one I want to write. Yes, that one. But here’s the thing it’s happening. I’ve stopped putting things in the way.

Do you find that sometimes you put things in your way?

I do, sometimes and then I find myself making excuses about why I can’t do something.

It is the realisation of my can’t do thoughts that trigger me into action. Instead of holding onto the emotion, I dare myself to do something different. It always makes a difference to my day.

Today I am

Today I am daring, and I take good action.

What have you been putting off? Consider your language around the thing and start to reframe. Instead of saying why you can’t, look at the different options and dare yourself to do one.

You only need to take one step and then another and before you know it, you will have done that thing.

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101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #5

It’s day five of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

My day five quote reminds me that being prepared does create opportunity. Though this morning I’m feeling very unprepared as I normally work on Sundays and yesterday I declared Sunday’s to be writing days.

I spent the whole day, apart from doggie walks editing my book Manifesting Magic and I was brutal… The truth is I was already prepared to take lots out and make it more concise and add more stories. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I awoke this morning feeling a bit panic struck, I am not prepared I said to myself. Hold your horses replied my higher and much wiser self, of course you are, you are doing your preparing on Monday’s now… Thank goodness someone knows what they are doing.

The blackboard is empty and waiting for the first chalky strokes.

  • Email to my community
  • Course intro/outro videos
  • Read a clients chapter
  • Get the writing lounge ready (it launches 1st July)
  • Self-love journal for the journaling Club
  • Sort out times and dates for a monthly Q&A and mastermind for The Soul Writers Academy
  • Start recording the video marketing course

It seems to me that I already know what I have to prepare… Well of course I do, most of it is in my planner – doh!!!

So that’s me sorted then.

Preparation creates luck and opportunity

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

There is another saying, isn’t there about the more prepared I am, the luckier I get. I start each month reviewing where I am and what I have achieved. I prepare what needs to be done and do what I can. When I go to the doctors, I check my files and prepare what I want to review so that it is easier to formulate a plan. When I visit the town hall, I prepare everything so that they do not have to fuss with things like photocopying. When I go for a doggie walk, I fill my pockets with poo bags and treats. You get the idea.

This morning I found a magical glass of water with lemon, prepared last night. My breakfast seeds and nuts are soaking ready for a post walk breakfast.

It seems to me I am ready for Monday.

And before you think I am over prepared, I have left gaps for walks and cogitating, breaks for tea and cake and tickles with the dogs. It is in these moments that other ideas and clarity comes to me. These are my special moments.

Today I am

Today I am prepared for what is ahead.

  • What things do you have on the horizon and how prepared are you for them?
  • What can you do today so that tomorrow feels like a luckier day?
  • What about the things that you are not prepared for?
  • Make a note of what comes up and consider what needs to be done to get the stuck energy around them moving.

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101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #4

It’s day four of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

For as long as I can remember I have been reading. These days I am no longer lost in Enid Blytons world of adventures with the Secret Seven or The Famous Five. Today I read or listen to more spiritual and personal development books.

I love to learn and so I seek out books that I need in the moment. Today I started to listen to Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette. Her style is easy and her stories engaging.

While I was walking I found myself nodding and agreeing and I already know that I will be doing all of the exercises and I’ll learn how to connect with my guides in a more natural and intuitive way.

I’m excited. Books should light you up. Books should inspire you and delight you. At least that’s what I want from them.

So often I have tried to read a book which has been full of promise only to find that I am not engaged.

What is delightful about Sonia’s books is that you can hear her wonderful personality in them and she is so funny. At least I am amused by her tales of derring-do. I feel that I am in her lounge and we are having a girly chat,

My day four quote resonates powerfully with me. I believe that if I didn’t read I would have missed out on some powerful learning.

I am so grateful for everyone who puts faith in their words and publishes so that we can enjoy their wisdom and be inspired to become our best selves.

Books and stories have the power to change the world. Every book I read, whether I dip in or devour to the end has a message for me. What I also learn from books is not only how to be a better human but how to be a better writer.

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

Knowledge is power, keep reading and learning

Do you read every day? You might read blogs or books; it doesn’t really matter as long as reading is a part of your life.

You can learn a lot about you and life. I read a lot of non-fiction and keep a journal by my side to reflect on the text or questions posed.

I also glean a life lesson from non-fiction. At the end of a piece of fiction and pause – what did I learn from the protagonist’s adventure?

Today I am

Today I am knowledge.

Contemplate on what knowledge the last thing you read gave to you. What will you do with that knowledge? Knowledge, especially self knowledge is freedom, how free to you feel when you let go or use your knowledge wisely?

When I think about Ask Your Guides, I know that this will help me to live a more spirit led life. Already with just chapter one under my belt, I feel open and excited about making more spiritual connections. The first chapter fills me full of confidence that miracles are about to happen, which will soon become every day things.

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101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #3

It’s day three of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

I adore this day three quote because it’s when I go into chaos I know the good stuff is coming.

Yesterday I was working on my vision, mission and brand values and for some reason I was going around and around in circles. It probably didn’t help that I woke up in the early hours and was unable to get back to sleep.

However, this morning clarity started to creep in gently like the early morning sun sneaking through the shutters.

What I find works for me is to get it all out, to explore and be curious. And once I have got it all out to let it go and wait for the connections and aha’s.

Chaos is the beginning of wisdom

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

So, what about you? Are you curious and open or have you lost your curiosity? Maybe you haven’t, and maybe you have.

I notice that often when in the depths of despair, the mind clouds, and it seems that there is no way out of the grunge.

In these moments, breathe, go for a walk, journal and most importantly open your mind to the curiosities that come.

Today I am

Today I am open and curious.

Stop for a moment, and consider what is bugging you. Breathe into it. Write one word, any word that comes up and around it five more and then journal on what comes up for you.

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101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #2

It’s day two of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

Sometimes, like today, I am finding it hard to focus on the now. The reason is, as I write this my mum is going on her own to the clinic to have her annual osteoporosis infusion.

As someone who healed their bones naturally, I see this as mum filling her body with poison, but and this is important, I completely respect her decision.

I have however told her off. Can you imagine that, a daughter telling their mum off for getting medical treatment.

But there is a good reason. The poison makes mum feel ill for a while after. And right now she is in the vulnerable category and I would rather she didn’t go in a taxi to the hospital.

However, she has chosen to go and I am already future projecting. Try as I might I want to focus on the now, but I am already there in spirit with a mum who is not well.

So, while last year, I took a week off to cook, run around and entertain her, with the current lockdown rules I am not allowed to drive to her.

My day two quote is so apt for today. I do have to remember this.

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

There is only ever the present moment

It is easy to stay trapped in the past and in a circle of endless life roundabouts by worrying about the future. It’s not always easy focusing on the present. If you can, you will become more grounded and balanced, which will lead to inner peace and harmony.

Normally I can. Today I am breathing through this. I’ll find out over the next few days how she manages by herself. All I can do is repeat my affirmation and wait to hear.

One thing is for certain, I know where I get my stubborn streak from – thanks mum.

Today I am

Today I am focusing on the now.

Write in your journal about where you find yourself right now. Look around, put a stake in the ground and view your life. What three things are you grateful for?

I am grateful that I can stay in touch with my mum because of amazing technology

I am grateful that mum has friends who will come and shop for her over the next week. She hasn’t told the one special friend yet about the infusion, because she says being told off by me is bad enough… Regardless, I am happy that once she confesses she will get help

I am grateful strangely that my mum feels safer having the infusion rather than not. This positive attitude will help her to assimilate it

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101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #1

It’s day one of positive affirmations to see you through the day.

We are moving into what is called phase 1 where I live which means we can move around our region, but not inter region. Some businesses will open as will some bars.

I’m remaining at home with the dogs. My choice. I feel like I need more time away from the madness and while I do not know the truth, I choose to consciously control how I feel and what I do.

I’m lucky two people have offered to do my shopping today, which will tide me over to Thursday when I have planned to don mask and gloves and set out for essentials.

Early this morning, I awoke from a disconcerting dream. My bladder wouldn’t let me ponder the dream. That’s something I do find hard to control.

I sat wondering what the day will bring and what I have to accept that I cannot change or control. What do I need to let go of? What can I just let flow?

I certainly can’t change the past and why would I? It’s what brought me here and made me who and what I am.

Every twist and turn in the road was meant to be and even the really awful stuff has given me a gift.

Yet, here in my present moment there I things I want to change. I want to go and meet my friends for cake and tea and to sit by the sea – but not yet. Currently, I cannot control worldwide events and actually I may never be able to control worldwide events.

What I can do is to let go, tune into my heart and let my wisdom lead the way.

Nothing as they say is forever. This too will pass.

What I get from this despite my discombobulation is a feeling of peace that comes from letting the feelings come, observing and letting them go.

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day – Day #1

My day one quote reminds me that the heart knows best.

101 Positive Affirmations To See You Through The Day

When I let go of what I cannot control and make conscious heart-led decisions my wisdom leads the way

There are many things that you simply can’t change. The past, for example, is long gone. We cannot undo things that happened and the choices that we have made, but we can change how we feel about them and the lessons learned. We can also make conscious decisions about the things presented to us now.

My positive affirmation for today reminds me to make conscious decisions.

Today I am

Today I can distinguish between what I can control and what I can’t, and I make conscious decisions.

Today let go and ask what can you say yes to instead?

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How will 101 days of journaling help you to write a book?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to write. I adore journaling to get to the heart of who I am and what is going on. Journaling always kickstarts my desire to write a book. And when I am writing a book, I will often blog the content. Heaven on earth would be the perfect writing space and plenty of time to create everything I wanted to.

I believe that writing heals. That it can change lives, especially ours.

Whenever I have wanted to sort something out, the first place I go is within and write whatever wanted to be revealed. Usually, random journaling leads to aha’s, but rarely a book. When I journal with purpose a book often comes to me.

101 days came about approximately four years ago. I had recently left an unpleasant relationship. One evening I had opened his computer and discovered the truth of who he was and what he had been doing for our entire relationship. One morning six weeks later, after yet another horrible dream, I knew that it was time to leave. I packed up the motor home, put in my two doggies and drove to a run-down old house that I owned in Spain.

When I arrived…

When I arrived, I knew that I needed to focus on my first 100 days, and I added 1 on for good measure. The first 100 days of a leader’s life (to quote my Executive Coaching days) are critical. It seemed to me, that these were also critical days, and if I was going to live and work here successfully, I’d better focus on what I wanted and moving forward.

Journaling had saved my life before, so I figured it would save it again. But this time I wanted more from it.

To be honest it was difficult. At the same time of writing I did a daily video. Watching the rawness of the betrayal unravel was at times ugly, but also cathartic.

It helped me to keep to going forward. 

Write a book and create a course

Rude awakenings

Later I wrote a book – Rude Awakenings – A journey to self-love. I didn’t want to publish, although I have the proof copy. I’m forever grateful for my 101 days journal and the healing writing experience. I was looking at the book recently and knew that there would be a time to publish, I’m just not sure when. Not what you expect to hear from a coach, but I believe that its initial purpose has been served and until I am ready to use it wisely it must stay as a proof book.

What book could you write?

When you look back at your 101 days is there a book in there? In this case I wrote the book after the 101 days. It was in the reflection that I found I needed to change my perception of the story.

Could you create a course?

While I was writing the book, I developed a process for creating more self-love in my life. I turned that content into a course (Journey to self-love) which I took as I developed it. I find creating courses in this practical way also irons out any wrinkles – well as much as you can.

The puppy with no name

Inspiration also came in the form of another book called The puppy with no name. It’s my story told through the eyes of a puppy I found one Sunday evening while out walking. Angel (the dog) was a messenger, or at least it felt that way. She was very naughty and I could just imagine her antics as I wrote. This too was a cathartic book but in a different way. With this book, I wrote more creatively. To date, the last chapter needs writing and then I can edit and publish. I would love this book to come to life.

This kind of book is what I call creative life writing and it is so much fun. Start with a short story.

What was also deeply cathartic was destroying videos and journal. I watched that part of my life go up in cleansing flames. I do love a good journal burning ceremony, don’t you?

Fast forward 2018…

Fast forward to January 2018, and in the first few days of this new year I gained 4 new book clients, and I was, as you can imagine delighted. By the end of January, my spine had fractured. I was unable to breathe and walk properly, and I was in intense pain. After a week of staring at the ceiling, I dragged myself out of bed to find a journal I had been saving for a special occasion. This was indeed a special occasion; my life depended on my recovery.

I was lucky friends helped me and the dogs went into the kennels which made life easier, but very lonely. I made myself get up to cook and get cups of tea, but it was hard. After 11 days I couldn’t bear not having my dogs with me, and they returned from the kennels and joined me on the bed as I wrote.

I learned from an unsympathetic and unlistening specialist that I had osteoporosis. She gave me a prescription and told me to go to the gym. I cried in her surgery and I cried in the street. However, I discovered a deep wisdom that said I could heal this naturally. 

To be fair I am pretty bloody minded and focused.

Over 2018, I devoured books, blogs and research papers looking for answers. I wanted to know the root cause and treat that. It wasn’t easy, and I did have some other complications. But I knew these were temporary and that if I carried on writing, I would get through this.

Write a book as you heal

Healing Osteoporosis Naturally

As I healed, I wrote a book – Healing Osteoporosis Naturally. It’s currently in edit and again I do not want to publish it yet. It’s a book of my story and the methodology I used to find my root cause. It covers journaling (of course), nutrition and shares lots of information about osteoporosis and most importantly where to get good quality support. It provides a process for the newly diagnosed to follow.

What is curious is the approach I took to this book. Rather than know all of the answers because I had completed the journey, as I learned something new, I pieced the answers together. I share my story in real time and then as I gleaned something from research I was able to add that in.

This way of writing is ‘interesting’, but what it does is maintains your focus on your healing and takes your mind off (in my case) the pain. Instead I got brain ache…

Writing saved my life again

When I could, I started working again, going through old plans and content and bringing things up to date when I had the energy. It felt incredible to be a part of life and having a ‘purpose’ again, but I soon realised I could not maintain the long days of old.

I found simplicity, decluttered and I trusted that all would be well. I also knew that like 2014, which at the time was life changing, 2018 had been the biggest period of personal growth I have ever experienced. While it hurt and I am still in some pain, I am celebrating finding me.

Another book and course

I needed a break from the osteoporosis ‘stuff’ and decided to put the book now at 60,000 words (I have written much more and edited hard) on hold to focus on my business. To kickstart the ‘getting back on track’ I decided once again to write a book and a course. This time I created and took the course first while repurposing that content into a book, for later. That course is called Create a business you love. This helped me to cement what I know, realise what skills I had, reinforce that I was doing what I love and am good at, set goals and set a vision. Out of that I then went into planning mode.

101 days – journal and write a book #2

A voice said you need to do 101 days again. You need to go on a deep inner journey; you may have found you, but what about letting a bit more of the grunge go while focusing on what you want? What about your business, your goals, desires, intentions? What about your further healing? What about so many things?

In an instant, the contract was signed and a new journal placed by the side of my bed. 101 days of being me has once again emerged.

I know the next book I am writing and yes it is also a course. While I am an active part of 101 days, the content is already being shaped into a book, journal and course.

Then, while I was putting together this journaling adventure 101 days of being me, the idea of more Writing to Heal books emerged.

How can you use 101 days of journal to help you to write a book?

When you find yourself at the edge of the void, you can look down and let go free-falling into who knows where. Or you can look within to your divine inner wisdom where the answers to what you desire lie.

Writing in a journal with an intention to heal, grow or create change and find answers is a fantastic way to focus on what you want. Ask your heart to show you your book as you do this and it will be revealed.

What you have to do is trust, write, reflect and enjoy the process.

Join me on 101 days of being me journaling adventure. You can start anytime because when you find this, it will be the perfect time for you.