Love To Journal - Chakra Journaling Books

If you love journaling and working with the chakras, then you will love these...

Combining journaling, colouring in mandalas, affirmations, gratitude, and reflective writing with the healing power of the chakras will change your life.

Love To Journal - Journaling Through The Chakras

If you love journaling, then this is for you. One of the most powerful self-care steps you can take is to embrace the power of journaling magic. Writing in a journal will improve your self-love, mental health, ability to heal and bring you clarity, purpose and meaning.

Each book is split into the following areas:

  • Introduction to journaling
  • Mandalas
  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Journaling magic
  • Daily magic
  • Energy and your chakras
  • Greeting the month
  • Chakra journaling prompts
  • Reflections

Kickstart the month and greet your journal

Kick start your month by imagining your perfect day, setting goals and intentions, knowing where you are and what you want to create.

Introduce your other practices

Start using mandala for mindfulness, affirmations to focus your attention and gratitude to count your blessings and feel appreciation for your life. These practices will enable you to discover inner peace.

Chakra journaling prompts

The journaling section is split into key themes for each chakra with journaling prompts to enable you to bring your focus to these areas.

Prescription for

Once you have worked through your chakra journaling prompts, you are ready to follow the prescription for. This is a practice that enables you to carry on reaping the benefits of that chakra.


We end the month with reflective practice and get set up for the new month ahead.

Writing is incredibly healing. The very act of writing releases tension and allows your subconscious thoughts to flow. Then upon reflection, you begin to see sense, patterns, ways through your problems and onto to solutions, ideas and inspiration.

Combining journaling, mandalas, affirmations, gratitude, and reflective writing with the healing power of the chakras will change your life.

Kick-start your journaling practice today...

The journey to healing and inner peace starts here...

Here’s what people are saying about the books

Wow - Journaling magic got me thinking

It wasn't until I started my journal with these practices that I didn't know what I wanted. It took some time to to know what I wanted, but I got there in the end.

Journaling and the chakras is inspired!

This is such an incredible way to heal and to find what you want and who you are.

I was struggling with journaling and Dale made this soooo easy for me. Thank you!

Meet Dale

Dale Darley is a Coach, Writer, Author and who works with her clients to support them to manifest magic in their lives through the healing power of writing, journaling and energy work.

Her motto is write to heal and write to heal the world.

I am your friend and guide who walks with you as you write your way home with the power of journaling. 

I would like to invite you to step into all that you are, wish to become and want to express.

Together we will unleash your creativity, develop your self-love, find inner peace or whatever else is a part of your fully aligned and expressed life. 

Dale lives in the hills with her two rescues dogs - Marley Moo and Angel.

Dale heart
Dale write book

Love to journal - What else?

Why journal?

The main reason you are keeping a journal is that you want to be able to express freely and be able to say precisely what you want and through reflection seek to make meaning, change aspects of your life, and live in better harmony with yourself.

Your physical health improves

Your health is your wealth. This has been the driving force for my life. Journaling has proven time and again to help fight stress (and anxiety). Stress is one of the worst things for our health. It affects all aspects of our life, including our diet, sleep and mood.

You are better able to manage your emotions

Emotions are fundamental to human life, they are what keep us safe and help us to experience life. However, they are often poorly understood. A lot of research has gone into defining emotions, what they mean, how we experience the intensity of them and what they mean to us. 

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