December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020

No one is full of confidence all the time, and everyone has times of low self-esteem and low self-worth. It’s a bummer when it happens. One minute you are full of the joys of whatever season it is and the next wham!

And it’s a sneaky one…

This confidence review and circle exercise have been there to support me when I knew something was coming up. I used this yesterday with a client and I am waiting to hear how things went!

Let’s start with a confidence review

The lack of trust in our own abilities can be damaging to our potential, as it can stop us from doing the things that we are really capable of doing.

Grab your journal, a cuppa and some cake…

What does confidence mean to you?

Take this quick confidence review, it will, I promise, be quite revealing.  

Complete the following sentences:

CONFIDENCE to me means…

When I see someone who has LOW CONFIDENCE levels they:

  • Talk like
  • Use words like
  • Walk like
  • Their body language is

When I see someone who has HIGH CONFIDENCE levels they:

  • Talk like
  • Use words like
  • Walk like
  • Their body language is
  1. I want to specifically improve my confidence because…
  2. When it comes to my confidence I want to be able to…
  3. Having more confidence will mean…

My confident self:-

  • Talks like
  • Use words like
  • Walks like
  • My body language is
  • Thinks like

When other people see me, they see….

When faced with problems this person (your new confident self) thinks….

Now sit and visualise yourself with all of the new confident traits and abilities that you have.  Guess what you had them all the time, you just kept them hidden.

What’s in your circle of confidence?

This time we are going to create a tool that we can use anywhere…

Step one

  • Grab your journal
  • Bring to mind something that is coming up
  • Draw a big circle and into it write:-
  • All of the words that tell you that you are confident
  • All of the other resources that you need for what’s coming up
  • Reflect
  • And at the end
  • What do you learn?
  • What one action will you take to change how you feel?

Step two

  • Grab your journal with the circle in it for guidance
  • Draw an imaginary circle on the floor
  • Throw all the words you need into the circle
  • Step into the circle
  • Let the words wash over you
  • Really feel, sense and know that these are now a part of you

Step three

  • Next, you need a confidence boost
  • Throw your circle down and step into it

The beauty of this is that you can throw down a circle anywhere. So let’s say you have been called for an emergency meeting. One the way to the meeting throw down the circle walk into it as you head to the meeting and voila!

So simple, and yet so powerful…

If this resonates and you want to work with an intuitive coach who will help you to traverse the heady world of being human, clearing blocks on the way to knowing what you want and who you want to be with the magic of the chakras and journaling, please book a call.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.