Clarity Session

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How Can I help You?

What do you want to know about creating a transformational journal or self-help book? Use this session to brainstorm anything about your book.


Please note my diary is set up for normal working hours in Spain (CET).

If you cannot find a suitable time, please check

for time differences and suggest a suitable time. I will try to accommodate you.

Clarity Session – Your Personalised Inspiration Session

What to Expect:

  • A 121 session dedicated entirely to you, ensuring a deep, meaningful exploration of your unique situation and questions.
  • I will listen and guide you through how to solve what’s come up.
  • We’ll brainstorm in a way that inspires you to think outside the box. We’ll help you unlock new perspectives and fresh ideas.
  • Walk away with clear, actionable steps tailored to your specific goals and circumstances.
  • Enjoy a supportive and confidential environment where you can freely express and explore what’s on your mind.

Ideal For:

  • Counsellors, coaches, therapists, and healers who want to discover how a journal/self-help book can help them and their clients.


  • 60 minutes.


  • A clearer understanding of your issue, a burst of creative ideas, and a concrete plan to move forward with confidence.

How a Clarity Session Can Clear the Way

A clarity session is designed to cut through these barriers, providing you with the focused guidance you need to move forward.

Here’s how it works:

During the session, I will help you articulate your book’s purpose and vision. Narrowing down your core message gives you a clear direction that simplifies the writing process.

We’ll create a roadmap, and I’ll help you outline the structure of your book. With a clear roadmap, you can approach your writing in manageable chunks, making the task less overwhelming.

I’ll help you develop a realistic writing schedule that fits your busy life. Effective time management techniques ensure that you can make consistent progress.

Through personalised strategies, I’ll help you embrace the iterative nature of writing and editing. Learning to let go of perfection in the early drafts can significantly boost your progress.

By affirming your message’s value and providing constructive feedback, I’ll help you overcome self-doubt and feel more confident in your ability to share your story authentically.

The Flexibility of One-Off Clarity Sessions

One-off clarity sessions are ideal for people who prefer working independently but occasionally need a push in the right direction. Here’s why they might be perfect for you:

If you are naturally driven and like to work alone, a single clarity session can provide the necessary insights and tools to keep going without needing ongoing support.

For those who prefer to dip in and out of guidance as needed, one-off sessions offer the flexibility to seek help only when you hit a roadblock or need a burst of inspiration.

Each session is packed with actionable advice tailored to your specific needs at that moment, ensuring you get the most value in a short time.

Take the Next Step

Don’t let your book remain an unfulfilled dream. A clarity session can help you move forward, making the whole process smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you need a one-time boost or periodic guidance, these sessions are designed to meet you where you are and propel you towards your goal.