Conscious Women Tribe

What is The Conscious Women Tribe?

A safe, sacred haven

The Conscious Women Tribe is a safe, sacred haven for conscious, spiritually aligned women to be seen, heard and held. 

This is a space for you to heal your wounds and your stories and find a pathway home to your wild, your raw essence and be able to rewrite your story in a healthy way.

Sacred portal

This is a safe space where you can be you without masks or judgement.


There are groups where you can discuss healing, health, energy work, writing to heal and much much more...

Like minded people

Women like you with similar values and journies coming together to support each other is powerful.

why DID I set it up?

I’ve been there

It started with abuse at 10. Which flowed into being groomed in my teens, going wildly off the rails, low self-worth, hating myself, no boundaries, rubbish relationships and stuffed down emotions.

All of which ended up in physical manifestations - The worst being an overactive thyroid, shingles, osteoporosis and a fractured spine, candida, parasites and fatigue. 

I dived into the world of natural healing and worked through my layers, healing myself mentally, spititually and physically.

I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of MGUS which is allegedly incurable and so this condition I live with and use my skills to live my best life.

I see my role as a facillitator for guiding your healing journey and teaching you how to use your inner wisdom and intuition to heal.

Join The Waiting List

We kick off in September with a five day challenge

What will you get?

  • A safe space to connect, share, be seen, heard and held
  • Specialist groups (healing, writing, support)
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Quarterly networking
  • Weekly wisdom
  • Journal and writing prompts
  • Healing plan
  • Support if you are writing a healing book
  • Guest experts
  • Discounts off courses and mentoring

Your Groups

The groups are designed to give you specific spaces to connect with content and people that resonate with you

The Alchemy Of Healing

Create your best life and best health

Connect with your innate inner wisdom and intuition, so that you can reset, refocus and revitalise.

Soul Writers Lounge

Write to heal and write to heal the world

Full of journaling and writing prompts and support so that you can explore the inner you, get clarity and know what and where to go next.

Also lots of support for anyone writing a healing book.

I Need Support

For when you need some TLC and support

There are times when we all need to rant, cry and reach out for support. This is where you can do that.

Your Investment


Pay monthly and manage your payments