October 5


I know what a strange thing to say. Don’t write a book.

Writing a book is a fantastic experience. Though you may not feel that joy as you plan, write and edit it. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and downright annoyed with your lack of motivation and increased the ability to procrastinate.

No fear help is at hand. Consider these 3 things that you need to know, keep an open mind, change your mindset, smile, walk, breathe and remember if it was that easy, everyone would be writing a fabulous book. They are not, you are.

Your book, brand and business must be aligned

Books often fail to get written because your brand and business are not aligned with your book. Every business has a core message, and the book needs to echo that.

Business is about where you are and where you want to go. Brand is who you are and what you want to be known for. Your book is a vehicle for your message. It forms part of your delivery system.

Action: What is your core message? Is your business, brand and book aligned? If not why not, where is the disconnect?

Are you doing what you really want to?

Consider your business, are you doing what you love, are good at, which the world needs and you will get paid for?

Many people start to write a book only to find that it drags up ‘stuff’ that needs to be dealt with. This happens to successful people. Suddenly they see in putting pen to paper they have a different yearning.

This needs to be addressed first.

Action: Answer these four questions, am I doing what I love and am good at, what the world needs and what I can get paid for?

Create a business you love, build your brand and then write a book

Getting clarity about what you want means that the book that you write will be the right book. Remember the book is a vehicle. Out of the book you can create many other products, services and programs.

But if the book is created inside the wrong business, it will either never get written or will simply languish on your been there done that list.

Naturally you can do lots of brand building before you write your book, however, it would make sense to consider what you want to be known for as part of the planning process.

Action: Go back to basics and consider where you are, where have you come from (lots of skills, experience and knowledge to harness), who you are and what you want to be known for. Will your book support your business and brand?

If writing a book is something that you would love to do, but you are not sure about starting it now as you feel ‘stuck’ in other areas of your business, book in for a sounding board session. This is designed to support you with ideas, issues, clarity and a way forward.


Build a brand, write a book

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