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About This eBook

Did this year start with a high level of enthusiasm for your book?

Has that waned? Perhaps other priorities have taken over?

Maybe you are stuck?

  • Which book of your many ideas ‘should’ you write?
  • The outline which started well has fizzled…
  • You’ve written a few chapters and are now feeling unsure of where it’s going

I 'get' that feeling disheartened about a book project. As a writer, I often start with great gusto, then find my heart isn’t in it.

When that happens, it’s sometimes not the right book. It could be the right book – just not right now.

Sometimes I just need to take time out or go back through the outline – and then it all makes sense.

Often I need to write (and write and write), put it aside and then come back to it. If it’s not for the book, it usually can go in a blog – nothing is ever wasted.

But sometimes what you need to do is go back and ask some good questions.

This e-book has loads of questions - one of them could be the one, that gets you back on track.

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