Empowering women with the power of your book
Empowering women with the power of your book

Empowering women with the power of your book

It’s not far away, or at least the calendar tells me, 57, (it’s the new 37) is just a few months away and for the first time, truthfully ever, I feel dissociated with age. More I feel I am in a skin housing a spirit whose flame has been ignited and she is ready to inspire and empower others to get off their ass and write their personal stories. As well as following my own writing dreams, but more on them another day.

I often wonder in this age of empowering women, why more are not writing about their experiences. Before my fingers leave that sentence I know why. It’s something I have done. Having already written six books I can easily tell you what I have been hiding behind.


Fear of letting you see me, all of me, my vulnerability and the shit I have been through and going through.

It hasn’t been pretty, and while I like to think that I am outgoing and wear my heart on my sleeve, there is a deeper part of me that still fears the reaper.

People judge. As a young woman, I built an ice cage around me. No one was coming in, I’d already been wounded by those around who were in positions of trust. So what you saw was a happy smiling face, because I learned early on that smiling changed how I felt and how others reacted to me.

The trouble is at some point and especially with our spiritual global meltdown, the ice has to turn to water and the emotions must flow. Otherwise, you remain locked, and probably in some other kind of prison.

Life is not meant for incarceration. It is meant to bring us gifts along with the challenges. We are meant to be free.

Empowering women and the EVE-olution of the divine feminine is genuinely something I am witnessing. Ok maybe the global stage is struggling and there are many who poo poo women’s empowerment. Not everyone has to stand in the same corner and that’s ok. But in my world, there are women who, like me, have tasted the shitty side of life and are blowing fresh flowers into the face of the critics.

Empowering women to be and to evolve, to expand and transform is a job for a community and we have communities and circles. We have sisterhood, far beyond what I could have ever imagined in my early years. Growing with some very special women has far exceeded anything I could have imagined when I was growing up (and being a tearaway). Sisters who have your back. Sisters who rock.

What I see is more and more embracing storytelling and being supportive and I am delighted. What I’d love to see is those stories in books so that they can inspire others.

There must be other women with life-changing stories, who for some reason have not yet tested the power of their pen. Who want to expand beyond their fear and just do it. Pressing publish and getting back to wondering what goes with eye of toad for tea…

My stories began in my head when I was a child dancing around outside looking like some weird hippy. Getting lost in books and adventures was away to escape life. In my dreams, I was a writer. In my dreams, I could fly.

Things didn’t go to plan – they never do, do they? Life got in the way of my dreams. Instead, I was expelled at 16, and learning the hard way. But hey, that’s life.

How many women in the ‘fifty something‘ bracket have had a lifetime of lessons that could be poured into a book? Imagine if we wise crones could change our world and that of others?

The possibilities for empowering woman are outstanding. We may be sagging a bit, have a few laughter lines, but we are smart, sassy, sexy and have powerful stories to share.

We have a responsibility to empower women through our life experiences a book is a wonderful way to reach their hearts.


101 days of being me

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