March 2, 2020
March 2, 2020

To become a master manifestor, my belief is, that we must learn how to tune into our divine inner wisdom, our chakras, understand the energies within, and around us and use our energy to remain balanced and in harmony. To also, ask good conscious questions so that we gain knowledge and create understanding.

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it. Elizabeth A. Behnke

Blimey what is a chakra?

I thought you’d never ask.

In Sanskrit, chakra means wheel so you could imagine them to be spinning wheels or vortexes of energy. Just as you have memories stored in your brain, your chakras are mini data centres where everything that has happened to you is stored. Each centre houses specific experiences. How cool is that to have your own mini you library stored in areas of your body?

Just as we have a physical body, chakras can be likened to our spiritual (or energetic) body. Each chakra is associated with a different set of organs and systems. They are also connected to the endocrine and nervous system. Each one acts like a window to the soul and will feed information back to you about the state of your health. They contain our life and body codes.

The health and energetic vibration of each chakra is influenced by the energies that surround you and the energy you project from your thoughts and feelings. This shows up in how you feel and experience life.

Oke dokes and how many are there?

I remember hearing from one of my early teachers that there are 72000 nadis and 114 chakras. Nadis are the energy pathways, and the chakras are energy points in our bodies in and out of which energy flows.

Before you start to panic and think that you have to learn about all 114, be assured that you only need to work on just 7, which are the major chakra’s that most people know about. These chakras run along a central channel as you can see in the picture above.

Each chakra has a colour that resonates with a specific frequency on the colour spectrum. If you know the colours of the rainbow, you will know the colours of the chakras:

  • Root – Red
  • Sacral – Orange
  • Solar plexus – Yellow
  • Heart – Green
  • Throat – Blue
  • Third eye (Brow) – Indigo
  • Crown – Violet (white/gold)

Remember in school you were taught a little ditty to remember the colours of the spectrum? Well, you are in for a treat, say after me… Richard Of York, Gave Battle In Vain…

Because light affects every living cell, the colours of the chakra system affect us emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Because of this, we use colour frequencies to balance and rejuvenate our chakras.

However, although these are the colours that we commonly use, you may find as you connect to your chakras and meditate on them another colour will appear. That is the colour that will bring healing right now.

The important thing is to not be wed to what the colour should be, simply trust that the colour that you see, or sense is your colour. When I am healing or balancing my chakras, I’ll start with the traditional colour and then allow whatever needs to come to be shown to me.

An overview of your chakras

1. Root chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine at the tailbone in back, and the pubic bone in front. The root chakra is about our basic needs for survival, security, safety, money and finances. We also think about our physical health and well-being. This is where you will want to create a home, not only to live in but your home on Earth.

It also governs past life issues and relationships with your family. In terms of developing as a child, this is when you learnt about belonging and family connection. When we think of the root chakra, we think of grounding and connecting with Mother Earth. Which is where we get the beautifully vibrant, abundant earth colours of red, brown and black. This chakra supports the upward flow of energy from Mother Earth.

When this chakra is balanced, you will feel safe and secure in yourself and have great foundations to manifest what you want in life. Colour red. Element earth. The right to be here.

2. Sacral or navel chakra

This chakra is located two inches below the navel and is rooted in the spine. This is about your basic needs around sexuality, creativity, passion, intuition, and self-worth. This chakra is the first of the emotional chakras. It governs your sense of self-esteem and confidence in your creativity.

When I think of this chakra, I also think of play and joy, this is where my inner child has the most fun. At this, chakra think about emotions and feelings and your right to feel. When this chakra is in balance, it is easier to be in touch with your emotions and to more fully express your feelings in the world. Colour yellow. Element water. The right to feel.

3. Solar plexus chakra

This chakra is located two inches below the breastbone behind the stomach, near your belly button. This chakra is about personal power, ego, personal boundaries, personal leadership, intention, self-control, self-esteem, and confidence. Remember when as a child or young person, you wanted to express your individuality and how that might have felt, this is where you first experienced exerting your will and the right to be you.

As your centre of personal power, self-image and self-esteem, this is a beautiful space to allow the warrior or goddess inside of you to shine. At this chakra, you are called to listen to your intuition rather than listening to outside voices and using your will to achieve what you desire. It’s also about taking responsibility for choosing how you want to live your life.

When this chakra is balanced you feel confident in who you are, assertive and motivated. Colour orange. Element fire. The right to act.

4. Heart chakra

This chakra is located behind the breastbone in front and on the spine between the shoulder blades in back. This chakra is about love, self-love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, generosity, empathy, kindness and connections to other’s hearts. When the heart chakra is healthy, you feel the love flowing through your life, you will think about how you give and receive love. You feel sincere gratitude and appreciation for your divine inner wisdom. This is the centre of love and is connected to your relationships with family, lovers, friends, and animals. When you feel on the same wavelength with someone, it is because you have a heart connection. When this chakra is balanced you feel open, kind, receptive, giving, forgiving, accepting, and connected in a loving way to both yourself and other people. Colours green or pink. Element air. The right to love and be loved.

5. Throat chakra

This is located in the V of the collarbone at your lower neck. The throat chakra is how you communicate. A lot of personal transformation can occur here when you finally learn to speak your truth and follow your dreams. It is from here you can communicate and express your divine inner wisdom. You will find yourself being sensitive to the power of words, think about how you speak to yourself and others. It also influences your ability to actively listen to and hear others, which is how you create your foundation for understanding. Colour blue.

When this chakra is balanced you will be able to express yourself well, communicate clearly and listen to your inner voice as well as others. Element ether. The right to speak and hear the truth.

6. Third eye chakra

This is located above the physical eyes on the centre of the forehead. Your third eye chakra is about seeing differently, thinking, reasoning, perception, imagination, dreaming, your psychic ability, and higher intuition. Here you will receive guidance which can be corroborated with your gut feelings at the sacral. This chakra acts as our guiding light in life, giving us the ability to see solutions, be objective, and clear-headed. It is here that we bridge left and right-brained thinking and get our most significant insights. When this is balanced you will have clarity of vision and thought, you are imaginative and intuitive, possess great insight and feel connected to you spirituality. Colour indigo. Element light. The right to see.

7. Crown chakra

This is located just behind the top of your skull. This is your connection to your highest spiritual consciousness, the divine and expanded personal expression. The crown chakra focuses your attention on the spiritual side of life. The chakra gives you access to the divine. Remember that the first chakra connects you to Mother Earth, this chakra connects you to the divine and when they are connected to each other create a universal pathway that supports mind, body, soul and spirit. Colour violet.

When this chakra is balanced you feel connected to Universal consciousness, your higher self and can see the bigger picture. Element consciousness. The right to know.

Why is it important to know about the chakras?

In simple terms, the Chakra System is an incredible diagnostic and self-help tool. For our bodies to function optimally, all of our 7 chakras need to be balanced. This means that your vital energy is flowing smoothly through your body. If one of the energy centres is not functioning at it’s best, then the others won’t function as well as they should. Some of them can be overactive and some of them can be underactive, just as say your thyroid might be one or the other. This is something you will pick up over time as you work with them. It is better to learn your energy patterns than rely on what others say – although it is useful to read up about each of these as a guide.

The body never lies. Martha Graham

I believe that the more you understand the principals of the Chakras, the more you will be able to self-diagnose imbalances and be able to take the necessary action for realignment on your own. You may find it difficult to keep them balanced as you rush around and forget to take time out to do some simple daily balancing. It’s like remembering to drink water, the more you do it, the better you will feel.

By learning about and tuning in with the seven major chakras, you can become more aware of the natural energy cycles of your body. Which has to be a good thing.

Why are the chakras important to manifesting magic?

If the chakras and our energy system are not balanced and aligned we may find that things stand in our way of our ability to manifest. These could show up as frustrations resulting in emotional stand offs, which is not helpful to anyone.

If the chakras and our energy system are not balanced and aligned, we may find that things stand in the way of our ability to manifest. These could show up as frustrations resulting in emotional standoffs, which is not helpful to anyone.

The more aligned you and better able to manage your energy,
the more likely you will be able to manifest some magic in your life.

Why are the chakras important to manifesting magic?

If the chakras and our energy system are not balanced and aligned we may find that things stand in our way of our ability to manifest. These could show up as frustrations resulting in emotional stand offs, which is not helpful to anyone.

The more aligned you and better able to managed your energy the more likely you will be able to manifest some magic in your life.

What’s next?

The first thing to do is to simply become aware of what the chakras are and where they are in your body. Place a hand on each in turn, breathe and tune it. What do you pick up? Don’t worry if nothing happens this all comes with time.

For now, tune in ask ‘what do you want me to know?’ who knows what will come up…

  • Rub your hands together quickly and generate some heat
  • Then send roots from your feet to Mother Earth
  • Breathe gently in and out through all of your chakras, out of the crown around your body, back to earth
  • Do three rounds of this
  • Then place your hands on either each chakra in turn or the ones you feel drawn to
  • Ask your conscious and open questions
  • Journal what comes up and look out for information coming to you during the day
  • Have fun!

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius

In this journal, we are focusing on our roots and foundations.

Root chakra

Find inner peace

  • Start the month by focusing on what you want to create
  • Every day start with an affirmation
  • Consider nine things that you are grateful for
  • And one thing that you want to bring into being
  • At the end of every week and the month reflect and consider how you want to move forward being your best self

Give it a try, see the results! Improve your health and well-being and discover a healthier and happier you!

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.