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EN:VISION is an online course which enables you to design a vision based on insight and clarity, so that 

your living vision board delivers results not only when you create it, but for years to come.

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You have the power to design your vision so that it creates purpose and meaning in your life

Lockdown and the pandemic have completely changed our lives. Now is the time to think ahead about how life should look like in the future. Are you ready to take action to achieve your goals for 2021 and beyond?

Right now I imagine that you know where you are and have some idea of where you want to go.

Are you ready to get really clear about what you want - your vision - and how to make it a reality?

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Turn your dreams and hearts desires into reality, create purpose and meaning in your life

Imagine having complete clarity around your vision

I lived someone else's life. I let them take my dreams and crush them. I lost sight of my vision.

Fast forward six years (yes...) I know what I want and what my brilliant vision is and who I want to help. I know what brings purpose and meaning to my life.

I want to inspire YOU to be an inspiration.

Let's get you back on track now.

Imagine knowing, your heart's desires, being clear about what you want to create, that you are in alignment and manifesting what you really want and need! Imagine removing old blocks and believing that what you want is possible.

Imagine creating a vision board that starts with clarity and insight, that then moves onto the create stage, followed by focus, action and feedback - makes more sense - right?


Letting other people crush my dreams only hurt me. It taught me to go after what I wanted and to do it my way.

Dale pointing right

Here’s what you will walk away with.


We will start with getting clear on what you want.

With this clarity you can create the future you want.


You will create a beautiful vision board that holds meaning and one that you are proud to display.


Where you focus your energy is where your attention flows.

We will use the power of visualisation, journaling, affirmations and gratitude to power up your vision.


Easy action plans to keep you on track.

And a workbook to help you do this...

Are you ready EN:VISION the life you desire?

Are you ready to realise your goals, hearts desires and goals?

Are you ready to reclaim your power, realise your potential and start living your brilliant vision?

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the Astonishing Light of your own Being!

What if your heart was a guide book to bringing your vision alive?

IMAGINE waking up knowing what you want and how to get it

Vision Board

Dream IT. Believe IT. Create IT. Live IT

The big secret to creating a vision board that works is simple.

You need clarity before you start and once you have created you need to focus your energy and emotions on how you want to feel once you have it. 

And finally, you need action and feedback.

You need to LIVE your vision board.

Your Questions

What do you want to know?


What goes on a vision board?

Things that inspire and motivate you

We will be breaking your vision board down into these seven key areas:-

  • You – hearts desires
  • Wealthy, healthy roots
  • Fun and creativity
  • Who you want to be
  • Communication and expression
  • Mission and vision
  • Spiritual

These align with your seven chakras or energy centres. By focusing on these you can ensure that all parts of you and your life are covered.

You will also add in your big dreams and all of that other stuff that you want,

Vision 3

How many steps are there?

There are 7 steps

I've split this into three parts are design, create and action. The seven steps are:

  • Insight
  • Clarity
  • Create
  • EN:Vision in the field of possibilities
  • Focus
  • Action
  • Feedback

This ensures that before you start you are CLEAR. When you CREATE your vision and vision board, you will have all of your keywords, images, affirmations, power statements and goals ready. Finally, you will know how to focus your energy, what ACTION to take and how to use feedback.

You will be manifesting magic!

Vision 2

How does this work?

You can join me on the online course - with weekly live Q&A calls (6)

The program is set out in seven modules - which you can take at your pace.

When you enrol you can begin with getting started and sorting out your resources.

ONE is your kick-start week and covers:


TWO covers:


THREE covers:


FOUR covers:


FIVE covers:


SIX covers:


SEVEN covers:

Plans and Feedback

The online course can be run in your own time and at your own pace.

It is supported by live Q&A calls each Tuesday 8pm CET / 7pm UK 

2020 - Tuesday 17th Nov - Tues 15th Dec

2021 - Tuesday 5th and 12th Jan

Round two for new enrolments begins on Jan 26th 2021

*All students have lifetime access to the course and live calls

This is for you, if

Vision 4
  • You are ready to make your next quarter or next year have purpose
  • You want a personal blue print for a better life
  • You you have been disappointed with your other vision boards and now want a process that helps you to both get clarity and know how to take aligned action
  • You are ready to upgrade your vision board and action plan
  • You are dissatisfied with working hard and not moving forward
  • You feel stuck, in chaos and overwhelm and want clarity
  • You want a visual and practical system for bringing your vision alive and staying on top of what you want to manifest

EN:VISION Creating A Living Vision Board Course


INSIGHT - Getting ready to adventure

Gaining insights from our life enables us to move forward. With this new perspective you will see you and the world in a new way. Insights are available in all areas of your life which enable you to create what you want from a place of wisdom.



Clarity, is one of the keys to living a life you love.  Being clear about what you really want in life can save you from chasing things that you think you should want. When you know what you want and why, you know how to navigate your life, when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to the many opportunities that come your way.



This is such fun. This is where you create your LIVING vision board. You can either create your vision board in a traditional way with pictures and words from magazines or you can use products like Canva and pictures that you have taken or royalty free ones and create the most delicious content containers.


Visioning your future is seeing in your minds eye what you want to happen. You need to see your vision as an something that has already happened. Envisioning is making your vision is real, as if you’ve already reached your goals and hearts desires.



Vision pulls you into your future. Where you focus your energy flows. Having a vision of yourself for the future will give you a sense of purpose where you know what is possible. When you visualise and connect emotions and feelings the world of opportunities will open for you. If you want to make your vision come true, you must be able to focus on it.



A vision without action is a bit of a waste of time. Here we will create simple action plans that let you know what you have to do and when. There’s no right or wrong way to format your plan, the most important thing is that you build one.



Don’t leave success to chance, create a list of metrics that you will use to measure your success.  Your goals, whatever is on your vision board, your focus and actions give you the plan - but plans need reviewing. With that feedback you can make changes and refine the way forward. Measure and celebrate.

EN:VISION Creating A Living Vision Board has been designed to provide you with a way to create a blueprint for success and a life that you will love.

It will give you a visual and practical system for bringing your vision alive and staying on top of what you want to manifest

It's about who you become while you journey with your inner teacher

Join Me And You Will Get:

  • Workbook and action plans
  • A group for the LIVE Q&A and support
  • 101% unconditional support and commitment
  • Masterclasses, Q&A, videos, workbooks and access to me
  • Journaling prompts, affirmations, and meditations 
  • More energy, focus, clarity, confidence and sense of direction 
  • Homework to do between sessions. Everyone loves homework, right?

Your Investment

  • Online course €297 (enrolment is open now and your first call is on 15th November)

Enrol Now

LIVE Q&A details

Q&A calls start on Tuesday 17th November at 7pm UK/8pm CET  


What else?

You need a journal and get ready to write. I'll give you a shopping list. For the LIVE Q&A's, we will meet weekly online, where I will deliver a short masterclass and lots of time for Q&A. Between sessions you will explore all of the things that show up and learn simple, yet powerful techniques to work through them.


A journal, coloured pens and an A3 scribbling pad
Images, glue, canvas
Canva account