Episode Four: This week lets embrace trust - Dale Darley

Episode Four: This week lets embrace trust

In this episode I talk about embracing trust

Do you have trust issues? Do you know what the roots of these are? Are they around certain things, kinds of people or situations?

Listen in this week as I discuss trust. Trust sits in the root chakra and is one of our first level foundational things that we need to work on to create strong foundations for living a life of joy.When we don’t trust we can slip into fear. We can become stressed as we anticipate what is going to happen and that eventually turns into anxiety.

  • Accept where you are.
  • You are now aware – this means you can create conscious changes
  • Be willing to test the waters – to learn and explore
  • Feel into the emotions and notice your behaviour – what do you learn?

Now think of all the times that trust worked for you – explore why? What do you learn? How can you embrace that again? See the challenge, lesson and gift. When you trust you, then you can trust others or more you will listen to your intuition and take good action based on that.

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Dale Darley

Personal Brand Strategist and Author. I want to inspire people to get connected to their hearts, know and do what they love. For those people to become an inspiration and show others what is possible in the world. Mum to three dogs and a family of swallows. Life without cake is a life unlived.