January 17, 2022
January 17, 2022

Full moons are fabulous for letting go. So this morning out came my journal, and I wrote:

  • I let go of…
  • I choose…
  • I forgive…

There was no hesitation in putting pen to paper. My words flowed. It’s curious how things come into your life to remind you of what needs to be dealt with.

Letting go this time around was more about what I was choosing, which I found curious. Often at a full moon, my focus is on what has to be let go of– as if these things are a bad odour. However, this morning, such love infused into what I was choosing instead.

You might want to let go of a bad outline and finding it hard to write, choose instead to just let your writing flow and edit later and forgive yourself for holding back on letting your words flow.

I wonder what you are feeling?

The full moon in Cancer is a time for acknowledging how you are feeling

The sign of Cancer is connected with the sacral chakra (the second major energy centre), which is about our right to feel. As I was writing this, one of my dogs, Marley Moo, nudged me so that I couldn’t write and snuggled her head into me. I want a cuddle mummy… Dogs can teach us so much. They don’t wait to feel their emotions. When they want to express how they feel, out, it comes. And who I am to deny a doggy love in?

I guess the question is, how are you feeling? I woke up after a mad night of vivid dreams to be reminded of swollen glands and a bit of a cough. However, I don’t feel particularly unwell, more fed up to miss my yoga class as my body reminds me I need to rest and recuperate. This is also the sacral telling me that I need to nourish myself and listen to what my body wants.

Breakfast has been eggs – my intuition said you need eggs today, and I already know I want soup – which is also nourishing. So another question for you is how often do you listen to your intuition when it tells you what your body needs?

Let’s get back to how you are feeling this full moon

One of the most delightful or sometimes not things about being human is how we experience emotions. This is another one of those vast areas where many brains have joined together to tell us how many we have, what they mean, how to deal with them and how they shape our reality. It’s fascinating stuff.

Emotions can be complicated or seem complicated. Some might feel intense, while others seem mild in comparison. You might feel conflicting emotions at any given time. But emotions can serve a purpose, even when they’re negative. Instead of trying to change the emotions you experience, consider how you react to or perceive them. It’s usually the reactions that create challenges, not the emotions themselves.

Stories and emotional energy

Let’s take sadness or joy. They will mean something to me and something entirely different (possibly) to you. For example, when I see something that hurts animals, I feel anger and sadness. Yet, to another person who perhaps is doing the hurting, feels something quite different. I will feel that they are inhumane, and they may feel that they are just doing a job. How can anyone absolutely create a definition of what each of the vast arrays of emotions means to each of us? Of course, we can label emotions with a word that creates a container for understanding. However, our soul will encode and know what each emotion means to us. Emotion is energy in motion, and each word that describes an emotion will resonate within us differently. It will move us in different ways.

Your emotional scale

My invitation would be for you to make a list of emotions that hold meaning to you. Mine would include fear, anger, sadness, envy, shame, joy, trust, and love. However, I might add in other words that express different energy. For example, anger. In the past, I would have said that I felt rage, and now anger is mostly annoyance and sometimes miffed. I use different words because the energy of the emotion has changed. But only I can tell you what these words mean to me.

As you go about your day, acknowledge your feelings and emotions and jot down a number between 1 and 10 which you would call that emotions energy level (intensity). What were your triggers? What do you notice about your feelings? How quickly do you find a place of balance?

When you journal later, ask yourself what changes have you seen over the last year (3, 5 or 10 years) in the words that you use to describe your feelings and emotions.

When you do this, what do you learn?

Find your emotional flow

As you experience something in life, especially at a full moon, you may be presented with emotions to deal with. This emotion will consciously or unconsciously impact you in some way. These emotions (as you know) are not static. For example, let’s say something has scared you. It won’t end there as your emotions will flow.

The first energy centres primary emotion is fear. Next, you may travel from fear to guilt, then lies, illusion and then back to fear. Or you may go from fear to illusion to attachment, lies and then onto guilt.

When this happens, follow the flow of the emotions and explore how each one impacts you, what you need to know, what might be blocking you and what you need to let go of. It will never just be as simple as just being fear or just guilt. It all starts with a root cause that impacts the next and the next.

Root causes are often not that simple to discover, so what you can do is, as the day progresses is to allow images, words, memories, sounds, songs, feelings etc., to come to you. There will be clues in all of these. Record them in your journal, rather than trying to over analyse what they mean. Then, as you work with your feelings and emotions, you will learn more about yourself, how your emotions flow and the root of what ails you. And then you can heal, grow and find your flow.

Healing your wounds through writing and energy work or whatever works for you will change you vibrationally and help you attract more of what you want and need.

When you have gone through this process, consider how to forgive or let go of each of these parts of you. By releasing and letting go, you will bring more inner peace and contentment into your life.

This is a great opportunity to make a list of all of the perceived blocks you may have when you think about what you want and who you want to be. This will prove interesting as it could point to a particular period that you may have found challenging. Steps in decluttering blocks are:

  • Make a list of your blocks, no matter how big or small
  • Affirm that you are ready to let go of what does not serve you
  • Notice what memories come up and what they teach you – what are the messages – the key is not to dwell, more to acknowledge and get ready to forgive and let go

Then forgive them with Ho’oponopono – to make right. Which is made up of four seemingly simple statements:

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

The combination of remorse, forgiveness, gratitude and love is powerful. The power is in the feeling, the energy you release to the Universe, remembering that like energy attracts like energy. You can say these in any order – so don’t worry that you have to memorise them. You do not have to complete the whole list in one go. Choose what feels right and do these. Notice what comes up for you. Write and release in your journal.

I think that’s enough letting go, this full moon, don’t you? So let me know how this flows for you. And don’t forget to finish it all off with what you are choosing instead…

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