Get ready to write into February - writing prompts to start the month

Get ready to write into February – writing prompts to start the month

Let’s get February off to a great start with these writing prompts. Writing prompts are a brilliant way to think about where you are and where you would like to go. I’m sure that if you have a planner you will have already sat down and thought about your intentions for the month. If you haven’t perhaps a little detour through these writing prompts and the ones at the end of the blog will help you to find some clarity.

  • One – read through the five points on the infographic
  • Two – reflect before you write
  • Three – create a one-page planner or you can use this one
  • Four – take action, use this five-day planner to help you.
  • Five – write every day – even if it’s a bullet point
  • Six – reflect often
  • Seven – review the month and decide what next before you head into March

This month the theme is love. That can be love for you, or for another or for something that you do. Whatever it is, do or be it with love. For me, my focus this month is self-love and appreciation.

February infographic

Writing prompts to start the month

  1. What does love mean to you?
  2. Choose four elements of your life and write about how you perceive love in each of these
  3. Write a love letter to you
  4. How do you show love to others and how do they show love to you?
  5. How do you nurture a loving relationship with you?
  6. Write about your first love, be that human, animal or something else.
  7. What is your definition of self-love and how do you show yourself that love?
  8. How can you love yourself more?
  9. What makes you feel loved?
  10. Why is love important to you?
  11. What would you love to do right now?
  12. If you could write a book, what would you love it to be about and why?

How to make the most of your writing prompts

  1. This is not a race against time, savour each question and take your time
  2. Get into the right writing space
  3. Write in a beautiful journal
  4. Pick the one that most resonates and write that first
  5. Allow whatever wants to be written come up
  6. Leave and reflect

That’s it, February is the month of love. Love yourself, write often, enjoy the month and remember to spoil you every day.

If you’d love more of this writing stuff, if you have things you want to get out of you, find your writers voice and maybe even write a book, connect with me or join The Writing Zone. Once you enter the Writer’s Lounge your pen will never be the same again…



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