October 1, 2022
October 1, 2022

What is your heart’s desire?

I just watched the last episode of Lucifer. Isn’t he delicious? There’s something about wicked bad boys that has both mum and I drooling. But what I love the most is when he looks deeply into someone’s eyes and asks, ‘What is it that you truly desire?’ If he looked at me that way, well… I’d confess too. But drooling over fictitious characters aside, he asks a great question.

So… What is it that you truly desire?

Lucifer Morningstar
What is it you truly desire

Yesterday, I purchased a new office chair. I wanted it. Ever since my spine fractured, I have struggled with what to sit on. For a long time, I sat on a ball, I’ve tried a standing desk, and recently I dusted off an old office chair, plumped it up with cushions and lumbar support and here I have sat uncomfortably for the last few months.

The chair is what I’d call the material and mundane in my heart’s desire process. I want it. It will make me feel good – it serves a deeper purpose, but it isn’t what my heart truly desires.

What is it you truly desire

Last year was a big birthday. The last big birthday was ruined the ex him indoors, so I cancelled it and sulked in a childish fit of pique. And yes, I did read the trashy romance novel he bought and said how marvellous it was.

For this last birthday, there were two options. Go back to the UK and see friends or go somewhere hot, lie in a hammock and be spoiled. I’ve never been one for the beach and lying around, but I felt I would just like to be pampered, and so it became an option. This is what I call magical in my heart’s desire process. It’s not going to change the world, but it will change how you feel about your world.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that I did neither. But I did spend time with some lovely friends, and I had a great cake – result!

Magical things include the new job, business, career, house, partner and stuff like that. They, too, have a deeper meaning and purpose. And they certainly change how you view your life.

Last year I ran a live beta version of Journey Of The Heart. ‘A’ joined and fully immersed herself in the learning. At one time, I was convinced that she would follow her heart’s desire and get a drum kit. We’d join forces in a rock and roll band and tour the world.

When we came to creating a vision for her heart’s desire, something very different emerged. Here’s what she said

It was doing the vision board which made me realise that I wanted a relationship – before that, I was Miss Independence and probably keeping men at bay!

I also realised that I was ready for a relationship and told the Universe. The man I’ve met, totally unexpectedly, is very different from the type I’ve attracted before, very in touch with his feminine side. I’m taking that as a measure of how much I’ve changed and grown.’

My vision board did have a picture of a man on it and a novel I wanted to write, but I wanted something different. What I wanted was in the magnificent part of the heart’s desire process. My heart’s desire was about how I could impact the world.

Like you, I have many experiences that I could use to inspire others. Just the fractured spine and healing that naturally, when all the specialists wanted to do was pump me full of drugs, is an amazing story. Except I have no patience with helping others with nutrition. My advice is to stop eating crap and just get on with it.

In school, I told my teacher I was going to be a dietician. I went on to study nutrition for years. I loved discovering how the body worked and reacted to everything. But, I discovered that I was studying for myself because I have had to deal with so much.

I confess I struggled with connecting to what I truly desired. Being a rock was out. Despite being great at helping others see the deeper meaning of their stories, I felt constricted and confused.

And then, just like that, someone interviewed me for their show and started to ask questions about something else that I had overcome – the journey of my heart.

I journaled on it, I almost burnt the house down with sage cleansing, letting go and pondering on it, I meditated with crystals, and I even consulted the dogs – they said woof and gimme treats.

Then I looked deeper into Lucifers eyes – What is it that you truly desire?

I want to help my clients create a deeper connection with their heart – the 7th sense, heal and know what it is that their heart’s desire. Because when we know that we can create so much more.

Errrr…. Isn’t that a bit woo woo, my neighbour asked when I declared this over a cuppa?

Clearly not my ideal client, then.

But here’s a question for you. Do you really love what you do? Truthfully?

You make like it. It may give you a great income. But is it what fills your heart, enables and empowers you to want to get out there and inspire others?

This is what magnificent is. It’s working from the heart and doing everything from a desire to change (improve) the world in some way.

One of my clients is writing a book. It’s her story and the story of how she became involved in the world of human trafficking. Now that is inspirational. Once she saw what was going on, she had to do something about it. Her heart’s desire is to change the world by stopping human trafficking.

Ok, heart’s desire process time…

I deserve to have everything my heart desires

Hearts desire

At the start of each new month or new moon, it’s a great idea to think about what you want. The things on your list can be anything. The point is for you to just scribble and to keep scribbling. These can be anything from new shoes, the windows painted, to a baby, a new job or change in business direction, better health, self-love, inner peace, or meeting your soul mate. Just get them all out.

Why anything? Because often, what we desire, remember has a deeper fundamental meaning. New shoes could be about self-esteem, new doors – safety, or a holiday – you need to unwind and escape from day-to-day stress.

Start with the mundane and material, move onto the magical and finish with the magnificent. Keep coming back and adding things in. This is great fun, and you will end up with all kinds of things on your list.

Mundane and material

These are the things you feel are everyday things, such as new windows, shoes, throws for the sofa, new crockery, etc. It’s basically stuff that you want that will most likely make you feel happy.


These are things that feel a bit more special, like a holiday or a new job, and they can include healing relationships and making friends with someone who has hurt you.


These are the things that you want to do that will change the world. This might be a cause close to your heart, and perhaps sharing your healing journey with others to show them what is possible.

How do these make you feel?

When you look at the list, find one or two things that resonate and ask how you feel and who you will be when you have those things. Will new crockery help you to feel proud to invite friends over for dinner. Will a holiday restore your soul. Does having a heart-led business serve a greater purpose, and you feel like you are living your mission?

Journal it: Write your heart’s desires – start with the mundane and material, move to magical and end with the magnificent. Reflect on why these are important right now. Put them into a priority order and do not choose loads!

Now, guess what you need? Yep, it’s an action plan. We’ll talk about that another day.

If creating a connection with and healing your heart so that you can discover what it is your heart desires, then let me invite you on a journey with your heart. Who knows where you will end up and who you will inspire?

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart, and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.