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Healthy, Wealthy, Healed & Happy Community

Join a safe sacred space where you can heal, discover who you are, what you want, find your voice, uncover your wild inner child and become 'happy to be me'

Join me and create lasting change which your mind, body, soul and spirit will thank you for...

Lockdown and the pandemic have completely changed our lives. For some of you this new 'stuckness' is nothing new, but for many these new restrictions and learning to live in a different way will have taken its toll.

You've are fed up with feeling fed up and want support and community. You are ready to discover who you are, what you want, find your voice, uncover your wild inner child and become 'happy to be me'. Come and join us and let's do this thing called life together.

Taking care of your mind, body, soul and spirit is vital. You may be feeling a range of emotions and indeed some old emotions could have resurfaced. What you do know is NOW is the time to work on these things. Our community is here to support you to heal, discover who you are, find your voice, what you want and uncover your wild inner child. You will discover inner peace, self-love and your happy to be me factor.

Happy To Be Me Community

Our community brings together these elements:


Being healthy - mind, body, soul and spirit gives you the foundations for a better life and takes you on a journey.  Becoming healthy is not going on a food diet, more creating a diet for your life, where you design the right ingredients for you.


As you open your heart and explore who you are with curiosity and a sense of adventure you will find the things that you want and need to heal. These are personal to you. Set your intentions and flow with your soul.


Becoming spiritually wealthy, connected to your divine inner wisdom and intuition will change your life. You will start to make good aligned choices when listening to your wise inner voice and you will trust yourself more.


Uncover your wild inner child and learn what it means to be 'happy to be me'.

This Happy To Be Me Community has been designed to provide you a safe space to find your Happy To Be Me Factor

Join as a founding member for just $44 per month when we open

Here's what happens and what you get

First of all you need a journal. Put some time aside. Get ready to write. 


You get a new set of journaling prompts each week

Use the prompts to guide you to discover more about you. You will be supported through these prompts.


Masterclass, Q&A and group coaching sessions

We have a community get together twice - a monthly masterclass and group coaching to inspire you


Access to courses

At the start you will get 28 days journaling kick-start to get you off to a flying start. You will get Overcoming Anxiety and 21 Days Manifesting Magic. As we progress there will be other courses added to your membership.


End of the month reflections

It is usually when you join the dots backwards that you discover the greatest aha's


A safe space to share

In our private group you can share your thoughts and feelings in a safe, warm environment



Regular meditations to support your practice


Regular lives to check-in

There will be regular lives to check-in with where you are


Guest presenters

There will be guest presenters delivering interesting content to spark your writing


Daily Inspiration

You will also get daily inspiration and peer support in our safe space.

Meet Dale

I am an  Intuitive Executive Coach, Writer, Author and who works with my clients to support them to make lasting change through the healing power of writing, journaling and working with the energy of the chakras.

I am your friend and guide who walks with you as you write your way home. 

I live  in the hills with my two rescue dogs - Marley Moo and Angel.

Dale Darley
Dale heart

Are you where I was?

Unheard, invisible, burned out, but showing up as alive and vibrant, demonstrating strength but feeling fragile, unbalanced and buried under a sea of suppressed emotions?

Do you find that you want to speak out, but dare not? That you haven't been able to speak the unspeakable, you hold in upset, run away from conflict and still haven't expressed your grief?

What about your unexpressed need for love, the anger you are holding onto or yearning for your hearts desire?

There are whole industries dedicated to letting you know that you are broken and can be fixed. Broken dolls can be glued back together, but humans need a tad more than glue, which might get your high, but won’t help you to feel high on life.

What would it mean to you to lose the lump in your throat, the pain in your heart, be able to hear the whispers of your soul and to finally create your own healing pathway?

Why join The Happy To Be Me Community?

This community is for women who want a safe space where they can be themselves, learn who they are, what they want, find their voice, uncover their wild inner child and learn what it means to be 'happy to be me'

You will be gently supported with your healing journey.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being. Hafiz of Shiraz

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