September 5, 2022
September 5, 2022

On the way to your zone of brilliance is your comfort zone (zone of mastery with little meaning). It’s a place that is nice to hang out in. Some say that this is a place of ease and less stress.

I would argue that it’s not easy and stress-free – at least, that’s how it seems to me.

Comfort can be a good thing – unless you want to grow. One of the worst things is feeling that there isn’t anything to challenge yourself with or discover what you’re capable of doing.

You may have created an invisible boundary inside your comfort zone. It’s the place of least resistance to the point where the comfort zone could be doing more harm than good.

How can you tell when you’ve stayed too long?

I’ve noticed I go through bursts of wild enthusiasm wanting to pivot to do something else that has more meaning. Then other people somehow talk me out of it, and I am back supporting them with what they need.

My extra long stay in the comfort zone was exacerbated by taking a long time off when my spine fractured. I think I had focused so long on healing my bones and other ailments that slipping back into a place of comfort was easier when I emerged.

In honesty, I’d lost my confidence. Perhaps you have too?

What got me out of the comfort zone doldrums was aiming for my zone of brilliance. (We will talk more about brilliance another time) This was not an easy task or ask, but I made myself be tough. I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Take a look at these, and as you do, notice what you feel in your body and any other thoughts that come up.

Life Feels Boring or Even Stagnant In The Comfort Zone

There are no surprises anymore, and you’ve fallen into a routine where you do the same old thing every day. At first, it feels comforting. But now you’re just slogging through the day feeling like you’re not making progress or doing anything worthwhile. There’s no more challenge, life looks dull, and you have lost your sparkle.

You’re Not Applying What You’ve Learned

Getting caught up in research and learning new things is so easy. There’s so much to discover in the world! But what are you doing with all this information? If you’ve reached the point of learning just to learn new things, that’s okay. It’s good to be excited about education.

The danger lies in using education as a means of procrastination. Are you putting off-putting this new knowledge to work?

This would be like reading a hundred books on writing a novel without trying to write a book yourself. Yep… Confession time, I have done this.

This is a waste of your learning, time and your creative spirit. You’re holding yourself back, keeping yourself from finding out what you could do if you experimented and applied the knowledge you’ve gained.

You’re Dreaming but Not Doing

It’s fun to plan, make lists, mindmaps, blueprints, vision boards and intentions for everything you want to do with your life, but this kind of planning does no good if you never take action. It’s like being in a manifesting wasteland.

You’ve been in the comfort zone too long if you’re all ideas and no action. At some point, you absolutely have to get out and do it.

Power hours are often with people stuck in the ideas no action stage. And I get it. I have done this so many times. My creative mind is always buzzing, but I have learned to reflect and then make better decisions.

You’ve Been on a Break for a Really Long Time

This could be a life of leisure which sounds good, or it could be a long illness like I had. Things begin to feel stale fairly quickly. Of course, your body loves it when you’re taking proper care of yourself, but too much lazing around can make you feel lethargic. Muscles (including your brain muscles) that aren’t put to work tend to decondition.

If you take too much time off, you’ll have a harder time getting back to what fires you up. Rest and recharge, and then act once you’ve restored your energy.

When I was healing, I threw myself into healing. To keep my mind active, I wrote a book about healing osteoporosis naturally. But that was simply to not go stir crazy, and writing books was very much in my comfort zone.

You’ve Lost Your Flexibility

It can feel good to have everything under control. Yay, say the control freaks. But what happens if something unexpected comes up? If you’re used to things being a certain way, you’ll find it’s suddenly a lot harder to be flexible in accepting a sudden change or dealing with a crisis. You lose your knack for managing uncertain conditions and immediately jump to a stress response when things are outside your control.

This is when illness hits you, or your stress response goes awry, and everyone gets a tongue lashing.

Without Risks, You Won’t Discover Who You Are

You will often discover who you are when you take on challenges and learn to overcome them. However, by not taking risks, you will never discover your true self and what you are capable of.

You can do it in baby steps. Pushing through your invisible boundaries in chunks could work for you.

You’re Being Held Back

The comfort zone doesn’t help you move forward in your life, business, or career. Yes, you may feel some passion, and you could be profitable, but something is missing.

You may find that you are only reacting reactively to challenges rather than getting out, exploring new paths to success, and facing your future on your own terms.

Even worse? If you stay too long in your comfort zone, it’ll shrink until you find yourself doing less and less. How? Things on the border between being comfortable and uncomfortable will eventually become comfortable.

A comfort zone can become a small place to live in time.

If you stay too long in one comfort zone, you’ll never discover all the opportunities waiting for you. What if you miss out by not pushing to the next level and into your zone of brilliance? Imagine where you could be next!

For Your Journal

Looking at this list, which things resonate? Why is that, and what is holding you back?

  • Life feels boring or even stagnant
  • You’re not applying what you’ve learned
  • You’re dreaming but not doing
  • You’ve been on a break for a really long time
  • You’ve lost your flexibility
  • Without risks, you won’t discover who you are
  • You’re being held back

If you are struggling to write a book, create a course or procrastinating in any way, this is because it potentially sits in your comfort zone and is the wrong book or course. And that bores you, so you learn to love being in the writers’ block zone.

How do you get out of it?

Spend some time in your creative space. Stop and be open.

What is it I want instead?

The answer here is found in the change you want to create for yourself and for others.

Ask yourself what you will look like in five years if you make a change to get out of your comfort zone and into your zone of brilliance. Take time to picture your life and imagine every detail you can. Oh and take some action…

Ask how it will feel to be in your zone of brilliance

  • This is where you can do it (whatever it is) easily, and you love doing it
  • It brings you joy, inner peace and contentment
  • You are in the flow, and your creative space, exploring and experimenting
  • People can see you shining brightly when doing it
  • Place where passion, purpose and meaning meet and you are profitable
  • Gives you a sense of fulfilment
  • You are doing good in the world
  • You challenge your comfort so that you don’t stagnate

This is the zone you want to spend most of your time and where you create products and services from. Where you do things which are:

  • Creative
  • Fun
  • Meaningful

What do you want to create?

Join me in this masterclass and discover your zone of brilliance book. Even if you don’t have a book to write, you will learn something about yourself, which might just get you out of the doldrums.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart, and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.