February 14, 2019
February 14, 2019

Do you have an inner critic that stands in the way of something you want to achieve?

Today one of my writing group members wrote that he had got to day 10 of reflecting and had written inconsequential fluff.

I smiled, his inner critic was certainly hard at work and not in a helpful way.

What happens is sometimes when we try to write our head gets in the way of our hearts. We lose the connection to our muse.

The great thing for me is that we are at least writing. Getting past the inner critic and discovering one’s muse can take time.

I want to know what my inner critic wants to hide from me

When things pop up or feel like they are standing in your way it is often a sign that you are being asked to step out of your comfort zone and explore what it coming up.

I believe it means that you are on the right track. It’s how you deal with this experience which is important.

The inner critic that stands in the way of your pain

The inner critic is you and me. I know that. I know that whatever I am feeling, that unfathomable ache that keeps us trapped, is something that needs to be allowed to surface.

I can remember winning a competition at school, but the winning wasn’t fun. I stood on the stage to receive my prize – a packet of colouring pens. I didn’t see or hear the audience clapping, I simply felt a fraud, because why did I deserve these congratulations?

I’d heard a teacher tell my dad that I would never be good enough to go to University. That damning statement stayed with me and it hurt for many years.

However, I did go to university and I did rather well. I didn’t follow a traditional route, I was expelled from school and didn’t do my MBA until I was in my early 30’s. And that is perfect.

The early setbacks and this inner critic stopped me sharing my writing for many years. I could write in a journal, and I could write copy for work, but ask me to share other things that was a big no no.

Memories and experiences stand in the way of your writing

This is a long ago memory and long ago feelings. I have written my way through a lot of hard stuff and grown as a person. But none the less there is sometimes an inner critic standing in the way of my writing.

Our memories and experiences have a habit of standing in the way of our writing. It’s learning how to see the experience through new eyes.

I have learned to push through, that this resistance is a message that this ‘stuff’ needs to be dealt with and dealt with now. These days I embrace exploring these inner depths and stories because I know that I will love the outcome. I will once I have let go of what needs to escape.

Journaling is a great way to start, even if it comes from the head. Congratulate yourself that you did write something and allow your writing to grow.

When it comes to writing for the world that the inner critic can stand in the way of your writing.

This is labelled writer’s block. Writers block is not about writing it is always what lays beneath. When you allow yourself to explore that then it does become easier to write and share openly.

I have learned that not everyone will love what you write, and why should they?

Wanting everything to be perfect is another way that your inner critic can show up.

Perfectionism is procrastination in another guise.

What I also know that if I don’t get it out there, then I won’t get feedback and without that, I won’t grow – and neither will you. I make myself focus on one thing, and no matter how boring I find some of this stuff, it helps me get things done.

I thank my inner critic for nudging me because that reminds me that I am on the right track and can now take action to overcome those irritations that have stood in my way.

Breaking through what stands in the way

I invite my inner critic to sit and write with me.

Shall we have some fun?’ I ask.

My thought process is that if I can embrace and feel into the inner critic then I can make progress.

I’ve grown a bit of a tough skin over the years and learned the art of feeling the fear (excitement) and doing it anyway.

Ask yourself why you think your inner critic stands in the way of your writing?

It’s time for some honest reflection.

I don’t know what stands in the way of your writing. If you have a mischievous inner child, a belligerent inner critic or some other inner belief that needs dealing with before you feel confident to write.

I have found that over many years of journaling which I call Writing to Heal that my confidence has grown and my layers peeled away. It hasn’t always been pretty, but it has always been rewarding.

My invitation is that if the thought of writing from your soul is a little scary then start with something like my 101 days journaling adventure. Over 101 days you will be sent quotes, some food for thought, an affirmation and an invitation to explore. It’s a start, isn’t it?

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.