March 1, 2020
March 1, 2020

It’s the start of another new month, time for a new journal and time to set the intentions that will enable you to manifest what you want this month. I love to start a fresh new journal each month. It means that I can leave the old month behind and look forward to what’s to come.

What are intentions?

An intention is like a desire and is a seed which you want to plant, water and grow. Desires grow from within you, an intention is much more focused. Setting an intention opens you up to receiving what you want. We want to set intentions so that we can take have more focus about what we are open to. And it is about the action we intend to make and the energy we are going to put in. This is not about setting an intention and then waiting for it to manifest.

When to start your new journal

Your new month could be at a new moon or the first day of the month. To be honest I go with the flow and no I do not care that there may be blank pages in my old journal.

I have several journals that I have on the go. I use my own Love to journal, gratitude journals and I have a blank journal for everything else.

How to bless and set intentions for a new journal

This is super simple and very powerful.

The steps

  • Get the journal that you want to work with
  • You need coloured pens or crayons and if you are feeling very arty watercolours
  • Your hand
  • Open your journal on the page you want to bless. This could be right at the beginning or somewhere completely random
  • Place your hand on the paper and draw around your hand
  • Next, get creative, you could make a mandala or simply colour in a way that feels good
  • When your creation is complete
  • Write three intentions around your hand, start them with I am open to (that’s what works for me

My intentions

  • I am open to discovering all that I am on the way to getting what I want
  • I am fully open to receiving all of the abundance that the Universe has to offer me
  • I am an open channel for spirit to work with me for the highest good of all

The steps continued

  • When you have written your intentions, place your hands on your journal and pour your love and blessings in
  • Before you journal place you hands on your journal, read your intentions and breathe in and out a few times
  • You are now ready to rock your writing


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