August 5, 2019
August 5, 2019

I wonder what simplicity means to you? To me it’s about getting rid of stuff, saying no to things, not buying stuff that I don’t need and enjoying the simple things in life. Having a simple life is not boring, but sometimes it may seem that way. That is until you start living and enjoying a simplified version of how you are currently living.

Ask yourself – what would happen if I did lead a life of simplicity?

I believe that when you simplify, you’re left with a life filled with meaning, and a life that is lived on your terms. You have the time to pursue your interests and to create the life you truly desire. How does that feel?

What if when you lived a simple life you were able to find true happiness?

To create a simple life, it pays to consider your needs. You can start this by thinking about what is important to you. Ask what do you really need?

I know when I thought about how I was living, I, for example, found that I didn’t need so many shoes, handbags and clothes. I also discovered by planning my meals properly I no longer bought food that used to end up in the bin.

To live a simpler life, examine what’s important to you, and acknowledge your choices and their impact on your life’s needs.

How To Bring Simplicity To Your Life

Say no to more and yes to more quality

Do you keep saying yes to doing things that do not feed your soul? What about attending social events that require you to extend your wardrobe beyond your financial capability? What about holidays with friends, doing things you don’t want to do, just because you think you are missing out?

When you start saying no to things you don’t really want or enjoy, you can start saying yes to quality. When there is less, you will have more of what fills your heart. Think about it.

Ask where you can save money

I adore books and it’s been one of the hardest things to say no to them. In another life, I owned six pairs of black boots and the last time I looked, I only had one pair of feet. In my closet, I had rows of shoes and handbags that I rarely wore or used. When I moved home and was forced to downsize, I realised that I did not need all of these.

These days I ask myself if I will make use of and get value out of it before I buy.

Take food, for example, I no longer say yum yum and fill my trolley with things that I don’t need or will eat. When I found myself throwing food away, it made me realise not only what a waste it was, but also how disgraceful it is when some parts of the world can’t get food to throw away.

If you look at how much you have to spend each month, you may find that you have an overspending habit and tend to put things on a credit card. The best thing to do is keep your life simple, build a budget and stick to it faithfully.

You could sell the stuff you don’t need or give it to charity. Then make sure you only buy what you love, will use or need. Consider that this is investing in your future.

How can you feel less stressed?

Stress can be a killer. Stress can affect so many parts of your life and this is where you take your eye off the self-care ball. Start to focus on keeping things simple and notice how relaxed you start to feel.

If you say no to things that don’t serve you and focus on what’s important, your stress levels will start to lower and your overall health will benefit. When you eat in a simpler way that too has a positive impact on your life. Remember to breathe and slow it down will help you to be in the now.

I am sure you can think of many things that if you took a simpler route you too would notice your stress levels lowering.

Create more meaningful relationships

I found that when I focused on the important people in my life and chose to cultivate our relationship, I enjoyed my life more. None of us needs 1000’s of friends, despite what the social media platforms say.

You can be more honest and sincere with your true friends. They know you, you do not need to spend time trying to impress them and they will accept you – warts and all.

To enjoy a simpler life, start to think about people who you do not need in your life or at least people that you do not want to spend so much time with.

Choose people who you love to be with. Perhaps you could rank people by love, like, ok and not ok. Get rid of the not ok’s, and then look at the others and ask are they in the right category, can I move ok to like and like to love or the other way around. When you have done that, work out how – in an honest way.

How can you learn more about yourself?

When you spend time with you without the many distractions in your life, you’ll find that there is more space to get to know the most important person in your life. In that space, you can reflect and say thank you for all the great things you have.

You can learn more about you with one of the simplest self-help tools in the world – a journal.

Live a decluttered life

With fewer possessions and commitments you will have less clutter. You won’t need to be in your diary or clearing things away. I wonder what you can do with your free time? And the answer isn’t to fill it with more. More it’s to fill it with less. Does that make sense?

Learn the art of decluttering and constantly question do you need the thing you are about to purchase? Ask if you need to do that thing that you are being asked to do.

Some Benefits Of Simplicity

You desire fewer material things

When you get used to having less or buying fewer things you will find you desire fewer things. This goes against all the marketing hype which is to torment you with the idea that more things mean happiness and a fulfilled life. Stuff will never make you happy.

More free time

When you have free time you will discover that living in the now is pleasurable. You may find at first, it’s hard to relax. Just think about how you felt when you were running around. I know when I do I feel exhausted. Free time is a gift that only a few truly appreciate.

According to Confucius, “Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.”

How do you feel when you read that?

In my free time, I binge on Netflix, read or walk my dogs more. That may not be your idea of fun, but I enjoy these things because they are so simple.

Better health

Lots of people find it hard to buy just what they need and making meals from scratch. I used to pop to the supermarket and buy a ready meal because I believed that it saved me time and was good for me.

When I embarked on a natural healing plan, I started to buy fresh and natural food. Each evening I would ask my body what it wants and make my daily meals from what is in my fridge. My body really appreciates this simpler approach to eating.

Think about how you could reduce your health challenges by eating in a simpler way.

Journaling prompts

  • What could you say no to which will make space in your life?
  • What do you waste your money on, that if you didn’t would give you a pot of gold to use in a more productive way?
  • Who are your love and like people, how can you create more meaningful interactions with them?
  • How could you enjoy life more if it wasn’t filled with so many things?
  • What foods could you swap for healthier options that would save you cash and give you better health?

These prompts are designed to get you to think about how you could start to bring simplicity into your life.

What else could you do?

Invest in the simplicity, smiling, friendship and kindness life journal (Printed) and explore these concepts some more.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.