February 18, 2019
February 18, 2019

There’s a story that I am running around my head right now. It comes unbidden and catches me off guard. And then the spiral continues… What if, I can’t and what’s the point?

It’s an old story and after I have had a paddy, I grab my journal to explore where it’s come from this time. I walk the dogs and reflect.

It’s, and I am sure you have heard this expression so many times, like peeling an onion. As each layer comes off there is a new juicy bit waiting ready to make your eyes leak.

Bizarrely I enjoy this process of discovery. It seems we are never to old to be caught off guard with a story. I think that’s why I enjoy writing so much. The process allows the story to surface and then when in full view I can make meaning and change the record. But it takes time.

I find when I am lacking sleep, feeling tired and snarky is when the old story has the tightest grip.

There is power in story

Stories make up the rich universe in which we live. We have the stories which have shaped our lives. We are surrounded by stories. When we listen to a story that resonates and feels truthful we can find our own story within it and that is often how we make meaning.

I adore stories, whether these are the stories that friends tell at gatherings, blogs, poems, books or movies, there is something wonderful about a story rather than a list of facts.

Can you remember being a child and the stories that enchanted you? Take yourself back. I bet you played out your life through your imagination. I know I did. In my mind’s eye, I can see myself conjuring up allsorts. I do laugh and wonder if anyone thought who is that weird child prancing around on her own…?

My favourite story was drawing out a pretend castle and working my way around the different rooms and corridors rescuing someone. It’s funny when I reflect back and then consider what I am like now I can see parallels. If a friend is in trouble I immediately think about how can I support them.

In the past I know I have been a bit of a rescuer but no more. What I have found to be more helpful is to allow their story to develop and listen. Perhaps interjecting a tale of my own so that they know they are not alone and can make meaning from it.

We are the story that we tell ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves impact our perception. We can gain a sense of what is possible, warp the truth and throw darkness on our dreams. Aspects of our childhood make their way through to adulthood and we continue to tell the same stories of why we can or sadly can’t. These stories are like grooves in the old 45 records that you could buy.

What is your story?

Behind every smile there is a story waiting to be explored
Photo by abbs johnson on Unsplash

Behind every smile there is a story waiting to be explored

What’s the story right now that is bugging you? The one that keeps coming up? It’s there for a reason and when you acknowledge and embrace it you can start to move the needle.

  • I’m too old to make a difference?
  • Who would want to read what I write?
  • I’d love to [fill in the blanks] but
  • I’m a useless [singer/dancer/writer/high wire trapeze artist]

When I look back at my stories and connect them to my limiting beliefs I’m shocked at the root of the story. It’s never anything massive, just a simple something said that has stuck a chord. But like a worn out record it continues to play.

This is why I love writing and journaling. The stories I tell myself become ever more obvious and when I get the aha’s I am able to change the record, if I so choose.

How to change the story

  • When you notice the same old thoughts arising acknowledge them and welcome them, no matter how hard this seems
  • Ask to be shown the root of the story
  • Wait and become a witness as the day progresses
  • Explore in your journal, allowing whatever needs to come out share itself on the paper
  • Wait a few days to reflect
  • Write a new story, you can do this creatively or through an affirmation – do what works for you

This may seem simple, but I find getting it out and allowing whatever strange memories to surface incredibly powerful. And then creating an affirmation. However, the most fun is to write a short creative story where anything can happen. Laughter is the best medicine and when it comes from your soul it creates magic in your life.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.