May 7, 2019
May 7, 2019

In a previous article, we looked at one way to write a book in WordPress. In this article, we are taking a view.

There are many ways to write a book and publish it. Your choice of platform will depend on many variables. The method we are looking at might be an option for an e-book, which your reader would access through a payment gateway or in return for their email address. 

You could be sharing a community book, something for the family, or a how to manual.

They will consume the book through WordPress, rather than on another platform – such as buying an e-book on Kindle.

I would suggest that you start the process by writing your book outside of WordPress and then following this (or a similar) process once it has been proofed.

How to write a book in WordPress – the steps

  • Create a page which is the name of your book, add in your cover image and links to your about me page. Add in any other relevant information
  • Create a page called index – you will add the links to each page (or past) as you create them
How to write a non fiction book index page
  • Add each chapter to a page or create each chapter as a post with categories and tags – how you do this will depend on how you intend to use this and how your reader will access it. I’d suggest you play around and decide what suits you
  • Change the page attributes to create a hierarchical structure – this means everything is easy to find and in the right order
WordPress pages index
  • At the bottom of each page (or post) create links to the index, previous and next pages.
How to write a non fiction book the pages index
  • Create links within your content to things like videos, which you host on YouTube, other relevant content, courses (hosted on Teachable), worksheets or book a call. 
How to write a non fiction book - creating useful links
  • Decide how your reader will access this and set that up

This article has been designed to give you an overview of how to write a book in WordPress. There are many other things to consider, such as:

  • What are the benefits of writing each chapter as a page or a post?
  • How you will protect this content?
  • How will the reader access it, free or paid?
  • How will the reader consume it?
  • Will you provide a PDF download (free or for a fee)?

Over to you, would you write a book in WordPress this way? If yes, why and if not why not?

If writing a book to build your brand and business is

  1. Something you want to do, and then take this 7-day plan your book challenge.
  2. A burning desire and you know you need support, then please message me – a chat costs nothing, and we can check out if we are a good working fit
  3. Definitely on the table, and you’d like to work in a group, then sign up for WRITE, which is a 90-day book program
  4. You can grab a copy of my book Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend on Amazon

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