What I love about Autumn and the turning of the season
What I love about Autumn and the turning of the season

What I love about Autumn and the turning of the season

Summer is over and I am relieved. I love the sun but not the searing heat that keeps me trapped inside. I am preparing for winter which always suddenly descends. Every year winter catches me out, one day it’s warm the next freezing – just like that. But before I think about winter I want to relish this new season which has begun. Autumn is a season where we can be thankful for all that we have. Let go of the old and turn inwards for reflection.

We are also moving from earth season to metal (in Chinese Five Elements), which is rather apt, as I write this I have been thinking about grief and resentment. Not in a sad way, more about dealing with the frayed edges of some old stuff.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. George Eliot

I’m also thinking about the expansion that I have undertaken over the last year and the contentment I feel. That may seem conflicted to feel contentment and resentment, yet I do. In my journey to self-love, I have come to embrace everything that comes up that needs to be shown love. It’s all about balance and finding that pivoting point.

In the morning there is a welcome chill in the air, it’s darker for longer and I feel change is less urgent. Walking the doggies is much more fun and we can get out more often, which is great for being grounded and having reflection time.

The colours are richer, the earth musty and there is a sense of the world slowing down.

Autumn equinox (also known as the Mabon or autumn harvest) was on 22nd September 9:04am (GMT).  At equinox the day is in balance, there is equal light and dark. It’s a time when I stop standing in the shadows and seek out the warmth of the sun. It’s a time when I feel ready to embrace more down to earth activities.

I’ve written a lot and now I am editing. This is my writing harvest. Where I felt as if I hadn’t produced anything, now I can see it all coming to fruition. Now I can breathe.

So the summer has ended, seeds are falling, the ground is cloaked in fallen debris, ready to be reborn in the spring.  Despite not getting much done in the searing heat, now it’s all about harvesting what I have sown, letting go of what doesn’t serve me, gathering up what I need to see me through winter, finding balance and courage.

The logs are here and stacked. The chimney swept. I have curtains ready to be lined to keep the heat in. For once, I am prepared and that also feels balanced.

As we move into the Metal season there will be more changes.

The colour for metal is white; this can be clothes, food or things in our environment.  Who needs an excuse to buy some beautiful white flowers or light a candle? All that comes to mind is pureed parsnips (they are white), dinner with my friend Dawn, too much Prosecco and a bit of a headbang to Nirvana – that was certainly a moment of letting go madness.

In Chinese Medicine lungs and large intestines are the organs we now focus on.  By nourishing the lung and learning to breathe properly you can balance and soothe the mind and eliminate wandering unhelpful thoughts.  The lungs draw in breathe and exhale waste carbon dioxide, with every breath I can let things go.  Metal makes me think of metal shields, warrior women and protection.  And I think of breathing in new ideas and inspiration and letting them percolate.

The colon is all about eliminating waste.  Eating well and being nourished with more root vegetables excites me, no more salad, I love meals made in one pot and feeling the embraced with a tickle of new flavours. I’m sure my body responds better to these kinds of foods. Now I struggle with cold water and have to make myself drink a glass every time I make a cuppa.

By releasing and letting go, I can ensure that my mind doesn’t become clogged and cloudy.

The emotions are sadness and courage.  Connecting to the sadness or grief and acknowledging that this is a part of me, will give me the courage to discover more of my worth and reap my value.

Be aware of what needs to be let go as you enter autumn and set in place, a space for you, remember to stay grounded, listen to the earth and your divine inner wisdom.


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