April 18, 2022
April 18, 2022

How did you sleep last night?

Books to read – Breathe better, sleep better by Anandi The Sleep Guru

Last night I slept well, but for the five previous nights, I had some problems which left me feeling jaded and unable to think clearly. And worse of all my reactions to events were not good. Although noticing your feelings in all scenarios is good, it’s much better to observe after a good night’s sleep.

Have you ever spent one or several nights tossing and turning unable to sleep?

There was a time that I didn’t sleep well for about two years. Sleep deprivation robbed me of energy, motivation and patience. I wish I had known Anandi back then.

It transpired that my sleep challenge was as a result of a thyroid problem which I solved with diet, yoga, and connecting to my breath.

Later when I worked with Anandi on this beautiful book I learned about the breath in a new way and how to sleep better.

In her book Breathe Better, Sleep Better, you will be taken on a journey through the five vuyus or five aspects of the breath. Anandi has ascribed personalities to each of these, which brings them alive. She also supports her work with research, so that you have a combination of ancient wisdom and science presented in the Anandi way. As I have said before every author I work with has a message for me and facilitates my growth and Anandi has proven to be a gentle teacher.

Prana is our life force and you will know that among the things (water, nourishment and love) that we can’t do without the breath.

Anandi is a gorgeous soul who is incredibly passionate about how to support you to find the bliss of sleep, but also how to use the breath to bring peace and a sense of being more alive in each moment. Her yoga classes are powerful and caring. The way that she teaches you to use your breath fascinated me, as did the effect that this had on my body. During the time we have worked together we have become friends and she is someone I adore and admire.

Outside of her business she supports Helping Hands India. I always look forward to her travel stories and the work that she does.

As a new writer, she was such a pleasure to work with and wrote her first draft in a very short space of time. This then gave her a fabulous body of words and ideas to work her magic on. Editing takes time and is where the magic happens. Like the breath, it needs space to expand and transform. She turned up to our meetings asking great questions, she explored her writing and reached into the depths of her soul to ensure that she created her best first book. There will be others I am sure.

When it came to covers and titles she asked her community what they thought and she thoroughly researched the market. So although her first title was the one she still loves she knew what would attract more attention. This is a learning point for anyone with any product. Create a title that is simple and which will sell itself or use a subtitle that explains the book.

Along with the book, she also created useful resources so that her readers could see how to work their way through to the surrendered breath technique that she teaches.

Please buy the book, and consider working with Anandi. Your life will be transformed by getting to know her, your breath and this process.

How to buy the book

Head to Amazon (swap the .co.uk to your country extension)

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