May 1, 2020
May 1, 2020

When May springs to mind what is the first thing that you think about? For me, it is that saying ne’er cast a clout until May is out. In other words, don’t get fooled into thinking its summer and put on your summer clothes until May is over.

What about last month when I ended the April journaling prompts blog with April showers brings May flowers. One this is for sure where I live it has been raining almost non stop for about six weeks, which is very unusual. What this has brought is a gorgeous array of wildflowers everywhere. It is simply divine.

What other words does May conjure up?

May, of course, as there is a possibility. Will you start this month consider what possibilities are ahead of you?

Mayhem which conjures up disorder and chaos. I like to think that chaos is a place we go to explore possibilities,

Mayweed, as the name suggests, is a weed, and I wonder what mind weeds need to be decluttered so that you can find your answers?

Mayhap, the old word for perhaps. Perhaps is you consider your possibilities, let the chaos come, weed the mind of the cannots and perhaps when you in the silence, your answers will come.

What about other words that May conjures up for you?

May brings in…

May is the fifth month, and a month for me that signals that summer is coming. It feels joyful, light and fun. It also feels abundant and exciting. There are also the festivals of Beltane and Samhain, so think of singing, dancing and making merry – which in the current climes you may have to do alone. Or perhaps you can get your friends on Houseparty (it’s an app) and have some fun.

May is a month of reawakening

As winter folds back into Mother Earth for a rest, everything else starts to really wake up. Seeds of ideas have already started to form, and the new shoots of these can begin to take shape.

Ideas are all inside and outside of you; they are everywhere. The question is really how do ideas come to you? Do they just pop into our minds or do ideas come as a result of lots of small things happening which when a good connection is made creates a new idea pathway, so that a bit more of that idea is known?

In every moment, we consume information through our five (or six) senses. These are laid down in your mind map using your language and coding structure waiting to be fertilised with another germ of an idea. All waiting to be joined by that one all-important connector, which creates the spark and drives it to the forefront of your mind until you get that eureka moment.

If you provide yourself with the opportunity to become creative by giving yourself space, people to collaborate with and time to reflect, you will be able to exchange and borrow ideas in order to cultivate new ones. Ideas can be incubated for years, but appear in what seems a moment with the right stimulus.

Journaling prompts for May

  • What possibilities are ahead of you?
  • What mind weeds need to be decluttered so that you can find your answers?
  • What would you dare to do differently once you have decluttered your mayweed?
  • Think of five things that you can say yes to that you wouldn’t usually say yes to?
  • What ideas are germinating that you would like to bring to fruition?
  • What stands in the way of my ideas and what can I do to weed them out?
  • How will I feel at the end of May when I have achieved all I desire for this month?
Journaling Prompts for May

May’s mission

Your May mission is to create a list of ideas. They can be anything, the point is for you to just scribble. When you have your list of ideas, go and do something else, perhaps a walk. Better still sleep on them – I mean literally – pop then under your pillow.

Start sorting through your ideas and feel into your heart by asking how they resonate with where you are and what you want to create in the world.

Take out the shoulds and cannots. Discard anything that is not right for right now. Do not, however, disregard your ideas list, because later one of them will be the right idea for right now.

Write a little about how each idea would come to fruition and what that would mean to you. Why is this a great idea for you?

Feel into your desire. Is this desire heart or head led? Go with your heart. Without the passion of the heart, things might not get done.

Set your intention for the one idea you will work with during May.

Place your attention on your intention and take small daily actions to achieve what you most desire.

Set your goals and celebrate each milestone with cake (or your chosen reward device).

Don’t forget that some Mayweeds may pop up, when they do, make sure that you tell them, no thanks, not now and not ever. Talk these through with a friend or coach. Journal on them. The point is there will always be something that comes up to say, not good enough, not enough time, what’s the point, I can’t and other similar things. It happens to me and my route out, it to explore the root of these in my journal, reflect and ask – what if I can? What are they and what will you do to root them out?

I then envision with all of my senses this into being, and most of all, I feel how it feels to have created my best work yet. The imagination is a powerful thing, and it doesn’t know if something is real or not, so tell it that this thing is real and is done.

Affirm that you are a powerful creator, the Universe loves my idea and is sending me people who are looking for this thing.

Your idea might go something like this.

Idea: To create one piece of content that can be repurposed into a book, blogs and a course – I already have the idea… Of course, I do.

Intention: Is to create a system for this and that every month I create content that I love which I know my ideal client will love

Desire: I adore creating content which enables both myself and my clients to grow and discover more about themselves – this feeds my heart and soul

Goals: I make these SMART so that I know how and when I need to get this done. I need my first piece of content done by the first week of May. I am on it.

Attention: I then take small daily actions towards my goal. Mine would be to plan the content, look for what I can repurpose, write the content in its various forms and then publish each one at the appropriate time. I like to chunk and reward myself for getting things done.

Mind weeds: The ones coming up for me are I have just created six courses and three books, and I am tired. That’s why I took a week out before I started again. I was telling myself I was too tired.

Envision: I can both see and feel this content coming alive and my students giving me five stars.

Affirmation: I am a powerful creator. The Universe loves this idea and is supporting me all the way through the creation process and sending me people who will love this.

Your mission for May is to be your best creative self and bring your best idea to fruition.

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