Journey Of The Heart

Create A Heart connection, Heal Your Heart, And Uncover Your Hearts Desires

Journey Of The Heart is about discovering what you want and who you want to become, while journeying through the healing energy of the heart. You will wake up happy to be you, with a sense of direction, knowing what you want and how to get it.

What if your heart was a guidebook to your magical life?

Love, kindness and compassion make for a happier world.

What if

  • You could have more love, kindness and compassion for you in your life?
  • You rocked self-love and oozed your YOUness?
  • You could find a place inside of you for inner peace to live?
  • You had clarity around what your heart truly desired and what you want for your life?
Come and discover just how wonderful, magical and lovely you are. There is nothing like deciding what you want, creating something meaningful to you and discovering your inner power—the power of your heart.

The power to create change is within you. You have all of the resources you need to shift your perceptions and be the change you desire.

Journey of the heart is all about creating a heart connection, healing your heart, and uncovering your hearts desires - so that you can manifest what you want for your life.

The outcome…

A you who loves yourself more, has stronger boundaries, is in touch with her heart and knows exactly what she wants – her hearts desires.

When you know what you want you can move toward manifesting it.

Journey Of The Heart

Lockdown and the pandemic have completely changed our lives. For some of you this new 'stuckness' is nothing new, but for many these new restrictions and learning to live in a different way will have taken it's toll. Now is the time to think ahead about how life should look like in the future. 

Perhaps you feel some of these:
  • Disconnected from your hearts desires - what you want for your life
  • Unable to make conscious choices because you do not love yourself enough
  • Please others to make yourself feel good
  • Forget to be kind and compassionate to yourself
  • Cannot forgive easily
  • You struggle with boundaries and setting them with love
  • You struggle to give or receive love freely
  • You have relationships that are surrounded by toxic energy
  • You have lost sight of what you are passionate about and what your purpose is
  • Your heart feels heavy
What does a healthy and balanced heart centre look and feel like?
  • You will know that you are the love that you have been looking for
  • You will come to trust in yourself more
  • You will love and accept yourself
  • You will have clear personal boundaries
  • You will be kinder to yourself
  • You’ll feel brave enough to open your heart to others
  • You will claim your hearts desires and take action to manifest what you want
  • The program goes live in September. 

    Healing and connecting with the heart centre is the practice of opening, clearing, letting go, creating a space for love self-love, kindness and compassion. It is also about discovering your hearts desires, so that you can manifest what you want for your life.

    Journey Of The Heart

    What you get...

    • A brilliant and simple system that will connect you with your inner guidance system
    • A safe, sacred space where you can explore you and what comes up
    • 101% unconditional support and commitment
    • Non-judgmental, confidential listening ears that will be your witness
    • Weekly masterclass, Q&A, videos, workbooks and access to me
    • Meetings that you will look forward to - we do have fun too
    • Journaling prompts, affirmations, mandalas, meditations and musings
    • More energy, focus, clarity, confidence and sense of direction 
    • Homework to do between sessions. Everyone loves homework, right?

    Your Investment

    • 9 weeks - weekly sessions (approx. 90 minutes) - €995 (payment plans available - 3 payments)

    What else?

    You need a journal and get ready to write. We will meet weekly online, where I will deliver a short masterclass, followed by a safe circle where you can share what comes up for you. There will breakout rooms and time for Q&A. Between sessions you will explore the words and stories that show up and learn simple techniques to support your healing and growth.

    The centre of love connects you to your heart, the heart of others and is where the physical and spiritual energy centres meet and is the gateway between them.

    This course has been designed to support you in opening your heart to new experiences, healing, self-love, kindness, compassion and discovering your hearts desires - what you want.

    From here you will be able to create the life and the business you want. It will come from the heart and reach the heart of others.

    Your heart and soul are ready to write the next chapter of your life and you deserve this gift. You deserve to manifest magic


    You will get powerful journal prompts, exercises, affirmations, gratitude practice and mandalas.

    You'll be guided into discovering your hearts desires.


    Included are meditations to connect you with your heart, the past, present and furture self.

    Vision Board

    We'll create a vision board for your hearts desires and an action plan for the next 90-days.

    Your energy centres

    We'll take your heart on a journey through each of your energy centres. You'll discover your blocks and we will create strategies to clear them.

    Be prepared to let go and what does not serve you.

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

    Journey Of The Heart

    What is love?

    Love is the greatest human power anyone can possess.

    With this as a power source and gateway to the divine (ours and Universal), we can become our best selves.

    Love is a powerful energy that resides within us. Misplaced it can destroy anything, just as pure love can overcome anything. You are love, which means you are and have an exceptional force within you.

    The energy of love

    Love has an energy and a vibration, and if you are not connected to this, you will not be able to attract love to you.

    If you want to attract people or circumstances, then your manifesting magic must include you believing that this is possible for you.

    Strengthening the heart chakra

    Clearing and strengthening the heart chakra with the practice of gratitude will enable you to make a strong and powerful heart connection with yourself, others and Mother Earth.

    The opening of this chakra starts with learning to accept all that you are - a love child of the Cosmos. You are love, and you are loved.

    Everything within our lives is fuelled by heart intentions. Love is the highest energy source that has the power to transcend all pain and heartache. It is our source of divine inner wisdom and healing.

    Your Hearts Desires

    Love has an energy and a vibration, and if you are not connected to this, you will not be able to discover what it is you truly desire.

    If you want to create a life and business that you love, it is easier when you connect with your heart.

    Questions Galore


    None at all. Journaling is something that everyone can do. it doesn't matter if you put one word down or write 10 pages. The art of journaling is to connect to your heart and let the words flow.

    How long will we work together?

    We'll be together for 9 weeks.

    What will I get from this?

    You will get as much as you put in. 

    Set your intention that you will heal your heart and discover what your heart desires for you.

    The outcome will be that you will know what you want for your life and business.

    what support do I get?

    You'll be able to ask questions, get answers and connect with like-minded people in our private space.

    will i have to share my writing?

    Only if you want to...

    You may want to share with a friend, partner or an accountability buddy.

    Our group is a safe space and so it is up to you?

    why should I sign up?

    Sign up because you want to start healing your heart and deepening your connection with self-love.

    You want to live your life according to your hearts desires.

    You want a life on your terms, that is heart-led. And you want to know what it is you want moving forward.

    Meet Dale

    Dale Darley is a Spiritual Mentor, Strategist, Writer, Author and who works with her clients to support them to connect with their hearts, turn their story, purpose and knowledge into products with which to inspire and change the world.

    I am your friend and guide who walks with you as you learn to fly. 

    I would like to invite you to step into all that you are, wish to become and want to express.

    Together we will unleash your creativity, develop the strategy, book, course, program or whatever else is a part of your fully aligned and expressed life. 

    Dale lives in the hills with her two rescue dogs.

    What next?

    Take your next steps

    Personal Brand Strategy

    Take your hearts desires on a journey and create a personal brand strategy that sees you rocking it out into the world.

    Ignite Your Success

    Once you know what your heart desires and what your reason for being is you can create a signature blueprint. With your blueprint you can take your message out to the world and Lead An EVEolution.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that legally we cannot guarantee any incomes or sales results, no coach or mentor can. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, skill set and work ethic, we simply provide what has worked for us. Our courses and programs do not cover marketing and implementation which is outside of our remit. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.