From The Back Of The Book

We need more female leaders... More women ready to use their story to show the way.

Women are starting to wake up to the true power of leading from within. Women from all over the world are seeking guidance to help them to navigate the complexity of being able to connect to their heart's desire, stand in their personal power and show the way. They have innate knowing, and want to share the lessons from challenges and lessons in the past. They want to show others how to harness their wisdom in the present. They want to inspire others to know that the future belongs to them.

As leaders, role models, mentors, teachers and healers we hold the key.

We have the power to create alchemy and bring to life what others truly desire.

Are you called to join the EVE-olution?

In this book you will learn: 

  1. How to get clear about who you are, what your heart desires and what you are here to share?
  2. Understand the key parts of your EVE-olution
  3. What you wake up call and story is and how this will impact where you go from here
  4. Know which story and why is THE story that will help you to lead an EVE-olution
  5. Your reason for being
  6. How to wake up to what your true power is and how to use it
  7. Letting go and making space for opportunities and possibilities
  8. Meeting your inner leader
  9. What is your part in the EVE-olution and how you will take it forward?
  10. How to harness the power of your story 
  11. Who you want to inspire and impact
  12. How to tap into what it means to lead as a woman
  13. How to lead with your heart on fire
  14. Create your brilliant manifesto
  15. How to lead with a book

Having more feminine energy in business benefits us all. Harnessing the power of your story to lead an EVE-olution creates a connection of mind, body, soul and spirit. It has an energy, a vibrational signature and a conscious connection. It is tied to the gradual changes that take place to alter the way in which we live, love and lead.

Eve-olution is a process of leadership that comes from the feminine core. We take our thirst for growth and build upon each layer of learning gradually, applying that learning thus ensuring that we can sustain and nourish the seeds we sew.

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