August 3, 2020
August 3, 2020

It’s another full moon and the energy of this one is odd, to say the least. Or it could be that I feel like I am living on a remote island without my desert island disc goodies – eight tracks, a book and a luxury. We’ll come back to these in a mo…

This full moon – well, let’s face it something has to be at fault and I don’t want to talk about that other stuff – you know the pandemic (insert sad face).

This morning started well, with a gorgeous walk with two of my dogs, followed by getting a proof book sorted for a client – I hope she likes it?

Then, a malaise set in, which is most unlike me and I found myself a bit emotional and letting a sludgy part of my life creep in. I wonder if lugging some of this slurry is really necessary – what do you think?

I’m a big fan of letting go, especially on a full moon. I love the ceremony of burning my letter to letting go (see later), lighting candles, meditating with crystals and just being as my words float off to meet their maker somewhere up there.

Letting go and decluttering your heart is a big part of allowing the sludgy bits to dissolve, leaving you to make space for more of the good stuff. Besides which slurry and sludge smells. You only have to own a dog to know that!

As I was driving back from the shops today I passed a chicken farm and it reminded me of a day when for some reason one of my errant dogs was standing in the road far away from home covered nose to tail tip in stinky stuff – she was filthy and wet.

I can remember the smell as if it were yesterday.

I unpacked the boot, covered the back seat and drove her home for a wash. She stood silently looking at me as I removed the offending grime as if to say ‘what’s the fuss mum?’

Within 10 minutes the smell and the dirt were gone. For her, I am sure it’s long gone from her memory, while I have it stored along with a prayer that it never happens again.

Dale and marley moo

Getting slurry, foxes poo and other indescribable muck off a dog is far easier than letting go of traumas. These little critters clutter our hearts and just when you are least expecting it wham tears, anger or some other unexpressed emotion leaps out and smacks you around the face.

I practice the art of letting go in many ways. Getting rid of stuff around the house to clothes I no longer want has become easy. I learned after leaving three homes behind that you don’t need much.

Every once in a while I do a sweep of the house and put things that no longer serve me in the utility room and from there they go to charity. The same happens with clothes, if they miss the ironing for several sessions, it’s clear that they need to adorn someone else’s body.

With matters of the heart, I wait until an appropriate moment and allow my intuition to guide me.

This full moon I have no possessions that I want to chuck, instead, I am drawn to write a letting go letter to some of the stuff around a now very old relationship. I was rather surprised when I put pen to paper that this should show it’s face.

That is the beauty of journaling, what needs to come out does and so it should.

Letting go and decluttering your heart

Examining the past can be upsetting, especially when you look back and see a set of repeated behaviours that might now seem cringe-worthy. I like to think that despite everything that has happened, it was all meant to be and is just part of the journey, like a tough degree programme at the University of Life. Everything is a learning experience and a gift.

What do you need to let go of which is cluttering up your heart?

Dear letting go…

Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit and write a letting go letter to whatever needs to come up. Do not censor your words or try to control them.

Start your letter dear letting go and see what flows.

I always advise my clients to start with the mundane and then the juicy stuff will come.

Leave the letter with some crystals and let them work their magic.

Later, when you read your letter, find the lesson and the gift. Write thank you on your letter and set the words and emotions free by burning your letter.

If burning is not your thing, do something else. You could flush it down the toilet or make a boat and let it sail away.

Make your ritual and ceremony your own.

Afterwards be kind to you and with any luck you will sleep well. In the morning pick up your journal and write.

Have faith that in that space is room for something far more valuable and loving. Consider the gift that you have been given and ask how will this gift serve me?

This ceremony just some of the things we do in a Writing To Heal Circle – do come and join us.

Eight tracks, a book and a luxury

Come then what are your eight tracks, a book and a luxury?

  • Nirvana cover of The Man Who Saved The World
  • Bad Company – Bad Company
  • Neil Diamond – Pretty Amazing Grace
  • Dido – Hunter
  • Joan Armatrading – I am not in love
  • George Thorogood – One bourbon, one scotch and one beer
  • Nirvana – Come as you are
  • Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Phew that was hard!!

The book would be Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness – Llyn Roberts, because theres loads of journeys to go on.

Luxury would have to be lipstick!

And of course my three dogs.

Over to you.

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart, and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.