June 15

Life Purpose, The Meaning Of Life And Personal Brand. What’s It All About?


When I woke this morning I had a sense of something, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I guess it’s because just recently I have been wondering more about this whole what is life all about thingy.

What am I here to do?

My mission, purpose, reason for being, IKIGAI and why is all around writing to heal and inspiring others to write to heal the world.

I believe that by using the written word we can reach the hearts of others so that they are inspired to also make an impact in the world.

Purpose led content around your story or stories builds your personal brand, helps you to become visible and reach others.

Despite many hours of pondering, journaling, reading books, being in spiritual circles, and meditating, I don’t really know what came before or what comes after. Do you? I have a fertile imagination and a strong belief, which helps me to keep me grounded and I do truly believe that there is some purpose to all of this. That there is more to life than meets the eye. I am an adventurer in the sense of the inner adventure and I want to know what’s out there as much as the next person.

What if for a moment we allowed ourselves the luxury of knowing.

Here’s the deal, before we come to inhabit our host body, our soul gets to choose what they are going to do. Imagine you (as a soul, whatever that looks like) sitting at a big computer in your soul office at the Soul Plaice, skimming the options.

You chat to a few soul mates, sign a few soul contracts and say ‘hey guys, see you on the other side for a bit of chaos and fun.’

After you create your magical life combination, you pop over to the soul tube and wham you are in amniotic fluid and waiting for departure.

At which point your memory is wiped, you are in the body space and its time to work out the meaning of your life.

Life of Brian quote

“You came from nothing and you’ll go back to nothing. So what you´ve lost … Nothing.” (Life of Brian)

So with nothing to lose, let’s get on with it shall we!

So, you are here on Earth, you can’t remember your life purpose, there’s a limited amount of time before the rubbish body you’ve been given expires. It’s a rubbish body because you’ve forgotten that you are supposed to look after it and someone else’s life purpose (the viruses) is to tempt you with sugar, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and big macs. You are not in control, the host body is leading you astray…

Limited time, rubbish body, wicked viruses, searching for the meaning of life… It’s all quite exhausting isn’t it?

Come on , let’s make the best of it shall we?

Life purpose = living life on purpose, doing every day what you love and making sure that before you expire, you have a ball in whatever way that you can. Sure some of it is crap, but that is behind you. Draw a line in the sand, put the rubbish stuff in a bin bag and put it out for the bin man (bin = trash).

The past is for reference, not a place to dwell and when you get back to the Soul Plaice and you can watch your Earth holiday movies, just laugh at your antics, and I am sure all of your soul buddies will have done some cringe-worthy stuff too.

Now you are standing with a line, in front of you. It’s called is the meaning of life, line, your life. Take your faith in whatever form that has meaning for you and look along the line, at the end is a huge golden egg, that is my gift to you. You can put in it anything you like, anything.

I can’t promise that you can have it all, I cannot gift you the red Porsche, house on the hill overlooking the sea, $1 million in the bank, but I can gift you the personal permission to hold a picture in your head of what you want for you.

Humans need to remember to live each day in the present moment (I know it’s a tough one sometimes) and we need to know that there is meaning and something to work towards, so mix that up in whatever way that works for you.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling relieved already that my rubbish is out for the bin men and that I have a golden egg, stuffed full of love, laughter, light, things and right by my side are my gorgeous family, the ones that I was supposed to find. I know, sometimes finding your soul group is a tough one. Is there a reason we make it so hard?

Past behind me, golden egg in front of me, living life on purpose, live in the moment, line in front of me, and knowing meaning of my life, now what?

Your personal brand, of course.

What we now need to consider is how we express all of your gorgeousness to the people out there.

What is a personal brand?

Developing a personal brand is in part about discovering the things that bring you joy and fulfilment and then envisioning how those things can be translated into how you can inspire and impact others while loving what you do.

Your personal brand also exists in the minds of others in the way they perceive, think, and feel about you. It’s important to remember that your personal brand is not what you think it is, but it’s what others perceive it to be. However, it is up to you to understand what makes you, you.

Back in the Soul Plaice…

So, back in the Soul Plaice and you are waiting to catch the tube to Earth, you need to find a way so that your soul group, the rock band that you belong to, can instantly recognize you. You program in your personal brand.

One last look to make sure you have your life purpose, the journey mapped out – the meaning of your life and your personal brand – your soul group identity so your mates can find you and it’s off for the adventure of a lifetime. Sunglasses, sun cream and a good book, you are off!

Despite the silliness of this blog, there is a serious message. We don’t really know what came before or what comes after, all we know is now and I want now to be a place where I have a life I love, I live and work with people I love and I am in control of my personal brand.

Everything I do and how I am is connected with my heart and from a place of love, kindness and compassion.

My personal brand is how you know what I stand for and who I am, it is my identity, my visual representation of me, it’s everything I say and do, it’s the way that you will know if we are right for each other.

I’d like to think that we are a match made in heaven.

See you back at the Soul Plaice, the party’s at mine, bring your smiles and hold onto your bellies, I think we may be laughing a lot!

Grab your Exploring Purpose e-book, it’s a less sillier than this blog and has some great questions.

Then book in for a session and let’s create some personal brand magic for you.


Ikigai, personal brand

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  • Love this: “Past behind me, golden egg in front of me, life on purpose, live in the moment, line in front of me, meaning of my life, now what?” I have steadily been peeling back the onion on what makes me who I am and what my purpose is in terms of branding my business. Since I’m a coach/consultant and solopreneur, I am my brand, so it’s critical that people not only see me as I am but that they recognize themselves in everything I create, write, communicate, etc. Great post, Jacqui!

  • “My personal brand is how you know what I stand for and who I am, it is my identity, my visual representation of me, it’s everything I say and do, it’s the way that you will know if we are right for each other.” This is a powerful statement all businesses/bloggers should own.

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