Manifesting Magic Adventure

Join me for 12 days

Let's awaken your Inner Wisdom, access the Language Of The Heart and Manifest Magic

We start...


Manifesting what you want is only a few steps away...

Join this 12 day adventure and let's get this show on the road.

Lack of anything isn't about who you are, it's about your energy, what you do and who you surround yourself with. With a big dollop of self-love, belief in yourself and the right aligned tribe of people all buzzing at the right vibration and with the right teachers, the doors to your desires will open.

Get aligned with your life purpose, what you want and discover a deeper and meaningful relationship with yourself. Get ready to rock and start living the life you came here to live.

It's time to sort out your happy to be me factor, self-love quotient, how you feel about you. To begin doing and create the life you have always wanted. Get out of your own way, identify your triggers and change the habits that don't serve you.

The power to create change is within you, manifesting magic help you find it!

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.  J. M. Barrie

What's included?

  • Private Sacred Space
  • 12 days of activities to 
  • Quarterly Masterclasses (Roots and Foundations/Heart Connections/Manifesting Magic/Happy To Be Me)
  • Smashbooking
  • No Thing Time

I have a crazy offer of just £97 (normally £297) for the year to kick-start your magical 2020 (we start on Tuesday March 24th).  Apply coupon code: MMWAM2020at the check-out


Everything changes here

  • Imagine realising your desires and manifesting magic 
  • Imagine feeling at peace and content with where you are and who you are
  • Imagine having a balanced, healthy relationship with you
  • Imagine feeling valued and confident
  • Imagine loving all of you and being your best self

I created this challenge because this has changed my life. It's been a tough five years with endless illness. BUT each time I discovered something new, I listened to the whispers of my soul, managed my energy, practiced gratitude and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I found me. I learned to love me. I found inner peace. And from here I created a bucket list for my soul and I have been manifesting each of these things in a balanced and harmonious way. 

I want you to have it too so you can manifest all that YOU want and become a happier, kinder version of yourself!

Kindness makes for a happier world.

​" Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." Denis Waitley

What if?

What if you could have more fun and magic in your life?

  • You didn't have to conform to other people's idea of what your life should be life?
  • You had clarity around what you truly desired?
  • You rocked self-love and oozed your youness?
  • You found a place inside of you for inner peace to live and sod the world?

What if your heart was a guide book to your magical life?


Just how wonderful and magical you are. There is nothing like deciding what you want, creating something meaningful to you and discovering your inner power.

The power to create change is within you. You have all of the resources you need to shift your perceptions and be the change you desire.

This is for you, if

  • You want the specific steps to take to build a solid foundation for a magical life
  • You spend more time hating your life than feeling good about it
  • You want to get to a place where you love and accept yourself
  • You are DONE with struggling with your stories and are ready to let go of a life that doesn't serve you
  • You want to make friends with your soul
  • You feel stuck, are curious about word alchemy and want to try a simpler way to self-love and inner peace
  • You want to manifest magic and your best self

What are you waiting for? Your Magical life starts here…

I am Dale Darley - your Word Alchemist

Three words: Funny. Quirky. Brave.

I’m not here to share silly, unrealistic strategies -- I’m here to show you how to manifesting magic in the REAL WORLD

This is me - frustrated rock chic, coach writer and mum to three fur babies. I love healthy food, balanced with cake. I am not perfect, nor am I a guru. I'm someone who has experience serious trauma, rubbish relationships and sooooo many unexplained illnesses. BUT I found self-love and inner peace and I no longer dread what the day will bring. I've learned how to find the root cause of my illnesses and used practical magic to heal - natural all the way for me.


Let's get ready to rock!

This challenge is free (normally £47 - use this coupon code at the check-out), that doesn't mean you ‘get what you pay for.'  This challenge will only work if you fully commit!  It's only 12 days - so dive in, pull on your superhero pants and #trusttheprocess.

How it works


1. Once you sign up, you’ll get an email and an invitation to a Facebook group, where you will receive a warm welcome and meet me and very probably my three doggies.  We kick off our adventure with an open heart and mind. You will also receive your very own digital life journal when you join.


2.  You will be guided through your journal, how to set yourself up for a magical 12 days. In the group you'll be inspired and encouraged to take action. You will be invited to reflect back to the group about your discoveries and wins (if you feel comfortable to do so).  


3. You’ll get videos, post and encouraging posts from me and of course support from the rest of the group! We'll all be in it together and supporting each other!  There is strength in numbers, and being a part of this group is motivating and inspiring. Don’t underestimate the difference it will make to you to inspire others and have your own team of cheerleaders.


4. I'll let you know in the group when the first call is. There will be a few things to do before you start and you will decide what you want to manifest.


5. You'll commit to what you want which means you WILL be taking action!


6. At the end you will be able to reflect on your challenges and goals and see how far you've come. You will be guided to carry on with 'what happens next' and invited to share ‘your moving forward’ action plan. 

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