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From the back cover

What is it you most desire?

Get ready to rock your world, be happy to be you and create a life that you love.

  • Do you set goals every new moon, month, quarter or year that never get realised?’
  • Do you start with a lot of excitement about the possibilities of what you can manifest, but then nothing happens?
  • Do you create a manifesting - this is what I want Universe - list month after month and never receive what you want?
  • Do you want to learn how to be open to receiving what you want and need?
  • Do you want to learn how to manifest your hearts desires?

I found that when I focused my energy and intention differently and was open to receiving, things started to happen, and I liked it. It felt magical.

Come with me on a manifesting magic adventure, connect to your desires and understand how to bring them into being while discovering more about your most precious jewel – you. It’s while on the journey to getting what you want that you learn who you are, what you value, and how to show up in the world.

Manifesting isn’t about TRICKS it is about ENERGY and who you BECOME on the way to getting what you WANT.

In this book, you will follow the process that I used for reawakening my belief that magic does indeed exist. You will learn how to balance your energy, align with your best self, clear the stuff in your head, create a bucket list for your soul, go on a vision quest, and take daily aligned action towards what you want and need.

The Universe and spirit want to help you to get what you want and need. When you awaken to who you are, discover your inner magic, the Universe will know that you are ready for all of the magic it has to offer you.

Manifesting magic is both spiritual and practical, and by focusing on a simple step by step approach, you will arrive at the end of the book feeling very happy to be you. 

Together we will design a road-map to getting what you want and need while creating a life you love.

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