Adventures In Manifesting Magic LIVE

Magical Steps To:

Getting what you want and need and creating YOUR magical life

We start...


We start on Wednesday May 6th - 7pm CET (6pm UK, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT, 1pm CDT)

Are you:

  • In the transition tunnel, feeling alone and in the dark about your direction?
  • In limbo land feeling forgotten, ignored and uncertain about your future?
  • Left in lost and found waiting to find your way back home?

Would you rather:

  • Know what you wanted?
  • How to get it?
  • Have a rich and fulfilling life?

Your soul is super ready for Adventures In Manifesting Magic. After all, something sent you here...

You’ve already completed the first step in manifesting magic by showing up and saying yes to magic. You were guided here, and you are always being shown the right way to go.

The world is a reflection of you. We are vibrational beings and like attracts like. Manifesting Magic is the foundation from which you can create a life that you love.

"Every moment of our life offers us an opportunity to tune into the creative energy of the universe and experience wildly awesome synchronicity and connection" Gabrielle Bernstein

What's included?

  • Manifesting Magic 8 week live program
  • Private Sacred Space
  • Weekly Circles and Q&A
  • Adventures In Manifesting Magic online course (lifetime access)
  • Journals and workbooks
  • Meditations

It's £997 for the 8 week program, circle and course.  

These are the building blocks:

You are going on an adventure with your heart and soul:

  • Learn how to manifest magic and experience more of what you want
  • Learn about your energy centres, and how to align and balance your energy
  • Get to know and love yourself so that you can have the confidence to create a fulfilling and purposeful life
  • Create a bucket list for your soul and know how to get what you want
  • Go on a vision quest
  • Know how to connect to spirit and hear the whispers of your soul
  • Find inner peace and contentment
  • Re-magic your life and know what living a magical life means for you
  • Understand how to break free from limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to let go of struggle and live a life of ease
  • Understand how to find purpose in the every day
  • Experience being happy to be you
  • Create a life you LOVE

Everything changes here

It's time to get out of your own way, identify your resistance triggers,  change the habits that don't serve you and manifest your best self and what you want from your heart.

The nine pillars to manifesting magic look like this:

Word Alchemy

Awake | Aware | Acceptance

  • Aware - The magic of energy. Working with spirit. Gratitude
  • Awake - How did I get here?
  • Acceptance - The art of acceptance. The Magic of forgiveness
Language of the heart


Alignment | Adapt 

  • Alignment - Who do I want to be? Practical Magic. The magic of self-love. The magic of happiness
  • Adapt - What stands in your way. Chakra wounds. The limiting beliefs ogre
Manifesting Magic Wand


Attention | Abundance

  • Attention - The vision quest
  • Abundance - Bucket list for your soul. Get clear on what you want
Inner peace

Action | Alive

  • Action - Daily inspired and aligned action
  • Alive - Reflections. Stay with it

It's time to sort out your magical happy to be me factor, self-love quotient, and how you feel about your life. Imagine creating the life you have always wanted - one that you love. 

​" Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." Denis Waitley

What if?

What if you could have more fun and magic in your life?

  • You didn't have to conform to other people's idea of what your life should be life?
  • You had clarity around what you truly desired?
  • You rocked self-love and oozed your youness?
  • You found a place inside of you for inner peace to live and sod the world?

What if your heart was a guide book to your magical life?


Just how wonderful and magical you are. There is nothing like deciding what you want, creating something meaningful to you and discovering your inner power.

The power to create change is within you. You have all of the resources you need to shift your perceptions and be the change you desire.

Discover your Happy To Be Me factor

Why come on this adventure?

The first thing you have to do is to decide is exactly what you want your you life to look like, then you have to align your energy and take focused action to get it. If you are ready for an adventure, willing to take action while having fun, then this is for you...

I'm here to personally support you to stay inspired, motivated and aligned with your desires.

Let's do this!


  • You'll learn how to love yourself and manifest magic from your heart
  • You'll learn a wide variety of practices and strategies to bring you back into alignment with your soul's journey
  • You'll become aware of how you use your energy
  • Lots of ideas and a process to help you engage with how to get what you want


  • You'll be able to go on and apply these skills to other areas of your life
  • You'll develop confidence in yourself and know what you really want
  • You'll get my support and daily encouragement
  • The energy in this program and circle will improve every area of your life

This is for you, if

  • You want to know the steps to take to build a solid foundation for a magical life
  • You spend more time hating your life than feeling good about it, and you want that to change
  • You want to get to a place where you love and accept yourself
  • You are DONE with struggling with your stories and are ready to let go of a life that doesn't serve you
  • You want to make friends with your heart and soul
  • You feel stuck, are curious about the power of self-love and manifesting magic
  • You want to manifest magic and your best self
  • You want to embrace your Happy To Be Me factor
  • You want to create a LIFE that you LOVE
  • You want to more of what you want

What are you waiting for? Your magical life starts here…

I am Dale Darley - Executive Soul Coach

Why have I developed this?

Over the past few years, I've wanted to create an experience that would bring inner peace to the lives of my customers while helping them to create what they truly want from a heart perspective.

When I left a dreadful marriage and traveled to another country, I couldn't have foreseen all of the health issues that would come about because I allowed my unexpressed emotions to manifest. I've been through many health and life issues and have worked on each using a variety of tools, which I now teach. 

Going through the tough times taught me about who I am, what I want to create, how to get to the root of what has been wrong and helped me to believe in magic. I have manifested magic, discovered my happy to be me factor and found inner peace.

When I hit rock bottom, and the dark night of the soul, I knew the only way was up. I found my superpower - resilience. You will have yours too.

Today I live in the peace of the hills in Spain with my three furry friends. Every day I wake with a smile on my face. My body is grateful for how I love, honour and respect her. And most of all I love who I have become.

Sure there are things that I want and I work on them one at a time. I place my focus and take action. When I place my trust in the Universe and spirit I can be sure that they are right by my side supporting me.

Bringing Manifesting Magic to my customers has been on my mind for years. I have so much passion about teaching what I know and I want you to find that place within you that has been calling to be seen for years. 

I developed my own manifesting magic process and now I want to share it with you.

Through this, I've completely changed my life for the better. I know what works. I can tell you that the secret lies in taking it back to the basics. Creating the life of your dreams is so much simpler than you think.

It's not the time to give up. It's time to learn a new way of thinking, being and doing. It’s time to unleash the calling that you are meant for more. 

Welcome to manifesting magic in your life.

It's time to connect to your heart and call in all that you desire

How it works


1. Once you sign up, you’ll get an email and an invitation to our secret Facebook group, where you will receive a warm welcome and meet me and very probably my three doggies.  The Group opens on April 6th. We kick off with an introduction to Manifesting Magic. This gives you the foundation of what is to come. You will also receive your very own digital life journal when the group opens.


2.  You will be guided through your journal, how to set yourself up for a magical month and daily prompts. In the group you'll be inspired and encouraged to take action. You will be invited to reflect back to the group about your discoveries and wins (if you feel comfortable to do so).  


3. You’ll get informal coaching from me through our weekly circles, your own accountability buddy (if you want one) and of course support from the rest of the group! We'll all be in it together and supporting each other!  There is strength in numbers, and being a part of this group is motivating and inspiring. Don’t underestimate the difference it will make to you to inspire others and have your own team of cheerleaders.


4.The first group coaching call and masterclass will take place on April 8th, 2020, 7pm UK. You'll be guided through your journal (that goes with the course) so you feel prepared and ready. You will decide what you want to manifest. You also get an online course which is yours to keep.


5. You WILL be taking action!


6. At the end of every week, you will be able to reflect on your challenges and goals and see how far you've come. You will be guided to carry on with 'what happens next' and invited to share ‘your moving forward’ action plan. 

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