December 12, 2020
December 12, 2020

Today I had fun creating a book cover journal. I was making the interior for a journal and was thinking about another book that I want to blog and write and it struck me that I needed a special journal for the journey.

Just before I started to write Healing Osteoporosis Naturally I started a new journal. I was musing how much more powerful it would have been to have journaled in a journal that reminded me of my purpose.

Although at the beginning of your book journey you probably aren’t in the best place to create a book cover, this idea is a fabulous way to get your first book cover designed and keep you motivated.

This exercise will start to focus your mind on what you will eventually want that book cover to look like. Also by staying with the same designer, once you have lived with it for a while, it will be easier for them to update for you.

What is a book cover journal?

As the name suggests it is a journal with your book cover on it.

I always suggest that my writers have a journal just for this book adventure. With the book cover journal, you create a personalised journal and get to hold your book in your hand long before it’s published.

The benefits of the book cover journal

  • You get a personalised journal to use with your book
  • For a low cost, you get to create your first book cover
  • You can hold your book in your hand at the start of the journey, which is both exciting and motivating
  • You can show your book off to everyone which makes you accountable and it’s a great marketing tactic
  • You can see if your first ideas about a book cover work for you and your ideal reader

How do you create a book cover journal?

  • Set up a document with the right book properties. E.g. 6×9 format, mirror margins, fonts etc.
  • Create a document with journal pages. Basically a series of lined pages.
  • Write a book cover specification
  • Get your book cover designed – try Youness on Fiverr. He creates simple designs for approx. $45 and is very helpful.
  • Go to Kindle Direct Publishing and create a new book on your bookshelf – it needs to be a print book. If you don’t have an account, create one – it’s pretty straightforward.
  • Create the book with the word ‘journal’ at the end. When you get to your real book you will want to repeat the set-up process and get yourself a new ISBN and book on your bookshelf.
  • Upload your manuscript and book cover, follow the rest of the process and order yourself some proof copies. Do not make it live.

Watch this video which gives you a run-through of what to do.

What to do next?

When your book cover journal design arrives, use the 3D image on your books sales page. Talk about your book and why you made the journal. Video yourself unwrapping your cover and taking a big sniff of your book. The smell of a new book always gets me. Use your journal as you write your book. Show it off to everyone…

Once you have seen your first cover in the flesh you will soon know what changes to make when it comes to the ‘real’ thing.

An invitation or several invitations

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