November 4, 2019
November 4, 2019

This morning I was up early and feeling like a very motivated and annoyingly energetic creature. Motivation I have found is a rather curious creature. What motivates me won’t necessarily float your boat and why should it?

Some days like today it seems I woke up with the motivation bug firmly placed in a place we won’t discuss and I feel irrationally happy.

The reason is this…

There are days when I make a personal discovery and my life changes. These discoveries do not need to be big, but they are always hiding in plain sight. Gone are the days when I could kick myself for not realising. Instead, I jump up and down and give the dogs extra kisses for their support and encouragement.

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.


I was on a group call recently about limiting beliefs, you know those niggly things we have, that we feel and disrupt us. But which sometimes we can’t see or can but can’t get to the root cause. A comment was made that sparked something in me, and as usual, I put it in my journal. As is also the way I left it overnight so that I could reflect.

Last night I was on scribbling in my journal and I was full of great ideas and I was thinking about how to use them to boost my motivation and understanding.

And then…

I wrote something. It was a throwaway comment about how I had done something. In those few words, I made a connection between a limiting belief and something that was niggling me. I knew straight away how I would use the power of my motivation to solve the problem.

Ok so far?

You see the answer is always within, especially once you get a nudge from somewhere else…

I made the greatest discovery when I was journaling this morning – see tip 8. But before I share here are a few motivation tips that work for me.

Motivation tip 1 – journal every day

Journaling, connecting to your inner muse and inner leader is one of the most powerful ways I know to unlock the secrets to becoming a better human. Alchemy is made in the connection between our hearts and the paper.

Write, reflect and write some more. You will if you are open to discovering clues and answers.

Motivation tip 2 – focus on one thing

I always start my quarter doing 45 goals, desires and intentions. It’s just a big list of stuff which contains the frivolous to the very important. At the beginning of each month (and at a full moon), I review my list and create a short what shall I focus on this month list. I then have one thing to do. Now that might be one thing for my business, one thing for my writing and one for my health, but there is never more than one thing in a category.

Choose three areas and select your one thing for each. Focus on these and put together an action plan.

Motivation tip 3 – read for 30 minutes a day or 20 pages

You choose which it is time or pages. What matters is that each day you read something. Why? Well, you will learn something, and you will relax. When I was reading John Marrs book, The One, and I wanted to do nothing but read, but I forced myself to close my Kindle after my allotted time and carried on with my day. The killer was when I was almost at the end, and I wanted to know… oooo the suspense!

Choose something that will take you away from business and your day to day life. Many argue that you should read self-help books every day. I find it hard to do that as I want to be taken to a world of fiction and lose myself in stories.

What are you reading, do please share?

Motivation tip 4 – learn one new word every day

Your new word can be in any language. My new word is Spanish. I’ve started a new journal just for this, and it starts today.

My word is frondoso. Apparently, it means lush and abundant for vegetation and leafy for a tree. I will check with my teacher tomorrow.

By learning just one word it doesn’t seem such a mammoth task of adding to your vocabulary.

In fact, just doing one small thing every day is massively motivational when you see the end result.

What is your word for today? I’m already wondering at how I shall slip this into the conversation.

Motivation tip 5 – have a me day

Me days are so important. Thursday is a me day, I’m meeting a friend for tea and cake in the mountains. Me days are usually Saturdays when I only do what pleases me.

By letting go and creating space you will find solutions to things and create energy for what is to come.

What will you do for you me day?

Motivation tip 6 – Meditate for a minute

I started meditating for a minute at the beginning of the year and slowly I have been increasing the minutes. Starting with just a minute gets you into the habit.

Start small and make it easy works for me. I love my meditations now.

Get the Insight Timer App and start your day with a minute just for you.

Motivation tip 6 – Do one thing you have been putting off

Get stuff off your list. Mine was cleaning the terrace. The rat invasion made a mess of it. It needed a good sorting out so that when I am eating breakfast and lunch, I feel that I am in a beautiful space. Next on the list is sorting out the filler around the doors…

Go do it. What is your one thing?

Motivation tip 7 – Only you can change things

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Ask your inner leader what is the next step for today. Listen and watch because the answer is not always obvious, but the answer will come when you trust and have faith.

Hold that thought that you have a very powerful leader lurking in your heart and today he/she will speak to you.

Motivation tip 8 – imagine the thing that you really want to do is done

What is your massive goal? Chances you have a big life goal or dream. Imagine it’s the week after something has come to fruition.

What does it feel like? What can you see and hear? What do you know about how you achieved that goal?

That’s it for November. Winter will be here soon. For me right now, the day is coming alive, and there are three dogs who don’t care about my writing, they just want a walk.

My this months journal is this one. You can grab your copy from Amazon.

Love to Journal 2 abundance db (1)

My mission is to encourage and empower you to step into the wisdom of your heart and embrace self-love, self-worth and confidence so that you discover that all-important inner peace.