Paying It Forward

How can I help and inspire you?

The world is a little crazy and I wanted to find a way to support you, and pay it forward.

These courses (see below) are for those of you who are losing your jobs because you have made a medical decision about what goes into your body or can't work because you have been vaccine injured.  Please only take ONE free course. There are only so many I can give away each month. Thanks...

Meet Dale

A long time ago I was made redundant - it came out of the blue and destroyed my life - or so I thought. A few days later my car broke down and I didn't have the £1500 needed to mend it. 

I freaked...

For a month, I did nothing - I was paralyzed. But something kicked in and I asked for help. And lo and behold I got work from several different sources. It wasn't ideal, but it restored my faith.

How I wished I'd had a plan B... But I didn't and perhaps you don't either.

Life has a way of giving you more shit, and my partner became unemployed and drank heavily - we couldn't pay the mortgage and I started to use credit cards to live. 

I loved working for myself, but the debts were just getting worse - so I found (luckily) a great job.

But I still no plan B... So when all of the directors resigned and I was made redundant again I knew this time, I'd better do something...

That something was to create training courses and write books.

Now I am not suggesting that you could write a book and instantly find Nirvana. BUT you can make courses and turn your ideas into a business.

So, ok, maybe these aren't for you... What about some of the other courses listed? These invite you to grab a journal and explore.

Either way, I wanted to do something to support you...

E-books and Courses

Use coupon code MFBD61221 for the free courses - there are 10 of each. Use BD61221 for other low priced courses.

Turn Your Non Fiction Book Into A Course

Despite the title you can use this course to learn how to create a course. You do not need to be an author - use what you can and go for it...

10 available

WRITE! Your Non-fiction book

If writing a book and then turning it into a course is your thing - then this course is for you.

Write 30k words - keep it simple. Make sure the market needs it and you will love writing it.

10 Available

Grab An Ebook

Exploring Purpose.

Use this to discover what you think you might like to do.

Grab a journal and explore.

Take A Course

I have lots of other courses, perhaps one of them will support your journey. These are not free, but I do have a coupon code OCT0610, which will give you a great price.

Writing To Heal

This is a lovely course designed to get you writing and exploring yourself.

10 available

Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Says what it does on the tin. Each week you will be offered something new to try.

10 Available