New moon, Earth Dog Year, Journaling and setting intentions
New moon, Earth Dog Year, Journaling and setting intentions

New moon, Earth Dog Year, Journaling and setting intentions

It’s a new moon which often disturbs sleeping patterns and mine are well out of whack. Upon waking at 1.30am, I thought about journaling and then decided that perhaps some meditation music might be better. My head was banging, and I just wanted to sleep. I tried but it wasn’t coming so out came the journal, and I started to write.

I’m journaling daily while on this osteoporosis journey as I want to remember all of the detail for when I come to write a book about it. If you are at the start of a life-changing journey, start yours too. I’m currently editing Rude Awakenings, my next book and how I wished I had not burned all of my journals when I left the ex. But I did, and luckily I have blogs and calendar entries to guide me. But why make it hard right?

I’ve decided on an entirely natural approach. The doctor doesn’t know yet because we are at the start of our relationship and I’m in the machine and going for a bone density test next week.

A friend upon hearing my diagnosis talked to me about her mum and what she had done to reverse it. She is very inspiring, and hearing stories like this give me hope.

Although trained in naturopathic nutrition (I do not practice – it’s just for me), I could not do my case study, so I engaged a nutritionist to look at my life and how this might have come about. Another eye. I had my theories, but at a time like this, I think, at least for me, you need someone who is not in your stuff and is not so enmeshed in your life.

She is another incredibly inspiring person. You know the kind that looks adversity in the eye and says here’s some curly kale now eff off… I think that was a pathetic attempt at a nutritional joke.

Yesterday, I got her report back. She kept writing; I know you know this but. I smiled, I might know it, but I’m too caught up in dealing with pain.

It was so enlightening to see my life, my mums and her mum’s lifestyles, as well as my dads reflected in my body. It all makes sense to me because this is what we are taught; to look at the bigger picture.

If only we knew this as we party through life. So much stress in my life has taken its toll on my poor body. I know about stress and emotional rubbish because my journaling has been on the same adventure with me and has helped me survive.

But here is the thing. And I have quite a few friends who are nutritionists. (I’d recommend any of these in a flash if you are interested.) They say when they work with their clients that they always seemed naffed off that they have to work on hydration first.

And that’s what my nutritionist said yesterday. I didn’t protest, despite the fact I drink lots of water already. As she explained that didn’t matter because my cells were not getting hydrated, they couldn’t get the nutrients in. They have been on dehydration alert since birth. That’s pretty scary, right?

I believe that I have this now because of a previously undetected overactive thyroid which I cured with nutrition. And because I drank high calcium water (999ppm) for a year when I injured my rib. I installed a countertop water filter so that I did have to lug water and carried on drinking it. The water filter did not take the calcium out of the water, and I was so focused on thyroid, I did not think. Doh!

I also have it because of this big picture I was talking about. Despite my great diet and exercise I was massively dehydrated at a cellular level – all of my life. All my life.

I consider myself lucky that I got these fractures, which means I am in the system and I am seeking help for something that could have been so much worse.

What I also consider lucky (you may not), is that this has called me to stop and think about my life, about the core of who I am and where I fit in the matrix.

But it is bloody hard detoxing, and rehydrating, my head is banging, I’ve hardly slept, and I am so tired. I want to cry all the time – you know spontaneously leaking eyes. I’m naffed off I can’t walk my dogs or drive my car, carry in the dog food, lug the logs upstairs, get my shopping (though I am blessed for such good friends) and a million and one other things.

Despite this tough old experience, I’m in, I see such positives, and I’m a fighter. I refuse to go into some sausage factory where they give me drugs and send me home. I want my body and my life back.

It’s a new moon today and tomorrow is the Chinese New Year – the year of the Earth Dog. I’m focusing on what I want to manifest and setting good intentions.

What do you want to manifest? Get journaling and find out.

New moon journaling

New moons as the name suggests are all about new, birthing and starting over. I always look to see what sign the moon is in so that I can glean some more information. This is a great website with the kind of thing that I am talking about. New moon solar eclipse. Read it and pick out something that resonates and yes start journaling. Just let your writing flow.

In this article I was hit with – this represents a turning point. How very apt. So many ways to go, but the turning point is taking control, breathing through, taking good action and allowing everything to flow. I’m planting seeds. What about you?

Earth Dog, Chinese New Year journaling

Same website, different article – the year of the Earth Dog. Similar routine read and reflect, but now consider the bigger picture, your year and how you want this to be. Words that stick out are grounding and finding balance. This thing called osteoporosis is a body out of balance, so this as a focus is perfect. As well as the reference to a gentle fun loving vibe, I’d like some of that.

And what about this? ‘Even if it doesn’t feel like you are doing much, the work laid down in 2018 is going to set you up for many years to come.’

What are the foundations you want to lay? What are the intentions that you would like to set?

As I’ve said before, if you are at the start of a massive awakening this is the time to start journaling and getting your thoughts down ready for your book. We are not given these challenges to keep us small; we get them so that we can learn about who we are and what we have come to Earth to do. We are here to learn, to embrace love and in my case to serve. We are learning to fly so that we can teach others to be inspired to spread their wings too. Write a memoir with a difference, set your intentions and do it.

Despite how unwell I feel, just at this point, please do connect with me if you want to write your book. We’ll have fun sorting the ideas out, planning, writing, editing, publishing and all of the stuff in between.

PS: I left my dogs out as I talk about them so much anyway, but consider how loyal and loving they are. You want some of that too, don’t you?

PPS: I’ve got so much more to share as I write my way into my next book. This is bizarrely exciting.

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