Overcoming Anxiety

Find Inner Peace And Create The Foundations For Personal Success

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A program, a course and a community to help you to overcome anxiety

Is anxiety holding you back and stopping you living the life you want to live?

Are you worried, stressed, and anxious?

Is anxiety running in the background of your life and coming to bite you when you least expect it?

You will have noticed other people like you are feeling irritable, tired, grumpy, anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, demotivated, and downright fed up.

And right now you have tried all kinds of things to calm your overthinking mind.

Perhaps some of these are cropping up?

  • You might be feeling low, fed up, naffed off or stressed out
  • Old stuff is coming up to bite you on the bum and it won't go away
  • Your breathing is affecting your every day actions
  • You are not sleeping properly
  • Your head if full of constant fearful thoughts
  • Tired all of the time
  • Your eating is erratic and often emotional
  • Your mood swings are getting to you and affecting you daily
  • Excessive worrying and catastrophising
  • Agitated and restless
  • Can't concentrate and you have no motivation
  • You avoid social situations and isolate

Do you want to learn how to overcome anxiety, find a place of inner peace and create strong foundations to support your life?

Overcoming Anxiety - Seven Week Program

Anxiety is an invitation to pause, take a note of where we are and to assess what we need. What might you notice about your thoughts, emotions, physical body and your behaviour?

This seven week program will help you to understand you better and from a place of raised awareness enable you to bring calm to your racing mind and beating heart.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This program provides a safe space where you can learn in a practical hands on way how to overcome anxiety and move forward. 

You'll have a safe place

We'll meet in a closed community with your other program members.

You will be able to share and explore where you are and what's going with others who are experiencing the same as you.

Seven weeks of support

Over a period of seven weeks you will learn how to overcome your anxiety

We will meet once a week for a group call and you will have daily support in our online group for seven weeks.

When the program is over the group will stay open for a further four weeks for you to integrate and continue to enjoy the support of your peer group.

Access to our online course

You will get the Overcoming Anxiety online course to keep forever

So that you can continue to reap the benefits of our program, included is the our online course, which means you have 24 hour access to everything you need.

The Program

This is what we will cover on our seven weeks

The seven foundations of you

Each week will build on the previous week and we will explore the seven foundations of YOU.

If you are familiar with the chakras this process takes you through each creating a pathway to inner peace and a place of harmony where you can say I am happy to be me.

Weekly coaching call

On our 90 minutes coaching call we will explore the seven foundations of YOU. 

You will learn more about you and get something new to add to your toolkit.

During the week you will be able to practice and explore these things with a curious mind and open heart.

Course and Workbooks

Each week is supported by our online course and a workbooks to use to guide your learning.

Each day aspects of these will be discussed in our group.

About Dale

I am an  Intuitive Life Coach, Writer, Author and who works with my clients to support them to make lasting change through the healing power of writing, journaling and working with the energy of the chakras.

I am your friend and guide who walks with you as you write your way home. 

I live  in the hills with my two rescue dogs - Marley Moo and Angel.

The Online Course Parts

This is what we will cover in the online course. Every week you will be introduced to simple and easy to use techniques so that you can ease your way into inner peace and a place of calm from the moment you start.


Understanding stress and anxiety

This week you will start to raise your awareness. We'll check in with the PH balance of experiences exercise and use this to notice what acid and alkalising experiences you have in a typical week. On our call and in the group, we will explore what this means and how to start taking steps to come into a place of inner peace.


Thoughts, emotions, physical body and your behaviour

We'll spend some time learning more about your thoughts, emotions, physical body and your behaviour.

We will use this time to not only understand, but put some great strategies in place to support you.


The seven foundations of YOU

This is possibly something new to you and will certainly raise your awareness to how your energy affects everything. This is about taking your time to become more aware of what is going on and looking at possible roots and pathways. We will use the chakras to bring some deeper understanding and balance to your life.

The chakras form the seven foundations of YOU.


Practicing the toolkit

It's important to implement and practice the tools in your toolkit. This will not only cement your learning but you will discover how to make the toolkit work for you on a day to day basis. We'll be making sure you have ways to start your day well, tools to call on during the day and a way to end the day with inner peace.

These tools will also be introduced to you from the start of the program.


Let's look at what else you get

28 Day introduction to journaling

Just in case journaling has eluded you and you have found it a struggle. This course has been designed to help you to kickstart your journaling habit.

Working with your heart workbook

Once the course is over. This bonus workbook - Working with your heart is a series of ideas and tools to enable you to practice self-love, kindness and compassion to yourself and is a lovely way to move forward.

Your best year workbook

And finally your last bonus, your best year workbook - this is setting goals and moving forward

Why join this program?

Like you I have suffered anxiety. I was shocked when the doctor told me that and I gave in and took anxiety relief tablets for a while to bring me back to a place where I could try some better, more practical ways.

Over the years I have used a big toolkit of things including journaling, energy work, the chakras, mindfulness and good nutrition to support my healing and my life.

I share all of this with you. 

My mission is for you to feel safe, supported, healthy, healed and happy.

The outcome of you taking this course is that you will have a fabulous toolkit with which to create strong foundations for your life and personal success.

Imagine what it might feel like if your were able to..

  • Call on a tool to use in the moment as you need it, so that you can navigate your day
  • Become emotionally intelligent and understand how to work with your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Feel more confident in challenging situations
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    Seven Week Group Program

    A safe supported space


    • A safe space to share and be supported
    • Lifetime Access to the online course
    • Seven group coaching and mentoring calls
    • Worksheets and journals
    • Optional one to one coaching if needed



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    /mo (2 months)

    Four payment option


    /mo (4 months)

    Here’s what people are saying about Dale

    Hear from 3 members from my most recent program - Journey Of The Heart

    Natalie Freeman 

    Healer and Coach

    I’ve just completed Dales 12 week Course ‘ Journey to the heart’ and it was fantastic. Great content, great live weekly sessions, dedicated Facebook group and so much more. Dale is so talented, knowledgeable and adapts to the needs of the group. Exceeded my expectations. Thanks Dale

    Anna Tyrell


    I joined the Journey to the Heart program and am so glad I did! It reinforced for me that I am responsible for me, but that everyday life shows me daily what issues I still need to work with, giving me tools to help with this, but also knowing that I can work at my own pace and return to it at any time.

    Dale has given us such a wealth of information, journaling prompts, a private Facebook page and weekly live sessions, where we are able to share ideas and support each other, but also return to it as we want to. I have gained clarity about where I am now and what I want to manifest for the future.

    Amanda Cook


    Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

    This program really helped me to understand myself and opened me to so many aha's and possibilities.

    I loved it

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