Overcoming Stress & Anxiety Course

Seven weeks to inner peace and harmony

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

Dale Darley

What if up could find a place of inner peace?

Just because life can seem a little sticky and gooey, it doesn't mean that you have to stay stuck in the treacle!

How To Become More Conscious In Your Decision Making

Taking care of your mental health is vital to your wellbeing.

The Stats according to:

Mind UK, write that in any given week 6 in 100 people are suffering from generalised anxiety disorder

Adaa.org, tell us that 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year are affected by anxiety

Are you worried, stressed, or super stressed and is anxiety biting you on the bum faster than a speeding train?

Our world seems to be more chaotic than ever before.

So many people are feeling irritable, tired, grumpy, anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, demotivated, and downright fed up.

Perhaps some of these are cropping up?

  • You might be feeling low, fed up, naffed off or stressed out
  • Old stuff is coming up to bite you on the bum and it won't go away
  • Your breathing is affecting your every day actions
  • You are not sleeping properly
  • Your head if full of constant fearful thoughts
  • Tired all of the time
  • Your eating is erratic and often emotional
  • Your mood swings are getting to you and affecting you daily
  • Excessive worrying and catastrophising
  • Agitated and restless
  • Can't concentrate and you have no motivation
  • You avoid social situations and isolate

And right now you have tried all kinds of things to chill or calm your overthinking mind.

So far, nothing seems to work. You feel trapped and in an endless cycle of mithering and overthinking. The biscuit barrel looks ever more inviting as a safe space to hide.

All most of us want is to be happy to be us and find a place of peace and contentment within.

Overcome Stress & Anxiety And Find A Place Of Inner Peace

Many of us are plagued with worrying thoughts. Some of these are constant, some crop up when triggered by something, and some even show up in your dreams. Your anxiety will show up as a range of symptoms which are unique to you. Yes, they may seem the same as others, but how you experience life is never the same as someone else.

When anxiety shows up, it is an invitation to pause, take a note of where we are and to assess what we need. What might you notice about your thoughts, emotions, physical body and your behaviour?

Week one – Understanding stress and anxiety

This week you will start to raise your awareness. Do the PH balance of experiences exercise and use this to notice what acid and alkalising experiences you have in a typical week.

Week two to three - Thoughts, emotions, physical body and your behaviour

Spend this next two weeks learning more about your thoughts, emotions, physical body and your behaviour.

Week four – The Chakras and your energy

This is possibly something new to you and will certainly raise your awareness to how your energy affects everything. This week is taking your time to become more aware of what is going on and looking at possible roots and pathways. Use the chakras to bring some balance to your life.

Weeks five to seven – Practicing the toolkit

The next few weeks are all about practising the toolkit and making sure you have ways to start your day well, tools to call on during the day and a way to end the day with inner peace.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone struggling with stress and anxiety and the associated fallout
  • Anyone who is feeling the strain of stress and anxiety
  • Anyone who feels stuck with their emotions, feelings and behaviours around stress and anxiety
  • Anyone who is opening to managing their stress and anxiety without the need for therapy sessions
  • This course could be used alongside therapy and working with your doctor - check first
  • Do you feel like you are falling apart?

    Life is not really falling apart. Life goes in cycles where we often feel like everything is going wrong and and then coming back together - stronger and wiser.

    Each time you learn more about you and are much better equipped for the next transition period.

    Healing comes from allowing yourself space to breathe.

    It is in the spaces that we find wisdom.

    The truth is that is ok to fall apart, be messy, scream and cry. It's normal to worry, get stressed and feel anxious. Right now more than ever, more of us are feeling it!

    So, no more sucking it up and putting on a brave face. Come and join me in Overcoming Anxiety and learn some great tools to support you as you navigate your day.

    Imagine what it might feel like if your were able to...

  • Call on a tool to use in the moment as you need it, so that you can navigate your day
  • Become emotionally intelligent and understand how to work with your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Feel more confident in challenging situations
  • What you get

    Alongside the videos, you will get powerful journal prompts, exercises, affirmations, gratitude practice and mandalas.

    You'll be guided on a journey to overcome your stress and anxiety.


    7 hours on-demand video

    A self-care journal designed to keep you on track and supporting you to focus on your self care.

    Journaling will help you find clarity and understanding. It will shine a light on the dark place you may find yourself in.

    Meet Dale

    Meet Dale

    I am an Intuitive Coach, Writer, Author and who works with my clients to support you to connect with your passion and and ignite the fire within so that you can live a life with greater purpose and meaning.

    As your coach, my role is to help you to identify the one out of many passion projects you could choose from. I am here to spark your curiosity, give you space to explore, inspire and motivate you,

    We all desire to make a difference in the world in a purposeful way.

     Finding a passion project will help you to fill the gap and find deeper meaning in your world.

    Are you ready to explore?

    Come and join me in The Creative Space

    I live in the hills with two rescue dogs, who are the inspiration for my passion project.

    When your heart speaks, take good notes."
    Judith Campbell

    What Clients Say

    I liked the idea of building up my learning over a number of weeks. I was new to journaling and felt vulnerable sharing my thoughts - but as I went on it became easier.

    I think it’s a really useful course with lots of heartfelt information

    The course is engaging and easy to follow. 


    Overcoming Anxiety

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